Thursday, 31 March 2011

Solfeggio Frequencies, God, and our Evolutionary Perspective of Reality

I am intrigued by the imagination of the human mind, for some years now I have listened to Binaural Beats; when you find it difficult sleep, you are willing to try anything to get some, and I was told that Binaural Beats might help. Last night a friend sent me a visual version of binaural beats called Solfeggio Frequencies, where you looked at the spinning pattern and hummed at the same tone as the one being created. I found this quite enlightening at the time, the tones created by me and the video formed a resonating tone which I could feel through my body.

Finding this rather intriguing, I looked on YouTube to see the other tones from this Solfeggio Frequency, I found there are six, and supposedly the tones are a form of chanting from ancient times that has somehow been lost. But this is not the reason I am writing, it is just how I found what I want to write about, and my perception of it.

Whilst looking at the Solfeggio frequencies I noticed another video which said test yourself, well I like things like that, if something says test yourself, I’m a sucker for trying it. Unfortunately it was not a test, it was another self promoting video talking about the wonder of creation, and the way things are made up in certain symmetry, like the golden ratio and circles, dimensions, and then they spoilt it by saying it was god. Though this god seemed more of a spiritual god than the omnipresent, ubiquitous, omnipotent god religions talk about.

Now this god, to their credit did not seem like the god discussed in the bible even though they did reference the bible. But this is not what I found amazing, what I think is incredibly strange is the way, people need to put a humanistic type person, a figurehead, as the one who created everything. Why? Why do some people feel this urge to do that? I don’t need to do that, I can think of all the sequences they accredited to god to other phenomena.

It seems that the beauty, the complexity and also simplicity of existence, has to be done by an almighty power. It’s not the case, it is the simple fact as I have said many times before, though not recently, and it is all to do with the perspective of the observer. It has to do with the concept and idea that everything and I mean everything, finds the best and easiest way to exist in its environment, and will always fall to the lowest and easiest common denominator. The patterns and golden ratios, triangles, circles, and every other form of simplicity, are not gods work, they are the work of the evolutionary perspective of the observer. You yourself witness the world, the galaxy, the Universe, plants, animals, stars, clouds in the sky, uniquely. You perceive the patterns, and because of self awareness, you then interpret them in a way unique to humans.

The underlying patterns are the building blocks of our reality, and how we perceive our existence in that reality. The strange thing is that this does not mean that the same rules will apply for everything in existence. It just applies to us in our reality of existence. You see what you want to see, and because of this you are unique.

Maybe it is that I am slightly different in my outlook to many others, to make it seem so obvious to me, and that everything is just a tiny dot, a sprinkling of nearly nothing in comparison to the whole. And even if the perceived entity, some like to call god in whatever format they imagine him, does exist, he will be only a tiny insignificant part of the whole as we are. As Einstein said it is all relative, everything is relative to where and how you observe and perceive.

Everything is a tiny part of something else. Protons, Neutrons, and Electrons are a tiny part of an Atom. One Atom is a tiny part of a cell. One cell is a tiny part of a human. One human is a tiny part of the Earth. The Earth is a tiny part of the Solar System. The Solar System is a tiny part of the Galaxy. The Galaxy is a tiny part of the Universe, and so on and so forth. Just because our Perspective Parameters cannot see or imagine further than this, does make it likely that the Universe is the limit or for that matter quarks and quantum sub-atomic particles are the limits.

Try to think of it this way, we know how our eyes work, they see light, and through binocular vision and colour we can create a three dimensional world. Yet we also know that many animals do not see the world like this, bats are blind visually and can only see through sound and sonic vibration. It’s still there form of sight though.

The problem with humans is the fact we are self aware, and at present believe we are the only entities in existence that are self aware. We can only create a Universe around this one unique perspective and it ignores every other perspective, or dilutes its importance. We have to realise and see that most of everything is beyond our perspective, beyond our comprehension and likely to be beyond understanding, and incredibly overwhelming. It is hard to imagine this when you are human, but it is true, it is a fact, we are just a slice of a quark in the vastness of the Infinitiverse.

Remember as we learn more our Perspective Parameters grow, and they will grow past god, and past what we perceive as the Universe, and what we perceive as life, and reality and existence. As our perspective increases, things that were hard to comprehend will eventually become simple, and we will understand more. This is constantly happening and will happen forever.

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Stop Demise

It makes no sense,

To recompense,

When one so dense,

Sits on the fence.

How will they see,

What life can be,

How to be free,

To disagree.

When mind is closed,

And not supposed,

And overdosed,

Content proposed.

If you feel jaded,

And nearly faded,

Bored life hated,

Under fulfilled overstated.

Notice this and realise,

Motivate and recognise,

Try hard to revitalise,

Stop decline, stop demise.

Monday, 28 March 2011

Brilliant Documentary about the Grand Prix ‘Killer Years’ and how it is Similar to Life in General, for Humanity.

There was a brilliant documentary on last night about the Grand Prix years between the late 50’s and early 70’s; they called it the ‘Killer Years’. Drivers like Jackie Stewart, Emerson Fittipaldi, Jackie Ickx, many other famous drivers of the time discussed how dangerous their sport was back then. Jackie said you had a one in three chance of surviving the season, which is not very good odds, especially for a sport. The desire to be the best and to win at all costs caused many of the greatest drivers to risk their lives and some to die agonising deaths most often by fire. Yet nobody was willing to change it; it wasn’t until the mid 70’s that things started to improve and if you think about it. It wasn’t really until after Senna died that things became as safe as a sport like that can be.

