Friday, 28 October 2011

The Sickness

John needed a drink, it had been a long day, his knees and feet were killing him, he needed to relax take his mind off the day’s events. It was over, his divorce was finally settled and he was free for the first time in his adult life. John smiled as he sat watching the news with only Jack for company. Out of the blue a news flash filled the large 50” flat screen, a small bomb had went off in JFK, but he was miles away, dreaming of a small farm far away from everyone, far away from the rigors of his normal life.

Mila was in a hurry, she was late for her class, she always had to rush to Professor Johnson’s class, working in a bar at lunchtime meant it was a desperate dash to make it there in time.

Hanna was daydreaming, she wanted to fly away to a tropical destination, all she saw all day was people rushing off to other destinations, and she hoped one day to join them. The news flash was causing a bit of the stir amongst the hierarchy at the airport, everyone was on alert, the bomb that went off in JFK was thought to be part of an extensive terrorist attack. Why anyone would want to bomb here she could not imagine, but she was asked to check for left baggage, and she had to check the female toilets. I get all the fun jobs she pondered.

Manish was finishing his shift at the local call centre; he was walking towards his favourite bar with some of his work colleagues when Jay caught them up.

“Have you heard the news?” Jay asked.

“What news?”

“A bomb,” he said, “in New York at the airport.”

Great, Manish thought, more grief.

Alexa was in a bad mood, she was not happy that the Prada handbag she had wanted was now unavailable to purchase, she shouted down the phone, as she walked down the high street. Disgusted she hung up and steamed a sigh, before heading towards the nearest boutique.

The news about the bomb was spreading, and as the days past and the President said he would do everything to find the terrorists, people started to get sick.

Sickness around New York was increasing and the doctors were unable to know what was the cause, people showed signs of having a virulent flu bug. The hospitals in the New York area watched in horror as more and more people came down sick. The dots were not joined until three weeks after the bomb blast. Scientists and doctors started realising there must have been something in the blast, but at this time no one knew what it was.

Patients lay in the hospital beds or at home or even now on the streets, as the sickness turned into a pandemic. And this was not just a problem in New York many cities around the world were seeing the same terrible signs.

On the 23rd day it was announced that there had been a virus released into the atmosphere at JFK, and that all flights to and from the city were cancelled. Unfortunately it was too late, as many victims lay wasting in beds unable to die, lingering in a painful agony no one could explain.

A state of emergency was cast throughout America and Europe, all flights were cancelled as more and more people fell to the sickness. There was now no room in hospitals and with all emergency services stretched to maximum, panic filled the streets though it was turning into a silent panic as so many people, young, old, fit, healthy, people fell to the dreadful sickness.

The world was in a state of disaster; over five hundred million people had contracted the sickness, civilisation was starting to collapse. No one still knew what was causing so many people to fall into this painful agonising sickness.

Then a fanatic militant fundamentalist leader for a far flung ancient religion took responsibility for the attack. Everyone was shocked they had been convinced it must have been Muslim or Christian fundamentalists but it was an ancient death religion.

The statement released throughout the world said this.

“You the darkened world; you who have destroyed all that is strong and powerful; you who have lost yourselves in commercial despotism, will pay the heaviest price. You who have shamed yourselves, you have shown the true gods that you are not the gift, you are not the enlightened, you are death and so you shall pay by having no death. You will linger in agonising pain for all eternity; you will behave like the beast below the animals of the world. You have been poisoned with a deadly infection, and now you will all rot in the hell you have created forever.”

A chill filled the hearts of the fortunate or unfortunate as they listened to the whole broadcast, and then the sick started to die, yet they did not die they changed and the change was the curse of all humanity, they changed into Zombies.

Light of the Sun

The light of the Sun shines out like a beacon cascading across the world, bathing warmth and happiness, luxuriating unfettered joy. It leaves a sense of wonder and dreamy susurration, glowing wisps, incandescent flames, illuminating the glory of life. To feel its presence and marvel at its splendour, entwining all that is good throughout the world.

