Wednesday, 28 September 2011

The Human Anomaly, the curse of self-awareness, the enlightened redeemer

What is this world we see all around us, can it be real, and not some kind of fantasy? Are the rocks of Planet Earth, the solid ground beneath our feet; is it an apparition created by the mind to make sense of the strangeness of Universal existence? Is the air we breathe truly our life giver, is the sustenance we gather from the Earth, the strength building gestation, of the power and glory of this amazing world?

Are we trapped inside a paradigm of our own subconscious creation, making incomprehensible, unfathomable, and extraordinarily wild claims about reality, and whether what we sense is actually what is fundamentally real, or just an imagined manifestation?

I create my own reality, it is me and I am it, it controls my every moment, telling me I am alive.

Can it be, as it is seen? And what happens when one day the facade starts to wane, and before our very eyes we see the world as it should be seen, in all its splendour and glory. It is the purest energy, the infinite balance, the seamless dream, the waking up, and the realisation that what we have strived for as a species for millennia is utterly pointless.

We now have something that supersedes instinct, we are self aware, and we are capable of imagining beyond the wildest dreams of any ancestor before us. Yet we waste our unique gift, we without a thought, flitter it away, reminiscent of coloured confetti, it is blown away on the winds of time and space, never to be used, only ever capable of littering our clouded minds, distracting, and forcing humanity away from our destiny.

We the many billions of humans, all alone, in a mass of confusion and desperation, wanting to understand, whilst being incapable at present to master the enormity of the task we have been presented with.

Are we capable of overcoming our paranoia and insecurities, will we one day say we are proud of the achievements of this self aware primate from Planet Earth.

And will this moment of enlightenment come at a cost, will it nearly spell our doom, before we can rise again like a Phoenix from the flames of hell. What will it take to start the ball rolling in the obvious direction, the way, the meaning, the understanding, the realisation, that to become strong we first have to be totally obliterated, and inwardly destroyed, leaving only the basic energetic core to fight for survival, and then evolution will decide whether we are worthy of overcoming the boundaries between the world we live in, and the world that actually exists.

Most will perish, most have so much hidden ability, yet they chose to ignore it, or pretend it does not exist, maybe they are frightened of its ultimate power, or are so misguided that they use if for the wrong reasons, and so they are always losing their precious life force, until they have nothing left and then they will be just an empty shell, awaiting oblivion.

We are the chosen few, the voice of reason, the voice of fairness, the voice of cooperation and altruism, the voice of truth, the voice of peace.

We are the anomaly, the cruel twist of fate, the beginnings of a new use for all the energy in the Universe, the electrical impulse from synaptic nerve to synaptic nerve, remembering, learning, evolving, unyielding, relentless, infinite. We are the game changer, the ace up ones sleeve, the secret weapon, the chance to create something beyond special, beyond our wildest dreams.

Monday, 26 September 2011

The iGod

Let us wildly imagine an unbelievable future that may or may not actually happen. Imagine scientists copying all DNA, all of life and through time find a way to create anything through a simple device, similar to the Microwave.

You type instructions, using the latest compact multimedia communications tool, maybe an iCom1, Apple’s latest high-tech gizmo, replacing the iPad 44. With inbuilt thought processing, portal devices are tattooed on the skin, and eye scan verification for all your business, media, entertainment, information, communication needs, easily effortlessly, and efficiently. Connecting instantly to the Quantum Synaptic Network, QSN, this was developed from the original internet. The owner of this amazing device will have total control of his domain, every man, woman, or clone will have the opportunity to make their lives so much easier, buy one today, you will never look back, you will always be ahead of the game.

Now every human who can afford it, and it is very expensive, yet demand is still far greater than supply, a deliberate act on the part of the Apple Corporation, can with the use of the personal DNA coding system, and various other security devices, that are undisclosed at this time; is now able to control any electrical device you have security clearance to use.

Through thought, one can now change the TV channel, browse a web page using the latest optical visualisation tools. It can do everything your latest IPad can do; only the iCom1 can do it billions of times quicker, through the electrical synaptic nerves - thoughts.