In a way, you can take what happened in Formula One back then, and transpose it onto today’s society, and the world works today. They wanted to see the exciting fast cars go around the track; they wanted to see close races and drivers giving their all. But they also liked the crashes when they happened, they liked the thrill and the danger involved, they wanted to be entertained. The thing is when do you draw the line, and say too many people are dying horrifically; too many people are getting injured unnecessarily. Of course back then when drivers said this, the track owners, did not want to change, they wanted it kept as it was, because it was going to cost them a fortune to add all the safety features the drivers wanted. The race car owners they just wanted fast cars, and to them initially the drivers were kind of expendable, they could always get another replacement. And even the drivers were ambivalent to begin with, they did not want to jeopardise their careers, by speaking out about the lack of safety.

It took many deaths, and horrible injuries before it changed. Terrible isn’t it. No different to society today, we never change until the death count reaches a critical level. In 1959 in one race 15 people died, not just drivers but some spectators as well. That didn’t cause a change, when Jim Clark one of the greatest drivers ever died that did not change anything. Eventually when one poor driver Roger Williamson, in his second race, crashed and was burning to death live on camera; with another driver David Purley, frantically trying in vain to save his fellow drivers life, did things eventually start to change. It was terrible to watch that in a documentary, I can’t imagine what it must have been like to witness it live. Yet all the drivers continued to race apart from Purley, who received the George Medal for his bravery and valour.

Unfortunately that is the world we live in today, life is meaningless to some and because of this lack of meaning, and they put many others into harm’s way. They may want to change, but the system does not allow change, until finally something incredibly awful and drastic or even catastrophic happens, and then they are forced into changing.

When are we going to learn, maybe we never will and one day the greatest of all catastrophes will destroy us and we won’t be around anymore to repair the damage caused.

Sunday, 27 March 2011

The Big Questions, the Census and Creationist based Religion

They have a programme on this morning called the Big Questions; it must have been on after the Grand Prix. I was filling in the census and they were going to talk about it, so I stopped and listened. Before that they were discussing whether creationism should be taught in schools, I find it absolutely incredible that this is being discussed. How deluded a world we live in that they can waste TV time on this subject, fine if they want to teach it in a religious class OK. But to allow it to be taught as fact, and a plausible alternative to evolution in biology is ridiculous and insulting.

What a crazy world we live in, where these idiots can have such an influence on society as to literally try and force our species back to the dark ages. And what is worse they want to corrupt the young and force them into believing this bullshit. They want them to be controlled and forced into a subservient attitude, and it needs to be stopped now.

I find it amazing that people can believe such nonsense, it flabbergasts me to think that there are people who actually believe there is an all powerful man in the sky, who answers their prays and made the Earth in seven days, around 4,000 years ago. It is beyond comprehension that they can accept animals evolve, yet we have not. How do you stop people from being so ignorant of evidence? How do you stop people being so manipulated? How do you get them to wake up and realise what they believe is rubbish, and based on primitive early human intelligence, and a lack of understanding of the surroundings they existed in? How do you get them to understand the harm they are causing indirectly around the world?

How can anyone actually think that a book that encourages slavery, debauchery against gentiles, murder of gentiles? As well as demanding absolute devotion to an imaginary, hateful, selfish, super being, on pain of torture or death, and encourages persecution, and idolisation of one super being. How can anyone believe this rubbish? Are we that stupid in this day and age? Have we not learned anything from the years of horrific bloodshed at the hands of these religions?

You know what is really galling about it all; because we live in a free society, or an imaginary free society, we have to listen to these idiots. Yet most of them, if they had their own way, would not allow such freedoms. If they were in control of the country, they would ban the right to speak freely. Who does that remind you of? One nasty bloke from the 30’s springs to mind. You think if these creationists got their way and were in power they would be open to all other possibilities? Do you think the extreme Muslims would allow it also? What about the Orthodox Jews? I doubt any of them would be so quick to allow freedom of speech.

Anyway getting away from my reason to write again, which I seem to do quite often, you think of one thing then get side tracked. The census, it was pretty harmless, and it may seem a massive document to fill in but it isn’t if you live by yourself.

The Big Question programme was discussing the question about whether you should tick you are religious if you are not, if you don’t go to church. Well that’s up to the individual and they should leave it at that, to be honest I hope most people say they are not religious, as I believe most people aren’t these days, especially in Britain. But it is up to them, with my negative thoughts on religion, I hope eventually in years to come the question will be; are you open to believing in falsehoods and deluded flights of fancy, or are you an evidence based realist. Which is what I feel is the difference between religion and non-religion.

How much longer we will have to put up with hearing the crazies talking I don’t know, the weird thing is there are quite a few rational people who are religious but they are never heard, it is only the deluded extremists that seem to get their voice across. If someone wants to believe the world is 4,000 years old and that evolution is wrong that is their concern, but they should not force this opinion on everyone else. I am sure if someone came forward and said I believe that clouds are candy floss, and the moon is made of cheese, and that thunder and lightning are made when God is angry, that is their choice, but we don’t teach it in science class do we.

Saturday, 26 March 2011

Stop the Bullshit and tell us the Truth

Let’s be honest it is now very clear the main reason why the AGW climate change issue has been brought before us. It is a poor attempt to get the world to realise the resources we use at present; oil, coal, natural gas, etc, etc, are not going to last forever. To also tell us, when we use all these types of energy sources, it causes environmental damage and restricts our development as a species.

Now if someone said that to me I would go really, well I see why we need to find renewable energy sources, I see the reasons why they are building wind farms, and trying to find hydrothermal power.

