Monday, 30 August 2010

A thought about Dark Energy

Ockham’s razor states that the simplest answer is probably the right answer. Then there is that wonderful saying (not sure if it’s from a scientist or a film), "if all possible outcomes have been exhausted, whatever is left, however implausible must be the truth". Well let’s look at Dark Energy...
Imagine instead of the Dark Energy pulling us apart at exponential rates, there is Super Gravity, pushing mass together not from close distances, but extreme ones. Gravity as Newton and Einstein explained seems to work on massive objects up to certain distances depending on the size of the object. After which Dark Energy kicks in the starts to pull the matter apart. Well as we all know – no one knows what Dark Energy is; it is a convenience created because of the fact we believe the Universe is expanding. What if instead of expanding outwards away from the other matter in our known Universe, our cosmic web, instead it is being pulled towards larger more massive collections of stars, larger cosmic webs. Now the light from these stars would not reach us since they are incredible distances away. Trillions of light years maybe, the collective force of the rest of the Universe surrounding our cosmic web maybe so great, the laws of physics change when dealing with such massive quantities.

Below is a crude diagram of what I mean, the black ellipses and circles are the cosmic web’s, or collections of extremely large volumes of matter (stars, galaxies etc) – like our own known Universe.

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Self delusion

Writing this blog has helped me to realise, that it is ok to respect yourself, it is ok to hold true to your beliefs even if all you know around you, believe it to be false. Trust in yourself, be true to your deepest feelings and desires, try to be honest with who you are and accept your fallibility, your faults, and never hide them away. Try to better yourself, and your opinions of yourself, for deep down we are always our fiercest critics. Trying... is the hardest part; try to not delude yourself, to make believe you are more than you really are. Self delusion, a humans greatest gift and also its greatest destructive force, I know I am full of self delusion, but I accept it within myself. I know my faults, but I use them to try and make me a better man, a better human being, at least I delude myself I am. Ignorance is bliss, especially when the ignorance is of yourself.

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

An original thought

In the blink of an eye, your mind creates a billion, billion, original thoughts. New ideas, new beginnings; strange concepts, totally incomprehensible, yet amazingly creative is a mind full of original thoughts. One of the most rewarding feelings of joy any human can experience, this is why I have to write down all my thoughts, it is immensely important to me. And yet I feel a sense of sadness and despondency, to think that so many wonderful, original thoughts are never able to flourish. Shadows lost in the midst of time, how many chances to better the world we live in, gone forever, never to return, distant memories of radical concepts too far away from the norm to be seen as sheer folly. A foolish nonsense, best forgotten, never able to rise again, doomed to ridged conformism.

To all those people out there who have original thoughts (that’s everyone or nearly everyone) and neglect them, ignore them or plane don’t realise you have them, I truly feel sorry that you cannot feel the pleasure, an original thought contains.

The incredible joy and ecstasy you receive from your soul when you experience an original thought. It's an amazing wonder, it's a miracle we make them at all. How astounding an evolutionary leap from what we were, to what we have become.

I am an addict, I love original thoughts, whether they are actually original or an amazing deception the brain plays on the mind. I want to have as many as I can and sometimes if I remember I write them down. Not for any other reason than it makes me feel better when I do it.

Believe me it is truly an addiction to benefit the body, mind and soul.

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Global Warming, Conspiracy and Government Control

My last blog may seem controversial, it is meant to be, when I wrote the last piece I was more radical in my views. I have calmed down in my old age, at least since I wrote that piece. I just feel the world is full of chaos and confusion, and because of this we cannot progress as well as we should. Now I do not know what to make of Climate Change and Global Warming, or whether it is our fault? Is it even slightly our fault? I presume that a portion of it is, but I feel the way we go about resolving the problem is wrong. Too many short sited people with their own agendas, trying to take advantage of whatever the latest problem, to be placed in front of our species. Throughout history these schemers  and charlatans have tried to take advantage and to our detriment some succeeded.