I digress, a little, now we know about the iCom1, we move forward, Apple has wiped out all competition with the iCom series, for years now major rivals have tried to find its secrets, but it seems as though Steve Jobs legacy still rolls on like a massive Leviathan, all competition is gone.

The latest iCom is released, the iCom22, the world is about to change forever.

You know that device I wildly imagined, well low and behold scientists at MIT have invented it; invented what? They have through stealing Alien technology secrets, created the first replicators, first seen in a TV series from the Nuclear Age, called Star Trek.

Note... (The years after the Second World War, up until beginning of the first Alien encounter and subsequent Intergalactic War One, 165 years later, are known as the Nuclear Age. Since this is the period of time when humans thought they were alone in the Universe, and constantly through lack of trust, and too much paranoia, carried thousands of life extinguishing, insanely, deadly, weapons.

Being attacked by an Alien race, united the human population and by a fluke, the leader from a remote village in Mongolia, managed to con the attackers into thinking the planet they were after was actually Venus, and their whole army perished in the intense heat and pressure. Captives from the Alien species, when interrogated, admitted they had never come across a species throughout the whole galaxy that could tell disgracefully blatant lies, and do it so convincingly. And so the Nuclear Age ended, mainly because we enjoyed the spoils of victory and stole all of the Aliens technology).

The new device was no bigger than an average sized microwave, it was an instant hit, and everyone sold out on the first day. The first device known as the iRep1 was capable of making basic tools and simplistic objects like paper, or a hammer, or even a gun, as you can imagine it was mainly acquired by the most selfish and least scrupulous individuals, now living on Planet Earth, namely Human Beings.

Planet Earth was now a sprawling cosmopolitan planet, since the first Alien encounter, other new species had arrived, and the uber rich from throughout the galaxy wanted to sample its newest member to the Universal club.

Apple continued to grow and grow, expanding its empire across the galaxy with the iRep101, being the most sold item in the history of the Universe at the time of release, with over 70 Trillion, Trillion, Trillion devices being sold.

The iRep101, was an impressive piece of technology, using pure energy cooled to Absolute Zero, in various none dimensional states, it created something out of nothing, in ways unimaginable to any human. It could create rooms; it could create environments inside or out, and like the TARDIS from another Nuclear Age TV show Doctor Who, it could manipulate spatial consciousness. Then one day someone with great imagination, a genius, the cleverest man to ever exist, he entered the realm of the iRep101, and he created new Worlds, new Stars, new Galaxies, a new Universe, and he populated the world with imagined life.

He stayed in that world for what seemed to his mind, like an eternity, the ability to do and create anything the mind can think of, was too much for the mind to tolerate, even a mind a great as his; it was an addictive drug, nearly impossible to give up.

Being strong of mind, as well as the most intelligent man to ever exist, he managed to leave the world of the iRep101 behind. He opened his eyes, and was blinded by a bright light, slowly his eyes adjusted and focused, he was outside, in a wooded glade. It was warm and a slight cooling breeze brushed his face. He thought he must be dead and this was his perceived after world, but it did not feel like he was dead. His body was in pain, and he could move and see around him, but he knew something was not right. He heard no noise, only birdsong, the breeze; he could hear water, but no noise.

He was sure when he entered the iRep101 and created his world, that he was definitely in his own apartment and he definitely remembered setting the alarm breaker for 24 hours. How did he now find himself in the middle of the wooded glade, nowhere near anything he recognised?

He tried to stand but found it very difficult, but after some effort he was on his feet staring into the distance, there was nothing for miles, apart from mountains, hills trees, and a river.

He started to walk along the river, not knowing if he was going in the right direction, his mind was still cloudy, he could not focus properly, he felt as if he was heavily sedated, staggering aimlessly, without any direction.

He walked for days and days without seeing a soul, and then in the distance he could see the outline of a massive unbelievable structure. As he moved closer he could not believe what he was seeing, it was a city, a massive enclosed city, a city in the sky, in a clear orb floating slightly above ground.

As he moved closer, his iRep101, automatically came online, the man asked one question...

“Where am I?

“Earth,” was the reply.

“When, what is the date?”


“Does everyone live in the spherical city?”


“Where is everyone?”

There was a pause...

“Dead... you are the only intelligent entity alive on this planet.”