Instead they try to deceive us, believing we are not intelligent enough to understand such concepts, but we are, and since we are clever little souls, we humans. We have figured out by ourselves and without the help of the media, or the government, or spin doctors, or the plethora of other QUANGOs that exist to try to confuse and bamboozle you into believing exactly what they say, for their interests, that Climate Change due to CO2 is rubbish.

The people who say they are green, and want to see a reduction in greenhouse gases don’t really, they are not in the slightest bit interested in that goal, they want to get what they want, and they are willing to go down any route to achieve it.

The latest green dumbass is Tim Flannery, who has said this on a talk radio, “Just let me finish and say this. If the world as a whole cut all emissions tomorrow the average temperature of the planet is not going to drop in several hundred years, perhaps as much as a thousand years because the system is overburdened with CO2 that has to be absorbed and that only happens slowly.”

So he is saying that if we cut all emissions, (what does that mean, if every human was killed since we pump out quite a bit of the old CO2), it won’t make a jot of difference for up to a thousand years.

Now you can read this many ways, the first way is to say that all the carbon taxing and the stupidity of wasting billions of dollars is pointless, and should be spent of finding better answers than reducing CO2. Why can’t we put all this money into finding nuclear fusion, I wouldn’t mind if the money you are stealing from me was used in the pursuit of that goal.

Another way you can read it is this way, that essentially CO2 has no baring what so ever on the climate. Again it means spending all this money on useless, ineffective, solutions is a total waste of time, money and effort, especially when we should be addressing bigger issues, like finding the answer to nuclear fusion.

Come on governments, climate scientists, and the rest of you pretendy do gooders, tell us the truth, no more bullshit, because the well being of billions of people is in your hands. Stop treating us like mushrooms, we can handle the truth.

Come out with it and say hey ok, we made a mistake it’s not CO2, it’s the fact we are not going to have any fossil fuel resources left soon, and we need to change from a fossil fuelled world to a renewable fuelled world, quickly. We need to tax you to pay for the changeover; it’s not going to be easy or simple. It’s going to take a large amount of effort, but if we all work together and focus on the issue at hand we will succeed because we are humans.

We can figure out nuclear fusion, we can find hydrothermal power, and use the tides, create solar energy farms in the deserts of the world. We can do this, just stop the bullshit and tell us the truth, now before it’s too late, because if you continued to lie and deceive us, then another extremist idiot may come along, and we will descend into something far worse. It has happened before and will happen again.

Friday, 25 March 2011

TROM - The Reality of Me

Quite by accident I found TROM, it is a massive documentary divided into many smaller sections dealing with everything involving the human condition. In some ways it is like a very simplistic and basic reference book, a series of bullet point cards. It talks about the same ideas and concepts as seen in Zeitgeist Moving Forward, but if Zeitgeist is the glossy book for sale, TROM is the reference information behind the book. It is full of a wealth of facts and answers to why we humans are the way we are, and what we can do to change.

I’ll be honest some of the things they discuss I would be sceptical about, and I think they can be seen as too radical, but many of the ideas and concepts make good sense.

The doc is worth watching if you like Zeitgeist, but be warned it is very basic and obviously done on a very cheap budget. There is even quite a few spelling mistakes which made me wonder but then they do recognise that fact on the website and apologise, it seems like this is draft version one.

The basic premise revolves around the adage “money is the root of all evil”, which I believe is a misquotation but apt here. And that we need to rid ourselves of the monetary system to survive.

The parts I found particularly interesting was the section on education and the corruption of children, as well as best practices to help make children less subservient to the power of consumerism and more empowered to think for themselves. Jacque Fresco one of the main speakers and head of the Venus Project makes some interesting comments about raising his own children. He said to get his son to read, he would read to a point of the book which was exciting and interesting then stop. His son would plead to hear some more, but Jacque said no and left the book next to the child. His son instinctively picked up the book and read it himself eager know what happened next. He makes the point that the present school system is pointless and I agree with him there. I never learned anything of real value at school, it was boring and dull; strangely it wasn’t until I was nearing my 30’s that I started to enjoy the things I should have enjoyed at school.

Jacque does have some more radical ideas which I am not as sure about, his ideas about families and having children I found extreme, since the issues of overpopulation stem mainly from poverty and religion, and not an inherent desire to have children and a family. If we had no poverty in the third world countries or even the third world parts of China, and less disease and infant mortality. As well as a better understanding of contraception in those areas, then populations would not continue to rise. To say the concept of love will change and become less than what I would call love is foolish. Because many people don’t find happiness and feel obliged or forced into staying married having kids, is generally down to other factors like work, debt, lack of money, lack of freedom. Not all people want this sort of loving relationship, but many do, and to say it will be phased out is a little naive.

He dispels the notion of freedom also, saying you can never be free, but that depends on your definition of freedom. Of course you will never be literally free because that would send us back to the primitive times, but you can feel a sense of freedom in your heart and soul.

The ideas are similar to ones I have expressed myself many times, it has to start with children, bring children up without the desire to hurt or control, and not to think of things in terms of possession. Let them share and think for themselves and not covet or want. Make learning exciting the interesting and use the inherent desire to learn, to teach them correctly. How this will happen when so many children are mentally abused before they are even ten or eleven, I don’t know. There was two very disturbing parts of the documentary, around the mental abuses of some religions. It was disgraceful that this sort of thing is allowed to happen in this day and age. Then again so many dreadful things happen why should it surprise me, but it did.