The way I try to way things up, to see it any of it is real or mostly BS, is to find a thought/concept/idea I know to be true and see if they discuss or mention it. I think people are sick of being treated like mushrooms - kept in the dark and fed on sh*t. We now have more intelligence and we want to use this intelligence to improve ourselves. Yet the elite at the top don’t want us to be intelligent, they want sheep controlled and penned in. That is why I feel so many conspiracies exist because we are never told the full truth. And to top it off we are deliberately fooled by the charlatans and so we have so much information bombarded at us, we don’t know what is real and what is not. What is to be believed and what is rubbish, it is daunting. At least I find it daunting. No one listens, and no one wants to change the system, because it’s too difficult. Someone needs to have the balls to stand up and say we are sick of being Mushrooms; we want to know the truth. We want everyone to have a decent life, and live in peace and happiness. Not misery, fear, pain and control.

A deluded world living off guilt

It always fascinates me how easily the world population can be duped into believing any such nonsense. And the biggest nonsense around at present is man-made global warming.

To me, blaming global warming on 150 years of industry shows what an arrogant species we are. I am no scientist, but I love and appreciate science, I believe some people are really missing the point of science; they are trying to prove exacts, which can never happen in the scientific world. One thing you can definitely say about the history of humanity is that we are generally wrong. Shock horror you may say, wrong. Yes it has been proved Sir Isaac Newton the greatest scientist was not exactly right, Einstein improved on his original theory, and now modern science is finding holes in Einstein’s work. So what does this tell us? It says to me that even though we feel that we must be right, generally we aren’t and it takes time to realise our mistake and move on. I feel Global Warming is one of those mistakes; but it has been turned into a conspiracy, thought of in the same way as the Moon Landings, Crop Circles, the Earth being only 4500 years old and 9/11.

Most conspiracies in my mind are rubbish; they are based on implausible notions because at the time we knew no better. People think the moon landings were faked because of they say the way NASA presented the whole event looked staged. Yet to me the very fact that it didn’t look like we imagined the moon to look was the very thing that made it real. With 9/11, they say a skyscraper building would not come down that quickly, unless explosive devices were fitted to every floor. How does a building hit by a plane fall so quickly? We will never know unless someone flies another plane into another building of similar height and design to see if it does fall. Since it had never happened before it must be a conspiracy. You could go on and on, Carl Sagan wrote a fantastic book about conspiracy called “The Demon-Haunted World: Science as a Candle in the Dark”. In his book he talked about UFO’s, Alien abduction, and many other conspiracy theories, how the human mind works. Definitely a book I would recommend.

I never seem to be able to do this with man-made global warming. It’s just seems such a nonsense, I find it hard to understand how it has duped so many for so long. Maybe it hasn’t, maybe the more intelligent have figured it out. Maybe they realise they can use man-made global warming as a form of control, to make society conform; to do as you want them to do.

That aside let’s look at the global warming argument. They say that because the global temperature has risen so alarmingly and created such apocalyptic natural disasters, that we must be the cause. Well do we know that for sure, let’s look at it from a different angle? Instead of blaming ourselves for industry, instead of trying to throw all the guilt we have amassed for polluting our world. Try to rationally work out the issue. I find it strange that I hear scientists saying how science isn’t science without proof. Peer review, double blind testing are words I read when describing evidence and proof, makes me wonder why the same sorts of parameters aren’t put in place for finding out the true cause for Global Warming. Then again as I mentioned earlier maybe they already know this and just figure – well let’s not tell anyone we’re making good money off this scam.

Let’s just look at the argument. As I read in the popular press, CO2 is a greenhouse gas and since our cars and power stations pump out tonnes of this stuff into the environment – we are causing the temperature to increase. We do have a lot of cars and a lot of power stations, maybe they are right. How do we tackle the issue? We can tax everyone, that always works doesn’t it – NOT. It just seems like a new way to control you, I wonder if we will ever have the sort of freedom we used to appreciate, then again did we have it and did we appreciate it.