As a beating heart of life, growing ever faster, livelier, melodic, flirtatious fluttering, forever filling, the vast kaleidoscope of flourishing fortuitous actions. Binding, loving, longing, leaving loneliness aside, joining, holding, blessed being, lost in heavens warm bosom.

Never, does one ever, want to leave; the calming tenderness, the gentle kindness, the pleasant affection received. Harder to move away from the desires to stay, forced to make the terrible decision, to leave the safety behind, to venture out into the world beyond the warmth, beyond the happiness and into the cold of winter, sunless, moonless existence.

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Time does not exist

There was an article asking whether time exists, unfortunately it was a video and the video did not stream so I am unable to confirm their take on time. My take on time is this, it does not exist, it is a man-made creation no different to the Pyramids, the Eiffel Tower, The Empire State Building and so on and so forth. Time in a way is a great hindrance in trying to understand the Universe, because we base time on our Planet Earth orbiting the Sun. So time itself is only a measure of this action, and so has no real bearing on the age of the Universe, or how the objects existing in the reality of this Universe, interact and compile their unique perspective on Reality.

Time can be construed as the measurement of the aging of the moment we all exist in; as we only exist in one moment and so time can only comprehend the illusion of moving forward. I think I have mentioned something similar before when discussing time travel. Time can only ever be relevant to the passage of time on this planet, in this dimension, in this moment of Reality we exist in. An example of this is the ease in which we manipulate time for our own benefit, daylight saving hour which is added or taken away to create a false illusion that we have gained or lost and hour in the day.

We cannot live without time, yet this in itself is a paradox because time does not exist and cannot be deemed a definite to survive in our Universe. Does the Sun use time to forge its pathway through the Galaxy? No. Does Jupiter of Saturn use time to create its orbit of the Sun? No.

Time is only there for mans benefit, and as we all know time can be perceived as slower or faster depending on instance, whether a real change in time is true or not.

We will never truly know the value or impediment of time, until we are able to travel to another star system and see if there are any real changes. The idea that if you leave Planet Earth and travel as fast as light (or faster), to another star system then return and you will be and different age to the people on Planet Earth has got to be circumspect at the very least. Logic may state this is so, but until someone does it, it will always be a human perspective created because of time.

The strange question is what could we create instead of time? What if we never had time, would another illusory creation be manifested to gain order in our world. Then again maybe all life forms have their own inbuilt time mechanism, as we know they do on this planet. I suppose all we have done is to take the inner mechanism of time and reproduced it outside of our minds, artificially mimicking the inner clock.

Time supposedly helps us to understand the Universe but sometimes I feel it is a block, as it gives values to things we realistically are unable to put a value on. The light from the stars we see in the sky are in our moment as seen now. To put a measurement on the light stating it is x million light years old is using the human time illusion beyond its boundaries. It is a bit like trying to use a 30 cm ruler to measure the size of Australia.

The speed of light always seems like a convenient way to perceive distance, but it is incredibly vague and can never be used as an accurate device. What if we can go instantly to another star system that we perceive to be 10 million light years away, and when we get there and look back at our own star the Sun, it is 6 million light years away, or maybe 10 billion light years away. Since we have been unable to leave our planet and perceive our planet from another star we will never know.

So we need time to control our lives, to take away the chaos of existence, and form a set value that helps humanity to exist. Whether or not time can be used as it is at present, to help understand things beyond our planet or beyond our solar system, I think we will over time learn and find out. Time is an enigma, and maybe it will turn out to be the key to everything as Einstein states, then again it may turn out to be a false dawn that has pulled us down the wrong path.

Anyway it’s just a thought.

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Dark World

There is a world we see around us; it is a dark, cold, world with no end in sight, no glimmer of light or warmth, just freezing darkness. The barren wasteland that stretches as far as the eye can see, the endless desolate planes, the marauding wilderness, a cacophony of silence nightmares, where evil dwells. No one should take this world lightly, for it is a gaping wound, a festering gash of swollen ignorance and pride. Bound and tied, gagged a misbegotten, seeping, sewer of putrid flesh, unable to renew, unable to rejuvenate, unable to flourish.

