Monday, 30 September 2013

Show me the way

I am falling slowly, gradually gaining speed,
I can feel the air rush passed me,
It feels like my life is rushing passed me too,
What is the point of happy thoughts, when one has no one to share them with,
The reason to laugh and enjoy, does not feel within me,
I feel more and more alienated, destitute, alone, surrounded by nothingness,
What a mess, life can be shit at times, and yet it must be so easy to push ones way out of this mire,
 How though, when one feels so alien, so lost, beyond help,
Show me the way, the hidden way, the illuminated light, that only the illuminated see,
Through the thorns, through the pain, the constant doubt,
Show me the way; oh please show me the way,
I cannot delay, it must be soon, the black hood and cloak is following.

Monday, 23 September 2013

Being Happy

Why does it matter when life does its thing,
Its cruel and its demented, as well as inspiring,
Moment by moment, a continuous flow of realty,
Straining the boundaries of sanity,
I cannot go, I wish I could, it is far too difficult,
Yes I am a shame, am I unable to move
Onwards forwards and hopefully a place,
Where I can be just a little bit happy.