What is next? A tax on breathing, in case it lost everyone's notice, we pump out loads of the bad CO2 every year.


New in. You will only be permitted to breathe three times a minute. People have been found to be breathing far too much they are creating too much of the deadly CO2. The Prime minister said today that he felt the reduction was justified as he had witnessed one very old man panting, he must have produced masses of the deadly gas. A tax will be levied on anyone who breathes more than three times a minute. A local sportsman said the new rules would make it impossible for him to train in the UK as an athlete. The Prime Minister responded by saying a special dispensation would be given to special circumstances The Prime Minister also claimed he and his cabinet would have special dispensation, since they were in charge.

I know that all sounds ridiculous, but so is the man made global warming argument. Let’s now have a look at it from a temperature perspective. So it’s the warmest, driest, hottest, most extreme weather in all of recorded history.

Now that sounds like it must be our fault doesn’t it? Until you realise that recorded history only means since 17 century, which is funnily enough when we were in the last mini ice age, yes you read it an ice age. So I bet everyone would agree that if you start at the lowest temperatures for maybe 10,000 years, the only way is up. We aren’t even close the temperatures they saw in the time of the dinosaurs, they didn’t have any polar caps and survived well enough.

So why do people delude themselves into thinking man-made global warming argument is a real issue. I think as I said earlier it is a guilt trip (for the environmentalists) and a power trip (for the Politian’s) instead of realising the problem and addressing the real issue, we try to find scapegoats to whatever is troubling us at that time in history. At present the winner is man-made global warming.

The world is in transition we know more now than at any time in history, we understand more and control everything; at least we think we do. The planet is far more powerful than we will ever be. Some people want to control you totally, they feed you with half truths, open up your insecurities your fears and they accentuate them. This is all the markings of an old civilisation trying to control itself and failing. Increases in extreme behaviour, predominately from religion are still the norm, but they won’t be for much longer. Instead of fear and guilt for becoming industrious, we need to focus on the future to clean up our act. Remember we wouldn’t be able to conceive the notion of global warming if it was not for some bright bloke being industrious in the first place. To blame 150 year of industry, as if humans had never changed society before is foolish. We changed society the day we realised agriculture, which was the true change to the environment. It is folly to try and blot out our progressive track, we need to forge forward to truly understand Earth’s climate.

We don’t really know anything about the planet we live on, we think we do, but we don’t. We are tiny parasites insignificant as far as the planet is concerned. Man-made Global Warming is arrogant human behaviour. If we can’t be the centre of everything, we need something else to empower us, to feel important, but it’s stupid we aren’t important to anyone but ourselves. The sooner people realise this then big improvements will come quickly.

Everyone likes to control things; some people become Politian’s or military leaders to accentuate their control. Once we extinguish the man-made global warming myth and the religious one too, how do they control you then? They can’t and like the wonderful internet everything will find a place. When nuclear fusion is reached it will be interesting to see how the power hungry controllers act? They will try to stop it or control who can use it and who can’t. They will fail as people will realise the reasons that controlled it in the past - will be gone.

Why should the government force its citizens to follow their tune, when they the controllers don’t follow it themselves?

WAKE UP and smell the new horizon, thank god the new fusion reactor is being built in France.

The French seem to have grasped the changes happening in the world, better than most. Germany also seems to be heading that way but Britain and the US seem miles away from understanding. They are still focused on greed.

You can’t throw 150 years of industry to the lions and demonise it, make what we have achieved seem somehow dirty. Life is dirty and strange and who are we to think we know more than a 4.6 billion year old planet that has seen more upheaval and dramatic climatic changes, than we could ever imagine. We are but a spec, a tiny parasite performing a role. If we stop our progress and allow ourselves to concentrate on these ridiculous ideas, it will cause devastation over all. As we can see throughout history, we have not learned from these divisive thoughts brought on by fear and guilt.

