Monday, 30 April 2012

Democracy Reformation

Today it is raining, it is foggy, it is miserable, it is cold, and it has been like this for some time now.  Yet our wonderful government says we are still in the middle of a drought.  Supposedly it has been the wettest drought on record. Using the word drought in Britain is like using the word sober in a bar full of alcoholics, it will never happen.  Yet here we are in a drought; that is the ridiculous stupidity of this country - Britain.

I realised this morning that one of the issues Britain has faced in the last 30 years is we had a strong leader in Maggie Thatcher, OK she was not everyone’s idea of a good leader, but she was a strong leader. The problem with having a strong leader for so long is that they become too powerful, too strong, and they overpower everyone else making them weak.  As we know eventually Maggie went to gaga land and the country was left to one of her weak siblings. 

After suffering this weakness for a brief period, the weak strong party was replaced by the party that had not been in power for nearly 20 years.  Of course they were enthusiastic, they were like a child with a brand new toy, they wanted to play and take full advantage of their new toy, and unfortunately that’s exactly what they did.

As with all immature children they broke their toy, but chose to keep that a secret from their parents or should I say the electorate, the public. They tried to fix the toy but the toy ended up being such a broken down mess, finally someone noticed.  The immature child was kicked out and replaced by an authoritarian matronly, school head mistress type party.  Unfortunately to be a matron or a school head mistress, you have to have experience and know what you are doing, and they did not know what they were doing. Since they have no experience, they are seen as sociopathic, unsympathetic and clearly unaware of the harm they are causing.

So what happens next?  The only option in Britain is to either vote in the immature child, who has no concept of anything, is so stupid, irresponsible, and incapable of leadership; a bit like putting a Billy Bunter in charge.  Or leaving the current bunch of brigands, who are more and more becoming like a bunch of insensitive, heartless, selfish, fascists. 

Something needs to change and it has to happen soon.  We cannot keep on going back and forth from one inept party to another, from one bunch of selfish bastards, to a bunch of clueless ones.  The elastic band is getting tighter and tighter, eventually it will snap, it will rip everything apart.  Just because we live in a 21st century does not mean people are less likely to revolt.  Things are worse now than in any time since the 70’s, but this time we don’t have a strong Maggie Thatcher type to try and bring about a recovery, we have a pompous, selfish, public school knob.  Though if you look at it properly you could say Maggie made it worse, but not because she wanted to, but because of the scenario she was left in, because of the idiots before her.  This cycle continues all the time, every decade, and we just accept it and laugh it off.

Democracy in the present form is a relic, it is corrupt and it is not working and has not worked for many years now, when are we going to wake up and realise it.  Do we have to go through what our forefathers went through to see a change?  I really hope not, but unfortunately history tells us that we do not change until it is too late.  You cannot ride a bike uphill without a chain, unfortunately now we have lost the chain, the tires are flat, and most of the spokes of bent, the breaks don’t work and we are about to lose total control when the handlebars fall off.  When that happens we will just roll back down to the bottom, nothing will be able to stop us.  If we are really unlucky we will fall off and damage ourselves for good.

Sunday, 29 April 2012


Do you walk amongst the shadows of the night feeling lost and alone? With the world on your shoulders bearing down, a heavy force stopping you from moving forward. 

Do you sense the darkness all around you, enveloped by the thickest soup of fog, closing in around, suffocating, choking life from you, never letting go.

Do you wonder if there is a reason for it all?  What is the purpose?  Is there a purpose? Or is it just a blank page of nothing, before splashes of life are added culminating in a haphazard mess of confusion.

Or is it just a giant puzzle of which you only have a few answers, to a myriad of questions and you will never know all of them.

Is there a reason to wonder, is there something after the light has gone and the darkness descends. Will there be another breaking dawn, a new day on the horizon of existence.

Is everything predetermined or can you change the path?  Or do all paths happen at once continuously.

Will we ever know and will we ever realise?  Maybe it is meant to be, that we can never be, able to fully comprehend the actually, of why we exist in the first place.  

Things just happen continuously, for eternity.  It doesn’t start or finish, it is always just where is should be, and can never be anywhere else.

Volcanic Waterfall

Not sure if this is finished yet, it may or may not evolve, but then that is the great thing about just splashing colour on a page, you never know where it may lead.

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Britain - 2020

This is how society might be in 8 years time...

Britain – 2020, an Island, a country, a haven for terrorists. 