On a positive note the 3D printers were an exciting invention, their potential is obviously massive, but how will that help or benefit the world or will the power corporations find a way to control them. Nanotechnology was also fascinating, as well as the many other scientific advances.

Some of Jacque Fresco’s comments later on about arts, sports, and the like and the fact they are distractions make him sound like he trying to create a world like the one in Equilibrium, he says people will grow beyond them comparing gladiator games and burning Christians at the stake as the same as football and other tribalist sports. Maybe he is right about the more violent ones but I doubt we will become bored of art or music, or anything cultural like that. We are not all going to want to be involved in scientific pursuits so in my mind he is totally wrong there.

I haven’t seen the last section called dilemma but I can imagine what it is about, how do we change the system and kill the evil corporate, profit driven, money desiring, beast. It’s a bit like any good monster movie, it seems impossible, but some way they find the answer. Now we need to.

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Elizabeth Taylor - The Last of the Hollywood Legends dies

When I was a child I was watching a film with Elizabeth Taylor in it, my mother told me she was in her day, classed as the most beautiful woman in the world, and at the time I could see why. She was incredibly beautiful and lived an exciting, privileged, yet tragic life. Personally, when I was older I was firstly a Marilyn Monroe fan, as every teenage boy should be, then after watching Breakfast at Tiffany’s, I fell in love with Audrey Hepburn, who to this day is in my opinion the most beautiful actress ever. I also thought Grace Kelly was pretty hot and thought Cary Grant was a lucky bastard for having an affair with her for so many years, when he was at least twice her age.

I know I am going off subject here, but out of all the beautiful women that have graced our screens, those four from the 40’s, 50’s, and 60’s stand out. If I was to rank them I would put Audrey Hepburn first, Grace Kelly second, Marilyn Monroe third, fourth would probably be Raquel Welsh, she was gorgeous in the 70’s. Since I have started this fifth would be Catherine Zeta Jones, and Elizabeth Taylor would probably be sixth, Charlize Theron would be seventh, Kate Beckinsale eighth, Keira Knightly ninth and Ziyi Zhang tenth.

Umm I feel I bit shallow now, I was going to talk about what a great beautiful actress Taylor was, and how she was so lucky to collect Oscars when her brilliant actor husband Richard Burton did not. It is sad that she has died relatively young for this day and age, considering she is rich, but she had a good life and we will always remember her films.

As far as the others are concerned, Audrey is streets ahead of the rest, she is just one amazing, sexy, stunningly beautiful woman, and when she sings Moon River in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, she’s just perfect.

Mind now I think about it, if I was to compile a list of sexiest women instead of beautiful it might be slightly different, but who knows.

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Passionate Passion

As the day passes the feelings inside, they grow and grow,

From a tiny whimper into a torrential roar,

The never-ending turmoil of existence takes its toll,

By the darkest of night acquiescence purrs into life,

To deal with what needs to be dealt with,

Desires they rage, burning hot straight from the heart,

Nothing can control the lust and the wants,

Patience is gone and a forbidden danger replaces abandonment,

Courage is the key to the events that flow like hot metal,

Needs and loves are all one yearns to fulfil,

Passionately without recourse,

Blindly forward unknowing, unchallenged,

Focused with clarity of thought,

Still clouded in a mystery to behold,

Finally tumult is reached,

A creation of climatic heaven,

Joy and wonder euphoria eternal,

A smile of warmest delight,

A silent whisper, a longing kiss,

Then close ones eyes at once surrender,

And enter heavens dreamy bliss.

Sunday, 13 March 2011

Rise to the Sky

Was watching Season of the Witch, it isn't very good but it got me thinking of this Gothic, Enya Clannad style song so to speak. It was fun to think of, and better than the film, I used to let these musical whatever’s pass me by when I was younger now I write them down for good or bad who cares.

The light that shines above you is a light of warmth,

The motion all around you is reality,

The sights and the sounds are the confirmation,

That you exist in a place of speciality.

When you die,

You will rise to the sky,

Like a bird you will soar so high,

If you live,

You can always give,

And be sure to always forgive.

The time is the passing the eternal bliss,

The realisation of normality,

The touch and the taste, give the pleasure and desire,

The wants to continue the incredulity.

When you die,

You will rise to the sky,

Like a bird you will soar so high,

If you live,

You can always give,

And be sure to always forgive.

The Universe is a wonder and joy,

A space of vastness and complexity,

Its form and its structure what could they be,

The amazing creation of reality.

When you die,

You will rise to the sky,

Like a bird you will soar so high,

If you live,

You can always give,

And be sure to always forgive.

Friday, 11 March 2011


Trapped inside a cacophony of silence,

Lost inside the emptiness of the soul,

Alone with my madness,

The ringing sounds of insanity,

Nothing can I control.

Unwelcome feelings they suffocate,

Disharmony racks my mind,

Sadness is all encompassing,

Soliciting a desire for freedom,

Escape the never-ending doom.

An awful sense, no recompense,

Continuous drip, drip down the drain,

How do I refrain, to end my guilt?

No end in sight, just more of the same,

A punishment, I am to blame.