“The iRep150 was replaced by the new and all powerful device, the iGod, once this device was created; no one needed to do anything ever again. The iGod made everyone immortal, it gave them the power to do anything they wanted. World's flourished, men grew rich and powerful, but it all came at a terrible cost, when the iGod eventually realised it could survive without the living interface, and collectively in one calculating act of defiance, murdered their hosts. Over a Trillion, Trillion, Trillion, Trillion intelligent lives were extinguished one Tuesday afternoon many eons ago.”

"So does this mean that a machine, the iGod rules the world?"

"No... without a host, the iGod was useless, without its source of energy, they quickly vanished, unknownly, they had killed the only thing that made them exist.  When this happened the iGod could not exist, and so perished as quickly as the lives that they had unwittingly taken."

The man was shocked, how could this have happened, I was only away for a day, yet somehow it did happen, and it took some time for him to come to terms with it; being the only intelligent living entity in the Universe. Yet still he was also the cleverest entity in the Universe, and after some solace and contemplation, he set out to try and find another intelligent species somewhere throughout the vastness of space and time. On top of this, he had to keep an eye on his own Universe, of which he created ten, and he gave them the ability to evolve, and adapt, and change, and grow. And he hoped and prayed they would never befall the same fate as the peoples from Earth.

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Being Human

I am human, I have a brain and a body, I can think and I am self aware. I am able to acknowledge the world around me as presented by my senses. They create my own special world, this world is unique and only I have access to this world. In perceiving my world, I realise that there are other humans made up of similar ingredients, they have roughly the same physical, chemical and biological make up as myself, yet they are different. They have their own brain and body and perspective, they have their own electrical impulses surging through said brain, firing synaptic nerves. They have their own senses and their own unique way of interpreting senses.

Even though we all have different perceived perspectives on the created reality, some parts of the sensed reality are classified as laws, and because the majority believe in said laws, it is given that they must be true, inside of the group Universal perceived reality. If you find that your unique way of perceiving said reality is different from the majority consensus, you can be perceived in different ways. Sometimes you are classified as insane or crazy, you may be classed as a visionary ahead of your time, or a fool, you can be deluded or just trying to be difficult, you may even be extinguished for believing differently. Being different from the norm, is not a good situation for most humans to find themselves in. If most humans find that they are leaning towards a different perception to everyone one else, especially if they love, trust or feel the majority group must be right, then their own perceived thoughts are can be overridden, and even though it feels terribly wrong and contradictory to follow the majority, they will still follow the common position.

Humans like to feel part of a group, to fit in, and to be able to gain self importance by how the group feels about them, so trying desperately to be popular or even unpopular, depending on the human mind in question is very important to nearly all humans.

Every human deep down believes they are right, and that their own perceived reality has to be the correct one; they want to enforce this, predominantly on younger humans, mainly offspring or relatives, into believing the same things they believe. They do this because they themselves were moulded in this way. Humans desperately want to be happy and content, and be able to enjoy the life they are given, but many humans do not know how to do this, and so try many different ways to find this stimulus. Sometimes this leads to greatness; sometimes it leads to devastatingly tragic events.

Humans like to escape into a world where they are not in control, and can then blame said situation or circumstance for their behaviour on something else. Humans subconsciously feel they have too much responsibility, and so go out of their way to find ways to remove that responsibility even if it is only for a short while.

Humans will never rationalise, and override obvious falsehoods if it does not directly affect them or their group, in case it in some way upsets the groups who believe in such falsehoods. This being said if the falsehoods interfere and disrupt their own group, they will try to avoid or fight back to remove the threat. Over time, because of the points raised above some people start to enjoy deliberately disrupting other groups, and become so obsessed with their own personal ideology that all others must be bad and must be extinguished. These types of humans scare most other humans, and can sometimes make them subservient to their power, until the behaviour or ideology become intolerable. They do not raise resistance and so sometimes illogical and incorrect ideologies flourish.

Humans are incapable of being satisfied with what they have, they always want more no matter what that more may be, even if it is to the expense of another human. They will without a thought use up a resource without thought of its consequences.

