Tuesday, 24 June 2014

A memory of the day at the sea, and how I wish I was back there now.

To live one’s life in total harmony,
Pain free, happiness assured,
Days of long summer sun,
Dashing around, having fun,
Laughter joy, great adventures,
Going places unknown with new friends,
Sand tickles the feet, as we walk along dune,
One after another single file, then running down to the sea,
I remember that day, it was one of those best days,
Wish I had had more, as you get older the thought seems so strange,
Makes you deranged, crazy with guilt, that its now out of range.

Friday, 20 June 2014

The plight of a lost soul demonised and left to rot in a hole

Everlasting was the love shown from all who met them,
Commiserations were said and grieved by many,
However, they were all deceiving themselves,
For they never cared a damn, only a few gave as much as received,
Sadness, tears, the end of an era is near, for the one whom they now mourn,
Spits on them, from the afterlife with degradation and scorn,
For selfishness rules and is led by many fools, for only fools begot, begat,
Perhaps to surrender and never once to duel; the fighting is over now,
When my soul rests ones weary spirit, when life is gone death is pretty cool.