Yes look at your neighbour, are they acting suspicious, do they have shifty eyes?  We can only see 99% of you through our CCTV cameras, 1% is out there doing god knows what, that is over 600,000 potential terrorists.  We need to act, we need to increase security, we need to know what’s in your mind.  Yes we will read your emails, check your webpages, but still this does not allow us to catch the most devious terrorists, criminals, paedophiles, or pirates.  We need to delve deeper, right inside your mind; we need to know, before you know.  We need to see into your subconscious, we need to see if you are even contemplating a criminal offense. 

This is important to national security; it could be the difference between a free society and a despotic totalitarian one. 

We need you to trust us; you have to believe we do this only for your protection, your safety, to make sure you can live happy, normal, lives, without any intrusion from criminal elements.  We want a safe society for your children and your children’s children, where they can go about doing their worthwhile jobs helping to make Britain a better nation, a safer nation.

We do not want to see riots, we do not want to see protestors ruining our cities, we do not want to see the vileness of the internet corrupting our children.  We want to see lambs jumping around a field, cub scouts singing camp fire songs, families enjoying national parks.  And we will see it with our new range of Tree CCTV cameras.

To get this freedom takes sacrifice, hard decisions need to be enacted, and we have to root out the evil vile terrorist, the devious pervert, the conniving criminal.  They are everywhere, they pollute all of our lives, every day they plot to overthrow freedom, they are in plane site yet also hidden.  That is why we need to know everything about you and your family, your friends and your colleagues.  We need to know how often you go to the toilet, it is important; information might be cleverly secreted inside excrement, poo could cause our doom.  Breathing will also be monitored in the new scheme, this will of course help the world with its increasing CO2 problem, the deadly pollutant has to be reduced.  Anyone breathing too often in a minute will be subject to a fine and eventually we will introduce a new taxation on breathing.  We will eventually bring out a gas tax, which will include farting as well.

We understand under the new laws, things may take time to adjust and we apologise in advance for anyone wrongly accused of a potential crime, but think of the cost if we did nothing.  Think how much money will be saved by breathing less, farting less, and thinking less. 

If you think it... we will stop it.

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Single, Atheist, Lesbian would never win American Presidency

Here is something stupid I have thought of.  It’s probably been mentioned before but it causes a great amount of consternation if you think about it properly.  At this moment in time the US is starting to go through the motions to pick a new President. As the rest of the world knows this person whoever it is, will become the most powerful leader in the world.  This of course makes the choosing of an American President quite important to other countries, even if those countries are not important to America or Americans.

Now what I find quite scary is how the most powerful leader in the world is chosen.  I have watched Bill Maher’s democratically biased show Real Time recently, not because I enjoy American politics but because it is hilariously funny.  Really a political discussion show should not have you rolling around in stitches because of the actions of the Republican presidential candidates. Newt, Mitt and Rick have had me laughing my head off in a terrifyingly spine tingling sort of way.  They make the hairs stand up in the back on your neck.  They seem like the nightmare that cannot be real.

The really, really, scary thing is this; the best person to run America and for that matter become the most powerful leader in the world, is chosen by the most ridiculous reasoning.  Let us say the greatest person to ever exist was in the running, if this person lived in any other country they would go down as their greatest leader, but, if they just happened to be a single, atheist, lesbian, female from Arabic descent then unfortunately they would have as much chance of winning as I would, and I am not American so I have no chance whatsoever.  In fact I could have a baby and win the lottery five times on the trot, whilst living long into my two hundreds and even that would be more likely than a SALF becoming US President. 

This is a sad state of affairs; basically any religious nut job would have more chance than a single, atheist, lesbian, female from Arabic descent.  Even if it was proven that this woman was going to be the greatest leader of all time, she was going to change the world and make it a better place.  Even if they knew with certainty she would change American lives and the lives of all the poor third world countries.  Some fat, religious, white bloke who said the world was less than 6000 years old and that sex is a sin and that Jesus is the son of god would stand a better chance in the polls.

How utterly fucking stupid is that.

The Quantum World

Let’s talk about the Quantum World.  This is a strange world according to physicists, a world where sub-atomic particles can be in more than one place at the same time.  Scientists say, try to imagine being in the Quantum World, imagine you are there, and you will see strange things happening all around you. 

Maybe I am being stupid but I doubt that is the case.  I am not a scientist but I can use logic to say they are wrong, totally wrong.  A bold statement no doubt, but when I say they are wrong I do not mean about how we perceive the Quantum World, from our perspective, but how we would perceive the Quantum World from their perspective, the perspective of sub-atomic particles.  Believe it or not they have a perspective too.

It’s easy to say if we lived in the Quantum World it would seem strange and unusual, objects would appear and disappear and be in different places at the same time.  Yes this is true as we look down into their world, using our math. 