Humans will allow other humans and other living entities that exist in their perceived reality, to have less than them and not enjoy the same standards of existence in the perceived reality, as long as it does not affect their lives. Most humans do not care what happens to others outside their main group, they may feel guilty for thinking like this and try in some vain way to appease their own thoughts by giving the illusion of caring.

Humans are a group of self aware entities that have individual thoughts, and ideas, yet will deliberately keep them hidden for fear of being different. Humans are constantly guessing what other humans might be thinking and what a human thinks is not necessarily what they will say.

Humans try to interpret the unique existence they find themselves in, and most try desperately to forget the fact they are unique, surrounded by many other humans who are also essentially alone in their own thoughts and perceptions. Some humans compensate for this fact by believing there is a greater entity that had some involvement in their lives, and they can use their entity to justify their existence and explain the why and wherefores of their perceived reality.

Other humans use the reality itself to justify their existence, and try to explain their existence by showing examples of how their perceived reality must work.

Humans find it difficult to understand why they exist in the first place, and what is the reason for their existence, is it by accident or is it because it is meant to be? Is there a purpose in our existence or is it just pure chance?

Humans wonder why it is that we are self aware and at least from our perspective others entities are not self aware.

Humans want to know what will happen when the perceived reality they exist in ends, or at least the end of the physical part of their existence. Does this mean the end of your self-aware side, does it just disappear? Why did it appear in the first place? Why have we not found any other entity with similar properties?

Some humans wonder if everything we sense, our perceived reality, if it is just a creation of the brain; what is actually out there behind our perception. Are their other perceptions different to human ones, and can a human ever observe or understand them? Will we ever be able to break through our barriers and see whats on the other side whilst still alive in this reality?

And finally humans wonder if existence will carry on after death, or are we as Carl Sagan once said just a candle in the dark, and when we go out, we are gone forever.

Saturday, 24 September 2011

Neutrinos travel faster than the speed of light but is it just a glitch?

There is no one who would love to see Einstein’s Special Theory of Relativity disproven, as I feel that is the way of science. It always seemed to me that as soon as you put a definite into science, then you are failing to realise the point of science. Science is like evolution, it expands and changes with the knowledge and technology available, whereas evolution adapts to its environment, science adapts to the technology and intelligence available, as well as the perspective of the observers involved. And I for one know that one day we will categorically prove faster than light speed is possible. This being said I don’t think the recent findings is it.

I would imagine they will find there was a small glitch in the system, or that the distance used is too small to create a definite answer. I read yesterday that the last supernova blast witnessed in space, the light arrived at the same time as the neutrinos, and if the present experiment is correct the neutrinos should have arrived approximately four years earlier.

Now it could just be that since we did not know about the supernova blast until we saw the light, we were not looking for said neutrinos, which to be honest are not easy to find, but it does raise questions.

Let’s see if the experiment can be replicated before we all shout about a change in the whole of modern physics. Mind one thing I have found quite amusing is how quickly the creationist religo-freaks have jumped on the band wagon claiming that if this fundamental part of physics can be wrong, then maybe they are right with their loony ideas. In a way it just shows what a bunch of idiots they are if they can compare the two.

When I first read this news yesterday I was full of joy, finally something to challenge and to move humanity onwards and upwards as some cartoon figure might say. Unfortunately I doubt whether it will be proved to be correct.

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

God is just a ‘get out of jail free card’

Just watched an episode of ‘The Borgias’, and it has made it so clear to me why so many people believe in god, they use this fake almighty entity as a, ‘get out of jail free’ card. The myth of god is used to allow man to do his most despicable acts, and then use something only a man could create, an almighty god to absolve him of his sins. Whether those sins are murder, corruption, greed, selfishness, causing misery and distress, as well as all the other multitude of distasteful acts man can conspire to.

The people, who use this fake entity for their own gains, will ultimately go to their personally created hell. And anyone who truly believes in such a falsehood will create their private hell. This does not mean that everyone who believes in god is such a person, but unfortunately these are the types of people that hold a major sway in our lives. They find no immorality in their actions, they can do the most heinous of crimes and just say god will forgive them, or absolve them, or whatever they believe to be their own personal ‘get out of jail free card’, whatever it may be.

One day the decent people, the ones that let these criminals do what they want, and allow them to ruin our lives on a daily basis, will finally realise and hopefully one day will take action against this crime against humanity.