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Different Sides of the same Bad Penny

I read this morning about a radio interview from Australia, they are discussing carbon trading and whether it is a good idea or a waste of time. Supposedly their government wants to use tax payer’s money to advertise on TV, to promote this loony concept. Later in the interview (the link is below), around half way through, they talk to Jill Duggan, she is an expert in the carbon markets European Commission’s Directorate-General for Climate Action. Duggan is responsible for helping to instigate the massively expensive reduction in carbon for the EU by 20% by 2020. She clearly has not considered the implications of her actions on Europe, as is evident when she is asked how much it will cost. Her answer she does not know, they tell her it says $250 Billion, she then says she doesn’t believe that figure. They then ask how much it will reduce the temperature of the world. Her answer she does not know, they tell it’s around 0.05 of a degree by 2100. She mumbles and bumbles and finds it difficult to speak after this. She then tries to change the subject by talking about the amount of jobs it is creating, and claims it will create one million new jobs. Yet the interviewers have figures from reliable sources stating, in Scotland so far green jobs have cost them three jobs lost to one green job created. They end the piece by saying if we continue to add more and more wind farms we will eventually not be able to sustain regular electricity in Britain, and we will virtually become a third world country. The scary thing if true is how the woman behind the whole scheme to initiate carbon trading does not know how much it will cost and how much it will reduce the temperature. Can you imagine going into a meeting to pitch an idea and not knowing how much it will cost and what the saving will be, it’s utterly ridiculous.

Here is the link listen to it yourself, it starts getting interesting half way through roughly.

Click here for Radio link

You see this is the problem with the world, you are damned if you do and damned if you don’t; we are getting shafted continuously from all sides. I could use a crude line from Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction but I won’t. I know I have talked about the greedy bankers and corporations but these guys are just as bad, it reminds me of a similar situation the Russians had just before Operation Barbarossa, one general said they had two choices, the evil tyrant that spoke German, or the evil tyrant that spoke our language Russian, we picked the Russian.

We are stuck between a rock and a hard place, greedy bastards are attacking us from both sides, everything is turning to shit quicker than you can ever imagine. Supposedly we are in the depths of a recession and if I am to believe the documentaries I have seen recently, it is all caused by the large banking cartels, which run the central banks. How can the central banks of the major countries be run by private firms, supposedly all they do to cause growth is to allow more money into a country and when they want to cause a recession they just stop the money, it’s that simple.

So we live in a world where a small group of influential men dictate our lives, and they control the governments, and at this moment in time our government is trying to cut costs and save money. Yet it is prepared to sacrifice up to $250 Billion to reduce something that will have no effect on the world climate. Why can’t they get rid of the central banks why isn’t it controlled by government? How can the world’s economy, be run by the greed of a few men, who are not interested in a nations wealth or the wellbeing of its people they are only interested in accumulating more and more wealth.

Supposedly this is how it works, they flood the markets with lots of money which has to be paid back with interest they then take this money and through fractal lending (this is where you lend up to ten times the amount you actually own), lend the money back out at interest. Then when you want to cause a recession all you do is reduce the amount of money available and this makes all the banks have to call in the loans they have given out, and causes massive bankruptcy in the economy. Then when everything is worthless the big banking cartels the likes of the Rothschild’s and Rockefeller’s buy up all the bankrupt companies for next to nothing.

When is all this lunacy going to end?

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

The Strange World of the Internet Conspiracy Documentary

I am not sure whether most people will know about the Internet Conspiracy Documentary, but I can imagine the types of people that may look at this post probably have. There are many out there and I’ll be honest in saying I have seen a fair few of them. Some are good and have good intentions; some are really bad and have no probable likelihood of being true. Some open your eyes to the world and others try to close it or bend it to the will of extremists.

They generally as a whole follow a similar synopsis that the world is in crisis; it is being run by a handful of evil ultra wealthy white men. Which I tend to believe, the very good ones give valid reasons for their specific crusade, for example in Zeitgeist Moving Forward, the goal is to show us that we are using up the world resources at an exponential rate we cannot sustain. This is an example of an excellent documentary giving the good, the bad, and the ugly, as well as plausible ways to avoid such a mess. We have others like Loose Change, which seems full of excellent ideas behind what happened on 911, but also has some obvious falsehoods which make you wonder about the rest of the documentary. Then we have the Alex Jones in your face type docs, which I think are just more to do with popularity and knock the guy in power, whoever he is whether good or bad. Sometimes he makes some interesting incites, but a lot of the time it just seems like extremist behaviour for the sake of it. Then there is the type like I watched last night, called Wake up Call, which basically has very little originality, preferring to just rip off all the other conspiracy docs and bundle them together in one of their own, a lazy doc.

The thing I find most interesting is this desire to never see a one world scenario, ok the one they depict is a hellish nightmare, but to me the concept of oneness should be the ultimate goal. They talk about how the banks and wealthy businessmen rule the world, and desire unionism, free trade between countries, and they make this out to be a bad thing.

I understand the concept of a few elitist, greedy, white man, running everything, may seem a travesty but let’s be honest that’s the way it is already. And it is quite easy to paint a negative picture, I remember when I was a kid, and deeply unhappy, I would go into my shell and dream up a utopian society where everyone was good, and worked for the benefit of everyone else.

In my 12 year old mind, I created a corporation that would always put the employer first, believing that a well paid happy employer made more, dare I say it profit in the long term. Without realising it at the time, I had my company workers getting cheap housing, and other benefits people outside of my corporation did not get, and in a strange way I was controlling the workforce, by offering the best education, healthcare, the best of everything, in so making working for my company so good only the best would work there. The idea of this was of course to monopolise the market.

Give more, to achieve more, was my philosophy.