Like the darkness stretched out before thee, no one can see, no one believes that they are truly in darkness, they see a glimmer of light and they hope and pray it will bring warmth. Yet the light is but an illusion, a play of shadows, a dance of demons flickering in the dimming.

Where be the sun? Will it ever rise again?

Does the fog of war cloud the senses, and hold each man in bated breath?

Does the stain of dreadful doings, the miscreant, the raper of the world, pour scorn and guilt on to us all?

The terrible stench of his breath that poisons the good, leaving them weak unable to fight the cause of greatness, unable to seek a green and pleasant land, unable to search and destroy the devil. Clouding the minds, suffocating, befuddled, bemused, bewildered, perplexing, a confusion, a torment, no solace, no forgiveness, forever lonely dreaming a nightmare, creating reality, dissecting a legacy, destroying a destiny for all eternity.

Sunday, 16 October 2011

The Princess Bride

I remember when I was in my teens and one gloomy Sunday afternoon, BBC2 was showing The Princess Bride. Not sure why I decided to watch it because let’s face it the title isn’t a title of the film a teenage lad would watch, but I did and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. I love it when this happens, when you find a film that you know nothing about, have never heard of before, and just watch on the off chance, and it turns out to be a classic that ends up being one of your favourite films of all time. I suppose in the age of IMDb and other movie sites; it is more difficult to know nothing about a film before you see it, but back in the late 80’s that was the norm.

At the time I had never seen a film like it before, and to be honest there has not been many since, at least not many which can match the sheer brilliance of Rob Reiner’s adaptation. Fantasy books are never easy to adapt especially before the CGI age, but this film is more about characters and dialogue than it is about fantasy. The film is nearly as famous for its one liner’s as its story.

The story as we all know is about true love, and a simple tale of farm boy loving the most beautiful girl in the world, but not feeling worthy of her love until he goes away and makes his fortune. After this opening you may have raised your eyes and said oh not again, but then after the opening the story is about pirates, kidnapping, monsters, revenge, deceit, near death, torture, overcoming overwhelming odds and finally you guessed it, true love and happiness.  All cleverly mixed together with a twist of subtle humour, sarcasm and irony, to make a fantastic film.

This film always has the ability to put a smile on my face, and so I was overjoyed when I found out my local cinema was showing it once more. There are lots of old films I would love to see at the cinema, and I jumped at the chance to watch this classic. And it did not let me down, it is still great no matter how many times you see it, you still always leave with a smile on your face and warm feeling in your heart. Isn’t great when films can do that?

I read a lovely article this morning, talking to the stars and director now, 24 years later. They all still have fond memories of making the film; one part of the discussion that stands out for me is by the Mandy Patinkin (who played Inigo Montoya; he had the best line in the film, “Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.), he said, “I sat with my wife watching the film, and at the end I was crying. My wife said, “What’s the matter?” I said, “I never dreamed I would get to be in anything like this.”

To me that just says it all.

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Bhopal Disaster an excellent example of the Psychopathy of Corporations

There was a good doc on about the Bhopal disaster; it wasn’t anything astounding it was just one of those ‘Seconds from Disaster’, ‘Nat Geo’ docs. It went to great detail about the catastrophic chain of events which lead to one of the worst industrial disasters ever.

Over three thousand people died initially from the release of a deadly toxic chemical MIC (methyl isocyanate), and a further eight thousand died as a result of the deadly gas over the few weeks afterwards. Since then, a government affidavit in 2006 stated the leak caused 558,125 injuries, including 38,478 temporary partial, and approximately 3,900 severely and permanently disabling injuries.

If that is not a massive crime against humanity I don’t know what is. It shows in a painfully eloquent way, the psychopathic nature of corporations.

Firstly it shows the greed, the desire to make lots of money cheaply, and with the maximum profit. Then it follows on by showing how when the psychopath realised it was not going to make as much money or profit as first expected, because the service of supplying the world with deadly and dangerous pesticides was not as large as initially thought, it decided to cut costs.