What if though, we already live in a Quantum World, but from our perspective we can only see one dimension, one reality and the rest are invisible, they cannot be seen.  We can be in two places at once, we can be jumping around just as sub-atomic particles do, but we are only capable of seeing one perspective of this, one reality, the one we exist in.  This reality has to seem coherent and logical and follow in sequence otherwise reality would fall apart and we could not exist.

If we were to imagine being at the level of a sub-atomic particle, even though from our perspective we can see or calculate many possibilities happening at once.  If we were at that level as say a quark, at the quarks perspective they only are ever in one place at one time regardless of, and unaware of what is actually happening.

You see this is a major failing of science at least as I see it, it can only ever perceive reality from our view of reality, and it can only speculate on the reality of other objects.  We can never truly know.  Saying that, I would logically suspect that it is more likely everything lives in the Quantum World yet can only perceive one reality of that world, than the idea that it is different down there.

Logic would stipulate that it is the same everywhere when you are in the middle of your reality, but different when you are observing another reality from your perspective.  Until we are capable of transferring ourselves into the mind of other objects (I use the word mind loosely, as we cannot know for sure if they do not have a mind from their perspective), then we can never truly know what it is like in their reality.

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Comes and Goes

I haven't written any poetry for a while, it sort of pops in my head when it feels like it.  I did used to have a poetry blog but it was about as popular as the plague. Anyway I like writing poetry even if no one else likes reading it.  It has no purpose other than to expand and encourage creativity.  Creativity is such a strange thing, well it is to me.  It comes and goes as it pleases, it has no kind of format, it is either there or it isn’t, it can be like a flood or a famine, it can last a long time as a season or be as brief as the life of a Butterfly.  It makes me feel happy when it works and unhappy when it doesn’t, it can astound me at times and other times infuriate.  I suppose it is like life itself.  Anyway this poem is called the Morning.


Caress the dawn,
Feel its reddish gaze across the sky,
Sense its warmth,
Knowing a new day is about to rise,
Save the morn,
A new horizon will bless thee as you wake,
See the Sun,
Burn so bright illuminating everything make no mistake. 

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Entrepreneur predicts coldest May in 100 years

I read an interesting article this morning claiming some bloke, an entrepreneur weather forecaster, has predicted an 80% chance May will be the coldest in 100 years and a 90% chance it will be in the top five coldest years.  I presume he means Britain, and I would say this is a pretty bold statement or he is a crackpot.

Met office officials predictably think the latter and that the numerical evidence (which let’s be honest here is never very accurate In Britain) will see an average mild May slightly warmer than usual.

The entrepreneur Piers Corbyn claims he uses "solar weather technique" which involves calculating how solar particles will interact with the Earth. However, Mr. Corbyn, 65, who has a degree in physics and runs a company named WeatherAction from an office in south London, declines to disclose his methodology in detail.

Since weather patterns are one of the most difficult things to predict, especially in Britain it will be interesting to see who is right by the beginning of June.  If Corbyn is right his company share price will go through the roof I would suspect.

I personally hope he is wrong because anymore of this dreary cold weather will be too much to bear.  It seems we are being punished for that one glorious week in March, because since then it has been bloody awful.

Thursday, 19 April 2012

How do you create a credible party to govern?

The problem with government as everyone knows is it is exactly the same whether you have left or right in power. It may to a few deluded idiots seem different, but I guess they are starting to become a minority.  Westernised democratic government is a dictatorship nowadays, not a democracy, you can choose your flavour of dictatorship but essentially you are choosing from the same pot. Just sometimes you may pick out a red ball, sometimes a blue ball. 

How do we the people create a credible alternative, and how do we get people to elect this credible alternative, because let’s face it, humans are like sheep at times. It is very difficult to break away from the norm, to challenge the group ethic. 

I watched a documentary where they put a test subject in a room with six actors and showed each person three blocks of different lengths on card, then another block on another card.  Each person had to correctly guess which of the three blocks matched the other card.  The first time around every actor lied and said the wrong length, and when they got to the test subject he looked confused but said the right answer.  After doing this a few times the test subject became so confused he started to second guess his own eyes and sided with the actors who were lying. The group had manipulated him into believing a falsehood.

Now this is a simple exercise that supposedly 75% of people failed.  If it is that easy to fool and confuse a person into believing something that is clearly false, no wonder democracy has turned into the mess it is today.

If 75% of people are that easily confused into believing falsehoods, because they do not want to subconsciously be different from the group, this explains why it is so difficult to escape the world we live in.

