Saturday, 30 May 2015

When the Tobacco fields turn into Marijuana fields

I read this morning an excellent article in the Guardian regarding the banning of "legal highs", or to be more precise anything that has a psychoactive effect on the brain.  To me, that seems as if they are banning anything that creates an emotion, they want to turn us into emotionless automatons.  Since most things have a psychoactive effect on the brain how do they apply this ridiculous law?

What happens when in a couple of years the US, legalises marijuana, cannabis, or hemp, and all the tobacco fields suddenly turn into cannabis fields.  With the way the US lobbying system works, once one can make large amounts of money growing, as well as on Wall Street, on weed, how will the UK or any other country stop legalisation?

Once it is legal and profitable in the US, good old snivelling UK will suddenly be all for the legalisation of weed.  All the obvious reasons that they presently ignore, these pathetic politicians will suddenly use as if they have always thought this way, but party alliance has made them speak differently.

Does it make a difference if they suddenly make illegal highs legal?

Tobacco will eventually be such an evil that it will make perfect sense for any wealthy billionaire tobacco company shareholder, to force their company to change to cannabis.  Since the rich billionaires rule Washington, once it is profitable and viable, we will see a seismic shift in drug policy.  Then how foolish will our inept government look.

I predict the end of the banning of Marijuana around the world before 2020, possibly even earlier.