Thursday, 12 February 2015

The Theory of Everything using Imagination

The greatest problem in science is the ability to find a theory to combine the very large with the very small. This has tested the minds of some of the greatest scientists of all time. I am not a scientist, however I have a creative mind and I find there must be a simple answer. What can this simple answer be? Is it a beautiful equation, or an fantastic diagram, no, it is how we see the world and why it is the only way to figure out the theory of everything.

To work out the theory of everything, one has to use ones imagination and imagine the world of the subatomic particle and the madness that is happening. The way atoms and subatomic particles act is so far removed from how large objects like planets, stars galaxies act. Nevertheless, try to imagine that the way the world of the very small acts, is the norm. That everything is jumping around in and out of dimensions, between different universes, and in more than one place at the same time. This is how the universe is at any size, or level. What makes the very larger seem stable is the fact we observe the universe from this perspective. This creates our reality, and we can only see our reality in this stable state, because we could not comprehend the actual madness of how the universe is acting if we saw the universe from the perspective of an atom.

Limits and parameters keep our reality in check, so we see only what our simplistic senses can handle. This also brings us closer to recognising the multi-universe theory, however there must still be an order to how the objects of the universe act, if there was not, how could we create our reality in the first place. It would be simply impossible to create a reality without an order to the madness, quarks, atoms, molecules, living entities, planets, stars and galaxies, even the universe and beyond must work in some kind of order. How and why subatomic particles jump to and from different places in space, can be calculated to a probability, then that being said so these probabilities should be used to calculate other dimensions and universes and how the how infinitiverse in created.