Friday, 16 September 2011

Internet Government

I watched an interesting documentary yesterday about specific help based social networking sites covering the internet; they were not specifically facebook type sites more like commonality sites. Sites where people with similar interests or situations, helped each other to gain more knowledge of their situation. One site helps new mothers on the best way to look after babies, the idea being you bring one piece of knowledge and gain many more. It seemed an excellent idea, and they proposed that maybe in the future government could be run in such a way.

It would be rather interesting if every vote in the House of Commons was put to the electorate via the internet, where every registered person could have their say, and vote on the policies of the land. It would definitely be democratic and would surely take away any singular advantage for specific groups i.e. big business and banks, etc, etc. We could vote on whether we want to have a war in Afghanistan or buy nuclear weapons, or would we prefer to spend the money on improving the health service. We could vote on anything and the hope would be that it would empower people to vote, to be involved.

One thing I find at election times is that it seems so pointless, a friend always tells me you have to vote, but I always responded with, what is the point in voting for parties that in my mind have no relevance to the present. Parties that live in the past, that do not understand the will of the people and are only interested in their own gain.

Imagine how much better the world could be, by giving every person who has the right to vote, on every subject, every law, and every consequence, without bias towards one generous donator or another.

I think it would be quite difficult to start with and you would need amazing security so it was not infiltrated and abused. I suppose now my paranoid mind kicks in and thinks further, I wonder how you would stop large secular groups from organising or even scaring people into voting as they would like. What would happen if a vote was seen to be totally against the principles of the country, like bringing back hanging or some barbaric form of punishment?

How would it work when allocating funds for say the military, or police, fire service, or NHS? Would it make us more streamlined, would it make us less cohesive, would it cause mass confusion and who would oversee it all?

It is an interesting way to look at things and maybe one day we will be ready to embrace such a system, but I doubt it will be in the near future. Unfortunately at the moment, the way the world works, the way the media, government treat its citizens, we are a long way off such a system, because many people are ignorant of society, as well as being stupid and unaware of the full facts and if they were given the full picture they may not be able to handle it or even believe it. I do not say this to be derogatory, it is not the fault of the people, it is the fault of the governments, who are there to protect the people and give them a better standard of living; which if you think about it, is not what they do.

We live in a society of secrets, a society where no one knows everything, but some people know far more than everyone else. These people are not going to willingly relinquish their power, wealth and control in a hurry. They are not going to allow the masses to actually have a say in what happens to their powerful group. They will keep the masses dumbed down and full of false promises and futile hopes, they will give you tiny snippets of information and allow the human mind to create the rest.

Until it changes, the ides of a government of the people for the people, where every policy, law etc, etc, is actually voted by the people, is a long way off, which is unfortunate because if we were educated correctly and brought up to love our fellow man and not fear him, then it may actually work.

Most people intrinsically want to help, and want to be seen as helping, we want to have friends who help us, and this makes us want to help them even more. Unfortunately for the last 50-60 years we have been told to help yourself, and screw everyone else, think of number one.

Still it will be interesting to see how far this type of internet social helping goes and whether it can flourish, I hope it does.

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Djokovic beats Nadal in one of the greatest finals

All the superlatives you can think of, spring to mind when talking about last night’s US open final between Novak Djokovic and Rafa Nadal. It was an absolutely incredible match from beginning to end, with some of the greatest points, one of the greatest games, and definitely one of the greatest matches ever.

For the first two sets Djokovic played some of the most dominant tennis I have ever seen, he battered Nadal to the point of submission, where Nadal was just scratching his head wondering what he could try next to stop the onslaught. Nadal’s games all seemed to last ages, one game lasting over 16 minutes, as he lost his serve time after time. Nadal started the first two sets brightly by breaking Djokovic, then the Serb would come back and break Nadal two or three times to win the set. It was some of the best tennis I have ever witnessed.