Let’s stop apportioning blame and realise we aren’t powerful enough to control Planet Earth’s climate, whether we want to believe it or not.

A life that cannot know its own existence is a life without soul.

A life unknown, without awareness of its own existence; is a life without soul.

All original moments begin first; until perspective grows.

On the first planet of the first Universe, of the first dimension, evolution forms the first soul. An energetic charge, a simple twist of fate, rasps of wispy logic, majestically combining, defining, a new beginning of self.

Before time, still unknown in existence, before form or purpose; souls flourished and spread. Free to flow in amazing calm and peace. Many moments passed, many souls enjoyed careless contemplation, of their existence. They thought and thought, deliberated, concentrated, yet something was missing – love.


Aden met and fell in love with Eva.

As their bodies caressed, and their love blossomed, the earliest of souls found physical form. Flowing torrents, fresh emotions, deep desires, and finally love, rushed though every soul. Eva then fell in love with Aden and they bonded for the first time in all existence.

Their love would create a new Realm, the Realm of Light, a light to shine over all souls.

From glorious happiness, tragedy befell our fledgling lovers, as an evil demon separated their souls for 100 million lifetimes, an eternity to all. Anguish, torment, and total emptiness descended on Aden's soul. The soul longed for a reunion with its mate, “Oh Eva my love.” The physical body, so weak, so small in comparison to a soul took the emptiness and in desperation tried to channel it. The body became a hellish prison, dead, a gaping hole of dreadful nothingness; despair and misery filled the gap Eva had left in Aden.

One warm autumn day Aden woke with a sense that something special would happen. Sitting eating breakfast next to the ocean, the wind whispered her name – Eva. Slowly, so effortlessly, swirling delicately, the sounds caressed his heart and ignited his soul. A warm longing surged through Aden. Rushing to his car, he drove as fast as he could, without thinking, he just knew where she would be. Driving for hours, he eventually saw a rise in the distance, a grove of orange trees. As the car pulled in, it was nearing dusk, the sun was setting over the valley; the most beautiful place on the planet was the only fitting place to meet the most beautiful soul. Heart pounding, he could see a figure in the distance, was it her? Was 100 million lifetimes of emptiness about to end? As he reached the figure, he now knew it was a woman, but was it her? Composing himself not knowing how she may react, he called her name; Eva. Slowly the slender figure gracefully turned, her beautiful head of flowing raven hair, "yes". Their eyes met and they embraced each other, it was her smell, her sensuous smile, her hypnotic eyes.

Love blossomed again and when back in the Realm of Light they made a bound - never to be apart.

For billion lifetimes they loved each other, enjoyed, and bettered existence wherever they went.

When existence is so long, so eternal, tragedy raises its evil head more than once. Eva watched by a deranged stalker, a jealous deceiver, Luke was his name and he created the devil - evil souls. He forced the two lovers apart.

Luke murdered Eva, and tortured Aden for the rest of his long life, when breath finally left the body and the soul released - it was a changed soul. Fear was new to a soul and now Aden felt fear, the fear consumed him; he did not know how to forget this travesty. For another billion lifetimes, Aden's soul could not cope, fearing everything. Then dejected and lost, beyond hope, Eva found him, touched his worn and weathered face, and repaired his broken soul. Tears filled his eyes; she had found him and rescued him from fear.

Luke would try his evil doing on many more occasions, finally in one almighty war; the Realm of Light drew sides and in a great battle good triumphed over evil. Aden collapsed to his knees when finally the Devil was vanquished. Aden and Eva, now strove to break past this Universe to expand and create their own, to make life in their own image, and so they created Infinitiverse. Everything sees its own perfect world from its own perspective. Now from their example a trillion, trillion other Universes exist, expanding life to infinite possibilities.

One Infinitiverse.

Seven Realms.