How do you create a credible alternative from the leaches and pariahs that control us now?  It’s almost impossible.  I doubt it would be as easy to sway the masses, as it would be to just tell the confused test subject by slapping him across the face and say – look they are all lying, believe your eyes not your peers.

I thought when I started this I could think of a credible way to change it, but only one way comes to mind and that is not the answer unfortunately.  Revolution works in the short term but the violent nature of the action eventually causes the same series of events to occur.  The only way to solve this conundrum is by peaceful means and at this time we are not at that stage in our evolution.  Perhaps we will have to go through many revolutions before we get there, perhaps we will have to go through the continuous event process of revolution, change, peace, power, control, disharmony, action, violence, revolution, before we learn to change peacefully.

Perhaps when only 10% fail the above test will we be ready to grow up as a species.

The Mushroom World (Free Internet, Free Speech, Free World – RIP)

The last bastion of free speech in the world, the internet is now as we all know under attack.  It is not being attacked by cyber criminals, or terrorists, or video pirates, but it is being attacked by our own democratic governments.  The governments of the world do not want you to think for yourself, they do not want you to form an opinion, they want to you do exactly what they want, for their benefit.

The governments of the world want an enslaved, controlled, population to do their bidding, their profit making and wealth building.  They do not want you to understand or comprehend the world as we know it; they want you to be mushrooms, kept in the dark and fed on shit.

Mushroom TV and newspapers are the easiest way to control the masses, limited stimulation, bullshit and nonsense to keep you entertained.  Now they want to take the internet away from us and turn it into Mushroom internet.

It is still early days and maybe now the internet is too big to be controlled.  Maybe trying to control this new age life form will be the final straw that breaks the camel’s back.

We do not want to be mushrooms; the only way we can hopefully escape this miserable world we have created is by changing it to be more open. Controlling the internet, turning it into a mushroom like TV and newspapers will move our species backwards, and into a bigger mess than we find ourselves in now.

Learn from the past, the more you control, the more you abuse, then the bigger the likelihood of disaster.  Just check out history, control never works; mushrooms finally see the light.

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Universe Poem

In my haste to delete old posts, the ones nobody read, I deleted my Universe poem.  I love this poem it was created at the same time as the Fine Day poem.  It was one of those days when you feel perfect or hyper if my psychiatrist is correct. I did not sleep for two days if I remember correctly, though this may be wrong.  I did the two poems, a painting, as well as a short story.  It was a good day overall.

Universe Unknown

Universe you astound me,
Persistently confound me,
Mesmerise my creative mind,
Feed my learning a need to find,
Your existence is unbelievable,
Totally inconceivable,
Apparently implausible,
Yet obviously irrefutable,
You exist, it's indisputable,
How did you come to be?

Yet thankfully exist you do,
For it is true because of you,
I am alive part of your soul,
A tiny but important role,
Perfect in chaos and control,
Expanding presence a constant flow,
An ever changing diverse directive,
Of every thing's unique perspective,
Forging forward always effective,
All things are possible.

Will we ever understand you,
Ignore the false and see the true,
To realise and polarise,
To see beyond your fake disguise,
Or is it all a strange delusion,
Causing chaos and confusion,
Conspiring, a complex collusion,
Always guessing, never knowing,
Immense and multiplying,
Forever growing.

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Titanic 100 years

So it was one hundred years ago yesterday, or if you take into account the time difference about one hundred years ago now since the great liner Titanic side swiped an iceberg and sank, killing thousands of passengers and crew.  It is a disaster that has captivated many over the years, and to be honest I wonder why?  Of course it was a terrible disaster, but there have been far worse disasters and even far worse shipping disasters. What sticks in the mind of so many to make this particular terrible disaster more morbidly enticing?

I suppose there has always been a mystique about Titanic, from its name to the idea it was unsinkable and it sank.  Of course it was on its maiden voyage, it was the most prestigious vessel on water, and it could not be found for over seventy years.

I remember even as a child Titanic was held as something special, different from the norm, the myth created around the unsinkable ship that sank, I suppose for some is very intoxicating.  I’ll be honest is saying the battle between the two great battleships, Bismarck and Hood at the beginning of WWII, fascinated me as a boy more than Titanic.

Of course in recent times there has been James Cameron and his obsession with the great liner, his documentaries and his incredibly successful film.

Now I think further Titanic is the beginning of a succession of centennial disasters to befall the world. In two years we have the beginning of WWI, and all the dreadful battles that ensued.  Then we have the Wall Street Crash, Hitler’s rise to power, WWII, it never really stops does it.