I also reasoned to create utopia you had to control the dark side of life as well. So as an inverse to the main legitimate company I had an illegitimate side called the SECCA. They were designed to cut the corners and the red tape, and to destroy despotism from the inside out. I even reasoned that for this to work you would need control of the government; the leaders of the world had to be part of the plan. You would need to create a pyramid hierarchy, where you only ever knew you boss, and never your boss’s boss. So you would employ people and they would network the work downwards. You would always know who you employed and who they did, but never who was above your boss. This meant better secrecy, and safety for the leaders and also made it impossible to know the level you were at in the hierarchical pyramid, you could be near the top or near the bottom and you would never know.

My juvenile brain did not know monetary concepts or whatever; it just reasoned this was the easiest way to create a descent society. But it had one major flaw; it relied upon a power base of people not obsessed by power, greed, and wealth. It relied on people wanting a benefit everyone, so in a weird way long ago, when I was just an unhappy teenager I had worked out a new world order.

I now find it rather sad that I was so unhappy and unknowingly miserable that I needed to create a utopian society where everyone was happy and free, yet they weren’t they were controlled by me, the mind of a child.

So when I watch these conspiracy docs’s and they talk about this new world order, it seems quite plausible to me, and if I am honest it makes perfect sense. But it only makes perfect sense if the right people are at the top, and this is where the ideas brought forward by the conspiracy doc’s cause concern.

The guys at the top they do not care about you or me, or anyone else apart from the people similar to themselves, and the one thing that stood out after watching Wake up Call is how these are the guys who run our countries. They are financed and then elected for one reason, to make more money and give more control to the powerful elite. These guys are so detached from normal society that they cannot and will not ever understand what it means to want to be free and happy. They want to be free and happy, but in their eyes to achieve this you have to be miserable, controlled, and imprisoned. It’s a shame really maybe if they changed their outlook; it would probably help them achieve what they really want to see.

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

I Have To Try

What is the life that is set before me?

Can I dream the honest dream?

Where will it take me, will I know to go?

Will I vanquish that powerful self doubt?

What are these tasks placed there in front?

Are they barriers, defensive walls?

Can I overcome the highest mountains?

To reach a happy dawn.

What can I say to motivate my mind?

Encourage my body and my soul,

How do I find the inner strength to fight?

Does my self-will last forever more?

Can I chase down the insurmountable?

Or are my odds against too high?

Even so I have to continue,

Even so I have to try.

The Internet is just a large Brain – When will it become Self Aware?

I never thought we would figure out artificial intelligence at least not in my lifetime, but yesterday I realised we already have and it is already quite a complex organism. It is of course the internet; it is exactly the same as brain. Many different parts connected by a network of cables, in the case of the internet, and synaptic nerves in the case of the brain. And every time we add more connections and faster networks it becomes more and more intelligent. I wonder if eventually the internet itself will become self aware? Not the way it is created in The Terminator films, where it is by one genius in a small super secret lab, but by the sheer fact it is the evolutionary destiny for the sum of all its parts, to eventually become a self aware living entity.

At the moment the artificial intelligence side of the internet is not seen as one thing, it is many things working separately, without much knowledge of itself. This may change over time as more and more information is added to the internet, and the incredible amounts of data flowing through those inanimate fibre optic cables starts to manifest itself as a living entity.

Whether this can or will happen is obviously debatable, and would we know if the internet started becoming self aware. Does our electrical impulses inside our brains, firing trillions and trillions of times a second, constantly creating new pathways; do they know the extent of the entity it is creating or allowing to be alive.

If you look at the known Universe and see an image from a space telescope, all the matter forms into filaments, which you can say are similar to the fibre optic cables or the synaptic nerves or roadways or anything that flows, even the arteries in your body. Is this the pattern of the Universe to make connections and in doing so extend existence?

Maybe the universe itself is a large brain, the connectedness of everything we see as reality. Anyway it’s just a thought.

When the World ends

When the world it ends,

What will you say?

To all the children lost that day,

Will you say sorry, it’s not my fault?

I never wanted to get involved,

Or will you say no one really bothered,

It was already screwed up by our forefathers,

Or will you say damn it’s a real shame,

But no one really is to blame,

Or please forgive me I should have tried harder,

My excuse is I wasn’t smarter,

When the world ends,

What will you say?

When all humanities lost that day.

Monday, 7 March 2011

I Need

Well this sort of tune popped in my head now this morning, it’s like another musical type song, it’s the type of thing you would see one person sing alone on stage at the Palladium, well it is in my mind anyway.  Dare I say it Andrew Lloyd Webberish (though not in his league, (then again I don’t really like ALW musicals, the ones I have seen made me fall asleep))  I could go on with more verses but I will leave it like that for now.

I need to find someone, somewhere who can write,

Write so much better than me,

I need them to realise what wrong is from right,

So I trust them and won’t disagree.

I need them to push me,

I need them to rush me,

I need them to make me understand.

I need them to take me,

And never forsake me,

And one day I will finish as planned.

I need to find someone, somewhere who can fight,

And not leave me standing alone,

I want them to show me the end is in sight,

Then one day I’ll know for my own.

I need them to push me,

I need them to rush me,

I need them to make me understand.

I need them to take me,

And never forsake me,

And one day I will finish as planned.

Saturday, 5 March 2011

The Corporation

When I was at school, in English we had to read a short story, I can’t remember its name or anything about that story apart from a short piece of it. I remember that part as clear as day. The story was about a child of around eleven, and he had to perform a test at school and his mother was worried extremely worried. She told him to act stupid (at least I think she did I can’t remember fully), but he was a bright kid, she was full of fear I remember that, and he left to go to school to do the test, and never came back. He was deemed too intelligent, and so a likely subversive, only stupid, dumb, idiots were allowed to live in this society, and so I suppose he was disposed of by the authorities. We had to read it out loud in class and discuss, and it has always stuck with me that thought. I wish I knew the full story as I can’t remember anything more about it, but the idea of being intelligent and thinking for yourself, means being a threat, is rather disturbing.