From substance, came light, then followed perspective, the reverse caused enlightenment, as dimensions gave infinite possibilities, the entity could not foresee - so time was created. And there now seemingly set it stone the seven Realms for all to see. Reason and love began this tale and reason and love will end it, for when you truly understand reason and have found true love a new Universe will form, to give reason and love to us all.

We should not exist

At present with our knowledge and understanding of the Universe, we should not exist. You see the basic premise about our known Universe is that it was created in the “big bang”, which I have mentioned earlier. To anyone who does not know what the “big bang” is; it is a single moment in space/time when all things we see in our Universe exploded into existence. They did not start as the many elements, compounds, etc we see around today, but essentially all the matter in the Universe started from this point; this nothingness. Now maybe it’s just me but from our perspective to start from nothing is impossible. Hence we should not exist. As you all know this causes a big problem because we do exist, when we should not. Does this mean that there are also bodies/entities/things that do not exist that should? Or is it that they exist, where they are in the Infinitiverse from their perspective, and since they exist there we cannot exist here? Apologies if this is getting confusing because it confuses me. Imagine the parallel Universe concept, this is probably the nearest to explaining what I mean. If there are a billion trillion versions of yourself out there, they all exist, yet they do not know you or any of the other you’s, that may exist too. Could you or would you be able to exist in the space, moment, dimensions, or membranes (I have heard parallel universe’s or multiverse’s, and other dimension called this before) of the other versions of yourself. Plus if they existed and they had conscious thought, that would make them all different consciously, yet similar in other ways. Would they be similar biologically? What if the laws of physics were different there? Would they have the same parents or how would all this parallel universe, dimension, membrane, existence work, who knows. Fascinating to think about though, well to someone like me it is, probably not to many others I suspect.

Along time ago I thought of it as a scale, existence on one side, none existence on the other, the problem with this was that there were bodies/entities/objects that exist proportionally to that scale, so some may half exist. Then I realised that the scale only worked from my perspective and is different from theirs. They would always exist. And the scale would work accordingly from there. Does that make sense? It does to me. This is where my perspective concept seemed to make more sense. If you believe that everything that exists has a unique perspective, and that perspective is perfect for it to exist/live in that environment. Then it makes it possible to have our “big bang”, our known universe, parallel universe’s, a multiverse, membranes, my Infinitiverse, other versions of yourself, similar versions of yourself, different laws of physics, even more laws of physics, I could go on and on. The big question to me is uniqueness, although there may be many versions of everything there is only one unique version and that is you, me, our sun or our beautiful planet. You then have to ask yourself, if everything can happen or has happened and every perspective will be perceived, does this mean that somewhere there is a God. Or many gods, I think there probably is, but not in our Universe, at least not from our perspective.

Finally, one of my first ever thoughts about how the universe worked, developed to help with a book I wanted to write, I thought of life differently then, I wanted to created an idea that would run and run for many stories. I thought of the idea of a soul, that journeyed through many lifetimes, and it was like a bus journey, your life was the bus route.  When one journey was over you jumped on to another bus and went off in a totally different direction on a new journey. Would be nice to think that was how life worked. I think I’ll add the prologue I wrote after thinking of that idea :-)

Saturday, 14 August 2010

Halton Arp continued

I realised I didn't tell anyone who Halton Arp is. He is an Astronomer who with the help of Margaret and Geoffrey Burbidge, found that the red shifts of pulsars differ considerably to their companion Galaxies. Nearly every other Astronomer thinks he is a heretic, and he was even sacked from his post for his views. I believe his evidence pertains to Peculiar Galaxies which he created an Atlas showing their unusual formation. He also showed how Pulsars and their neighbouring Galaxies are connected but that their red shifts were vastly different.

As I said earlier he may not be right and there seems plenty of Astronomers out there who want to prove him wrong, but the way the science community has treated him is in my view disgraceful. No one who thinks of an original idea or a new concept should be treated in this manner. All it does is deter people who think differently from the perceived norm to hide a way and not tell the world their thoughts. To me it is no different to religion. Forcing one ideology, and never listening to another’s values or thoughts.

