Thursday, 26 December 2013


I am numb with pain that will never leave me,
Yet to all others I am a dark reflection,
I keep to myself to myself I keep my pain,
I will never trust a soul with my heart,
For they know how to break it,
Shatter it into smithereens.

I feel nothing good; I feel nothing at all,
What is the point in fighting a losing battle,
Happiness gone, blasted from me,
Like meaningful honesty,
The surge of someone’s truth,
An indignant lie I do not want to hear.

Sunlight happiness lamp, does not take away the sadness,
The rush inside my soul to push forward,
The pleasure from a feeling of success,
Slowly fading, the nightmarish battles that rage in my head,
Are now staring right at me,
Mirrored by the darkness that holds me ever tighter.