Anyway changing the subject slightly, I have been watching yet another documentary called ‘The Corporation’; it tells the story of the largest legalised tyranny in the world, corporate business. It’s quite disturbing to watch if I’m honest, I always knew corporations were conglomerates of evil, Christ I worked for one for thirteen years, they are the devil incarnate. The doc describes a corporation as a psychopath, as it has most if not all of the traits of one. What I find fascinating is the deluded attitude of some of the CEO’s of these corporations, a bit like those one percenter’s I have mentioned before. They actually think they are doing some good for the world, and they think that more of what they do instead of less is also good for society and the world in general. One CEO idiot thinks it’s a good idea to privatise everything including air, rivers, the oceans you name it, he thinks this will be good for humanity, what a load of utter bullshit.

One thing that stares out glaringly is how do we stop these psychopathic corporations? How do we force the world’s leaders to stop this craziness? You know what, even though I do not believe man made CO2 is causing global warming, I am starting to realise that if it makes these heinous companies change, then I am all for supporting it, because the damage they are doing is so great and so destructive, if something isn’t done soon then it won’t matter one jot whether the world is warming naturally or not.

I’ve watched plenty of docs about these situations but I feel helpless, frustrated and unable to think of a feasible way to make these stupid idiots change their greedy, profit driven, exponential growth, lunacy. How do we do this? How do we get them to realise, because I fear that even the changes will come at a price, and that they will only change if they can make profit and see steady growth from it.

There was a part where they talked about this drug designed to increase milk production in cows, it was absolutely awful watching it. There is too much milk in the world, so some shitty corporation makes a drug to make more milk. But hey it doesn’t just make more milk, it makes the cows ill, and creates puss on their udders, which is collected in the milk, how f**king disgusting it that? Then, we the public drink the milk with the puss and the ‘whatever hideous drug’, which is now part of the milk. If I lived in the US, I doubt I’ll be drinking milk anytime soon. Mind it is likely that most Americans have never heard of this problem with their milk, because large media corporations refuse to report it as news and prefer to make up lies and deceit, since it is not against the law in the US, to make up lies on TV or pollute your milk. Making livestock suffer, and potentially passing on cancer to children is OK, yet reporting it is not, what a screwed up country America is these days.

Then there are the sweatshops, where people get paid miniscule amounts of money, to make far too many trainers, shirts, dresses, jackets, stereos, tables, chairs, kitchen sinks. Its exasperating to watch, and even worse when you think there is little we can do to stop it. Or worse still the fact that corporations can own a countries water supply, even the bloody rain water through precipitation, as is the case in Bolivia. You can lose your house if you fail to pay the exorbitant prices large corporations are charging for Bolivian water. What does it do, it causes riots, and causalities, and death, and misery, for all concerned, until finally the people win. As one demonstrator said, “The people united, will never be defeated”. But should it ever have to come to this.

The doc continues talking about how in the US you can patent life, everything apart from a human. I never knew this, but supposedly back in the early 80’s General Electric wanted to patent a microbe that ate oil. And the patent office refused, eventually though because a microbe does not have arms and legs, they said they could patent it, after being forced (probably because of the good old lobbying system. (How anything will ever change in America when Politian’s are bought by whatever means is beyond me)). Now in the US any new life form can be patented, they are even patenting DNA strands, so when they find the cure for cancer you can bet someone will own it. How disgraceful it that? Eventually every DNA strand will be owned by big corporations and the nightmarish sci-fi films may become a reality. Think 1984, V for Vendetta, Gattica, Rollerball or Alien only worse.

How do we stop it?

How do we all finally get together and say enough is enough?

It needs to change before the crisis hits, and I don’t mean the financial one, I mean the human one. When you have nothing and there is no chance of ever getting anything, then people take drastic measures, like a trapped animal they will fight back and hard. And when this happens, who knows what will happen. Like in Bolivia, or in Egypt and the Middle East and North Africa, it will happen more and more around the world, as people get sick to death of large corporations through whatever means ruining their lives.

They end the documentary on a positive note, that you can go out there and make a change. I’ll be honest; I don’t know how to do that from where I live in the UK. But I have written this and I will post it on my blog and I will say that if ever there is a local demonstration or if I find on the internet a way to help, I am now more inclined to do that.

I’ll end with this piece from Ray Anderson; he is a Chairman of a textile company in the US called Interface, he decided when he realised the waste his company produced to try and become a sustainable company. Here is what he said I think it some it up perfectly.

“The first industrial revolution is flawed, it is not working, it is unsustainable, it is a mistake and we must move on to another and better industrial revolution and get it right this time.”

Friday, 4 March 2011

Banksy’s Exit Through The Gift Shop

Well I didn’t think I would like this documentary that much, but I found it was quite enlightening and brilliant. Considering I love art, I hadn’t really heard much about Banksy, or maybe I had but never paid much attention to what he did since it was street art, but clearly the guy is a genius. This doc wasn’t about him though, or was it who knows. It was supposedly about the most eccentric and the maddest guy in the world Thierry Guetta aka Mr. Brainwash and his rise from mad camera fanatic to world renowned modern artist. Whether the film is a big hoax by the genius Banksy is irrelevant I think, as it was good fun and shows what you can do artistically and I don’t mean Mr Brainwashes artistic familiarity with other artists, I mean the documentary as a whole. It was an art doc done artistically yet never boring always engaging and fun.