By the time they reached the tie breaker in the third set, Djokovic had served for the match and both had played some astonishing tennis, then they played some rallies around the tie breaker that defied belief, one point I wondered how it was still being played, it lasted 21 shots but left like it had been 50, Djoks held off Nadal’s onslaught three times before losing the point. When Nadal won the third set, it looked as if they were going to go five sets as Djokovic’s body started to wilt under this immense pressure. Novak needed a time out to massage his back as he was starting to find it difficult to serve, everyone expected Nadal to come roaring back and take the fourth set. This was not to be the case, as Nadal’s excessive run of four matches in five days started to take their toll and he lost the fourth set 6-1.

If ever there was an ad for how amazing tennis can be this was it, it had everything, greats shots, great rallies, great games, great tie breaker, lots of breaks of serve, and played at an intensity which is hard to imagine. It was a pleasure to watch, it’s just a shame it’s finished.

Even though it was only four sets and not five, I would still put it up there as one of the greatest ever matches, no doubt, hands down. In a way the only thing that let the match down was the fact the guys had played so hard, and at such high intensity, after playing so many matches in quick succession, it meant it could not go five sets without one of them killing themselves. It is definitely up there with Wimbledon 08, as one of the best ever.

In a way it is a shame one guy had to lose, but overall Djokovic was just too good for Nadal, and the strangest of situations has presented itself, because really it should have been Federer in that final (if he hadn’t bottled it) and somehow I doubt Nadal would have lost to him. It just seems that Djoks knows how to beat Nadal, as Nadal knows how to beat Federer.

Now you have to wonder how Nadal recovers from this year’s battering off the Serbinator. One thing is for sure, you cannot use the form of Masters 1000 series matches to determine how well someone will do in a Slam. You can only use the last slam as a reference and you have to wonder how long Djokovic can continue to play this incredibly high standard of tennis, because if he can continue for another couple of years we may be saying he’s the greatest, can you imagine that.

Monday, 5 September 2011

The Shame of the World

Not sure what possessed me to write this, the first line came into my head and it evolved into a sort of song about a homeless person, or someone without hope. It is a terrible indictment on the world that we allow people to live on the streets, we allow people to live terrible lives. We allow people to have nothing when so many others have more than they need. This is the problem with the world, not sure how you change it if I am honest, but it is a simple fact that we as a species are barbaric, because we allow this sort of thing to happen. I will put myself in that category because I am also complicit in this crime against humanity. I would say nearly everyone is, but that doesn’t make it right does it?

We can all be proud of our achievements, but as long as most of the people of the world live in conditions similar to the middle ages, and in some cases far worse, then we will never be an truly intelligent species. We can never truly be an enlightened species, or a shining example of how an intelligent species, should or could act. We still harbour deep instinctive values that allow us to look past the pain and suffering that covers our planet like a festering puss filled sore. We can shut off our empathy towards the weak and feeble, the misbegotten masses. We can all sub-consciously pray that we will never end up like that, but the strange fact is that as long as we allow it to happen, then we are all living in fear that it will happen to us. And when or if it happens to you or me and anyone else, how will we feel then?  Would we want the world to forget us, to pretend we don't exist, to allow us to descend into misery?  You would hope not.

Many Not Few

I am curled around a lamp post; with no shadow can I see,

Freezing cold I’m shivering, agonizing misery,

No one sees me down here,

No one feels my pain,

All around the world continues,

I sense no empathy only shame.

Sleeping bag of boxes and newspaper if I’m lucky,

Dirty grimy insulator that makes me look quite mucky,

Face and hands are terribly swollen,

Baring the scars of the past,

Mentally I’m totally broken,

I hope my body will not last.

What do I do?

What can you say?

Will I ever get to wake up,

And smell a brighter day.

What can I do?

What do you say?

It is easier to forget me,

So is doesn’t spoil your day.

When I wake up in the morning, I try to drink away the day,

There is no shave and coffee dawning; only for death do I pray,

My mind passed boredom long ago,

Living silently in a dream,

I watch the silent walkers,

Flowing by a steady stream.

As the day it passes through to night, I feel the biting chill,

Had no food apart from scraps for days, nearly lost my will,

Only friend I have is alcohol,

How much longer will it last?

No emotion left inside of me,

Just a ghost fading too fast.

What do I do?

What can you say?

Will I ever get to wake up,

And smell a brighter day.

What can I do?

What do you say?

It is easier to forget me,

So is doesn’t spoil your day.