Friday, 13 August 2010

Halton Arp’s Red Shift anomaly

What I love about science is that it is supposed to be impartial, through peer review and experiment. The finding of evidence through observation means we do not stay static; there is always a new mind, a new thinker with a new idea willing to stake his career on it. Sometimes others, who believe in the opposite and have staked their careers on that opposite view, try to hit back. Like a wounded animal cornered, they attack and attack with some venom. Now I can understand why they do this, they might receive grants or public funding and do not want to lose that money. They are probably engrossed in their own ideology that they do not see the potential in someone else’s concepts and ideas so they do what is a basic instinct to all life. They fight or submit.

This has happened throughout history and not just in science, the stronger ones, the ones who were committed to changing thoughts, would not lose sight of their goals. Some were proven right like Galileo, Newton, Faraday, Einstein, as well as many others. I believe even the great Richard Feynman and Nils Bohr were ridiculed originally for their ideas and concepts.

So back to Halton Arp, I am not saying I believe what he says as I haven’t had a chance to study it enough, but I find it disturbing that in the world of science we are starting to banish certain scientists and certain views on science as heretical. This is surely not good for the progression of our species.

As far as I see, there is something strange, not quite correct about our expanding Universe and the Big Bang. We invent Dark Energy to explain its ever expanding motion. Astronomers say the Universe isn’t just expanding but it is also accelerating, this baffles many and creates a paradox, which we cannot explain. I find the red shift argument difficult to get my head around. I am sorry I am no astronomer but as I have been told, red shift is based on light as we observe from the Galaxies in the Universe. The explanation I always hear is that it is like a siren on a fire engine, as it draws closer to you it makes a short sound and as it moves away the sound is stretched making that wine sound we hear as it flies past. I am told this is also true for light, when it is heads towards you it is shown as blue, and moving away it is shown as red. This is where I get confused because I thought light, as seen in a spectrum shows electromagnet vibration according to the elements they are made of, or the type of light it is; like infrared and ultraviolet. Surely all stars cannot be in the red shift, what about x-rays and gamma rays, or radio waves are they not part of the scale and what colour do they show up as. If someone could explain that to me I would be most appreciative.

Monday, 9 August 2010

The scourge of humanity

We westernised, capitalist societies are a strange race. Most of us lead dull uninteresting lives; spend most of our waking days performing boring, tedious, jobs. Mind numbing, pointless occupations, we all sleep walk to oblivion. We do this for many reasons, but mainly because we delude ourselves that we need lots of nice things. Buy a nice house, own a nice car; fill the nice house with lots of expensive products. New flat screen TV’s, top of the range Hi-Fi systems, garden furniture, etc, etc. Buying new products cheers our misery for a short while, then we need to purchase more and more. We stress ourselves at work, working harder and harder, longer and longer, in the vain hope we will get promoted or receive a pay rise, so we can use the extra money to cement our futile existence further. We go on holidays to choreographed destinations, for short periods of time to get away from the tedium of working life. We become greedy for more and more short lived stimulus. I need a better job and better social standing, I need to seem higher than my peers, it is a necessity for humanity. I work harder and get my promotion; I find a wife or husband and have kids, I buy a better house and nicer car. I want more and more, but am I ever really happy? I still have debt, yet now I earn a small fortune. How much do we need? Everything gained this way comes at a cost, it rips out your soul, leaves you empty, lost, not knowing what you really wanted or desired in the first place.

Our wonderful, developed, modern world, has created a mass of automatons, robots feeding corporate globalisation. The masses are unknowingly bored and fearful, scared, stressed, miserable human beings, unable to fully express themselves to their full potential. Ready and willing, to accept a mediocre, less than perfect life, for the sake of a few a possessions. Lobotomised, dazed and confused, stumbling like a drunk, without any true purpose, never able to fulfil their potential.

Sad really, will it ever change?