Changing the subject slightly, but let’s be honest here in saying the last century will not go down as one of our best, will it? We grew exponentially; we became so engrossed in what was in the far distance we never noticed what was just around the corner; which in a strange way is a bit like Titanic.

Saturday, 14 April 2012

The Sun

This painting is very simple but I like it because it brightens my day when I look at it.

Friday, 13 April 2012

Open Your Eyes

What can we say about the lives that are set out before us, are they real or are they just a thought, a dream, a consequence.  Can one imagine a better life, can one sense the urgency of their actions and instil of form of fortitude and focus, leading to an enlightened mitigation of reason.  Is life an unholy brew of sequential fortunes either good or bad, a chaotic mastication of ones willpower and honour?  Is it a deprivation of ones sanity, a closing down of truth, an involuntary urge towards flights of fancy, limited stimulation, careless abandonment of actuality?
Are we doomed to never understand or comprehend the vapid vileness of our situation and our insipid response, putting our heads deep in the sand, buried and closed from reality?  It is easier to close your eyes and envision a better world, than open them and realise this is only an imagined creation held tight together by the dreary incessant dirge of the deceivers.  A cacophony of phony eloquence, spewed out continuously until the ludicrous ranting of the deceivers becomes the norm.

Can one open one’s eyes to see an actual better world, one full of good intentions and aspirations, to see all before them as pleasant and beneficial, full of love and peace?  Can one smell the heavenly scent of life itself; take a lung-full of this precious potion of joy and happiness?  Only time will tell.

Thursday, 12 April 2012

The Galaxies - A painting

I haven’t written much on here recently, in fact I have deleted many posts.  Not seeing the point in leaving my strange and unusual mind open for the entire world to see.  I felt naked, and so I started to cut away the most damming examples of my insanity.  Like a machete slashing through a forest of internal damnation, I scythed my way through over 200 posts.  No one read them so why keep them, they had served their purpose for me many times over and the need to keep them out there seemed fruitless.

I had a mind to quit writing this blog as it seemed to be dragging me down further and further into a mire of despair.  Yet like a drug it lures me back and consumes my passion and desire to write.  The issue now at hand is whether writing is good or bad, or should I say my writing is good or bad or indifferent.  It seems my writing is like my mind it can be stimulating and yet sometimes it can be so dull and clouded, lacking any bite, full of stupid mistakes and errors. 

Then sometimes I find something I want to post and this time my find is an old painting I did for a friend.  I think I may have mentioned it in a post but likely I have deleted said post now.   I did delete every one of my original posts as no one ever bothered to read them, still I found this painting and decided to add it.  It is called the galaxies and it is my abstract view of the swirly nature of some galaxies. 

It took ages to paint, my friend asked me to paint it when he originally moved into his new flat, and it was nearly 18 months I suspect until I finished it.  It looks better in the flesh than in the photo.

Saturday, 7 April 2012

Bigger Brother Britain

As if we don’t have enough intrusion into our lives now Herr Cameron and his lackey Clegg want to add internet snooping to the list of things they can know about you. The last true bastion of freedom in the world, the internet, is clearly now seen as a major threat to the continuing way the western world is controlled. 

As with the US proposals, the new European supposed internet security laws (there to protect you from cybercrime and terrorist threats ha-ha) are clearly to stop the ever-growing community of internet activists and people who want change in the world. 

The government’s argument is that if you have nothing to hide then why should you worry about the information they gather.  Well it’s simple because it is none of their business to have this information.  If you are not breaking the law then you should have the right to privacy, and this bullshit about nothing to hide well everyone has something to hide.  Now I think about it I would think the people with the most to hide are the Politian’s.   Why should they have access to all your emails? Should they know everything you look at or purchase?  What right has the government to this information?

Should they know every last thing about you? 

The problem with this type of ‘1984, Big Brother’ invasion of privacy is where does it stop, what is next?  We have seen so many of our civil liberties taken from us, supposedly in the interests of security.  But this is not about security it’s about control, it’s about the worry governments of the world are seeing everyday by the free internet and they want to stop this free speech.  They see what has happened in places like Tunisia and Egypt and think well if we don’t take control now; it may one day happen to us.

On top of this how do they deal with the trillions of terabytes of information they will receive?  Where do they store it all?  Who polices the information?  Who decides what happens to the information gathered?

If the government had its way, the email I received from Avaaz telling me what the government propose, I may have not received.  Under the governments proposals the email may have been blocked and how would I know it had been.

The internet is becoming a tool for the masses to use against the few, and if this bill is allowed to become enforced that will undoubtedly change.  This cannot happen, it has to be stopped.