If the idea of the documentary was to show the foolishness of humans then it succeeded, if it was about the idea that success and fame come easier when endorsed by successful and famous people, then it hit the nail on the head. Plus what I found even funnier is that the guy does none of the work himself, he is just a name, like Chanel or Ralf Lauren, or whatever, haha hilarious, what a materialistic, bullshit world we live in.

I suppose if I got some famous person to read my blog and say they liked my stories, poems and my paintings, as well as thinking my political rants were cool and my philosophical ideas of the Universe fascinating, then my hit ratio would exponentially rise overnight. Before you know it I’m famous; have you read CaptiveThinker today, he’s wrote a new poem, oooh, aaaah. And what Banksy is trying to say is, it doesn’t and shouldn’t happen overnight. You need to feel the hard times to appreciate the good, and if you get immediate success without the try and try again bit, then what is it really but worthless and fake, and likely to disappear as quickly as it arrived.

Plus what do you class as success; to me success is feeling better, having peace, and freedom, and maybe one day having something published. And the beauty of life is everyone has different ideas on what they want and feel is a successful life.

Well done Banksy it was a brilliant documentary, in future I will definitely make more of an effort to see his artwork, as I found the limited pieces he created intriguing. Also it might make me want to paint a little more than I have been doing recently, which has to be good.

What on Earth can this be all about?

When you fly above the clouds,

What can you see apart from mountains?

When you go up into space,

Suffocation it will happen.

When you’re looking all around,

All you can feel of course is coldness.

If you dive below the waves,

Drowning sadness will envelop you.

When you reach the solid rock,

How will you break through to the centre?

Once inside where will you go,

It’s really hot as well as sticky.

If you reach the inner core,

Immense pressure it will crush you.

Time to move back to the shore,

Ocean waves are so refreshing.

Can you climb high in the sky?

Or does the fear itself disable.

Once you’ve tried all of these things,

What’s left to do but leave the system.

Impossible maybe it’s true,

Then disappear, invisibility.

Maybe travel to the sun,

But hell it’s hotter than the core.

What about the outer planets,

They are big and they are beautiful.

I could write forever more,

But then again it would be tedious.

So I’ll leave you with this thought,

What on Earth can this be all about?

The Joining of Souls

The winds of change they blow through the hallowed hallways of existence,

The times they pass into a never-ending eternal solitude of contemplation,

The ecstasy of infinity envelopes the consciousness of the experience,

Entwining together with a propensity for the physicality of normality,

Bliss sheer bliss interlaces with the sense of wonder and meditation,

Joy and pleasure released inside the lightness of your soul,

Tumultuous assignation when all finally meet as one, together harmonious,

Energised, revitalised, rejuvenated, a wishing well of spirit and fortitude,

The combination and the realisation, brings wellbeing, excitement and liberation,

The dwelling and deliberation, forming newness out of absolutely nothing,

The expansion of the mind and soul, the pathway to enlightenment,

A sense of completeness, a unique feeling of contact and connectedness,

This is the joining of the souls, if this happens we will all be truly blessed.

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Prophet is the King

We live in a time,

When living’s a crime,

When greed is the prime,

And possessions do we chime.

Our name is humanity,

We think in infinity,

Forgetting sustainability,

We repeat the insanity.

We desire accumulation,

We create confabulation,

It’s a total fabrication,

We are truly an infestation.

We want everything,

Who cares who we sting,

Just please now bring,

For prophet is the king.

It's a Beautiful Day

It’s a beautiful day outside, blue skies; a light wisp of mist over the far distant hills, a delicate frost covers the areas in shadow like a dusting of icing sugar. It makes you glad to be alive when you can feel the cold air hit your lungs, breathe in happiness; ah it feels good, breathe out and see the white wisps of frozen exhalation.

Ah well that was my poor man’s attempt at Wordsworth, at least think it is, since I am sad to say I have never read any Wordsworth, well I know it isn’t anything like Wordsworth, but hey we can but try to be descriptive.

Maybe since I try to write poetry, or verse, or pros, I should read some of the great poets. I have read works by Sir John Betjeman, and by Wilfred Owen, but not many others, I realise I am quite ignorant in the works of others. I seem to like the idea that I will create it myself without the need for inspiration from others. In a way now I think about it, it feels like if I read someone else’s work extensively, and I don’t just mean poetry I mean anything here, I will without thinking or realising steal from them. Now I know you could say I do this without thinking anyway, since I have read many books in the past although that is difficult these days, I love books and used to love reading them. Yet now they seem to difficult to read, at one time I had patience and could read something until it started to captivate me, and then you cannot put the book down. You end up staying awake all night reading and reading, because you are so engrossed in the story and at the end of every chapter you say, one more, one more then I will sleep. The problem with that philosophy is that if you don’t sleep, well you end up not sleeping at all and staying awake even when you can sleep.

I will make another attempt to read a book, starting today. I keep putting this off because every time I try, I read a few pages then stop and I become despondent. I will read some more poetry as well, me thinks, and muster some spirit inside me to love the written word (on a page of paper anyway) once more. I have literally hundreds of books waiting to be read everything from Sebastian Faulks, to H.G Wells, Bill Bryson to David Starkey’s “The Monarchy”. James Redfield and even the massive Gormenghast trilogy by Mervyn Peake, plus I am half way through countless others I feel I should finish as finishing something is bloody difficult for moi.

Well that deflected without me noticing it, from writing about the weather to poetry to, writing, to reading all in a couple of paragraphs.