Then the true psychopathic nature begins, in the form of neglect, and a deliberate cost cutting exercise, taking away vital safety features, and slowly but surely running the place into the ground. Then on that fateful night in December 1984, when a series of catastrophic events unfolded, allowing tonnes of the deadly gas to be released into the atmosphere around Bhopal. The psychopath holds its hands up and says, so it’s not my fault.

Every one of the failures could have been avoided if the Corporation, ‘Union Carbide’, had been more thoughtful towards the safety of its staff, and proper storage of dangerous chemicals, other than profit.

What makes the whole incident more distasteful is the fact, the Indian government allowed it to happen, and you could say were complicit in allowing the industrial site to become so dangerous, especially with all the warnings over the previous years. As well as the American government who have allowed the people responsible, the guys at the top to get away with their crimes and hide in the US.

Basically, no one cared, no one was interested, and this was compounded by the pitiful payout received buy the victims. Supposedly the payout was equivalent to around six hundred dollars per victim, for a crime against humanity, a crime by a psychopath, a crime that virtually went unpunished.

This is how a corporation thinks and acts, it does not care about its employees, it only cares about profit and cutting corners. Making someone’s life much harder, by either taking away resources or funding, making each person involved less likely to perform their job effectively.

Corporations destroy lives every day, without a care for the damage they are doing. They do not care if you lose your job, they do not care if you are made ill by your job, they do not care if you are injured through your job, and they certainly do not care if you die because of your job.

And what is worse they care even less if you do not work for them.

Bhopal happened in 1984, nearly 30 years ago, and still we allow these psychopaths to exist and to continue to perform their criminal acts against humanity. Not every act of negligence or cost cutting can cause such a catastrophic disaster, but that does not take away the fact that everyday corporations are making the lives of their employees miserable, worthless and pointless at times.

In a way we are all slaves to the corporation, they are like the Roman Senate and we are all slaves to their power.

And so what happened to the CEO of Union Carbide, Warren Anderson, the person who decides how psychopathic the corporation will be? He lives a very nice life in America protected by American laws, never forced to face his accusers in a court of law. Hiding behind red tape and bureaucracy, the head of the psychopath will never have to go through the agonising pain or horror, his corporation caused for hundreds of thousands of people in India.

Simple way to look at Evolutionary Perspective

Imagine your perspective on Reality is like an infinite jigsaw puzzle. The picture is so massive that you cannot see either side or where it may start or even finish. You have a few pieces placed near the centre of the puzzle and that is it. You do not have the advantage of seeing the finished picture, all you know is, there is an infinite amount of pieces pilled high on one side, and you are not allowed to start by finding the edges, all you can do is try to find the piece that fits the pieces, you already have on the jigsaw puzzle.

Luckily it is not as difficult as that, only nearly, because everyone you know also has a massive jigsaw puzzle and you can check to see what progress they have made, but this only applies to pieces that are similar or the same. Any differences will not be shown.

Another way to look at it is to say that the jigsaw puzzle is presented to you with all the pieces that your ancestors found, on the board already. You then add your own pieces to your own puzzle, and even though it is very similar to your ancestors, it is never the same.

You will never be able to finish the puzzle, in the amount of time you have at present. Unless you are somehow able to continue in another form after this form is dead. You will never be able to complete the puzzle, even if you had all the lifetimes in many different dimensions, because it is always expanding and always different for everyone, constantly changing, constantly evolving.

Each piece you find makes your life easier to comprehend, even if you do not feel it does. Due to the massive size, you will never feel like you are achieving anything, but you are, and you always have to strive to expand your own perspective as much as possible. I feel this will give you an evolutionary advantage over time.

Thinking further it seems as though the Universe is designed to be perceived and comprehended in many different ways, depending on your perspective and the flow of the energy transference before it reached you.

Imagine if we were able to perceive how the foundations of the Universe in its simplest form, beyond what we know, far beyond, even beyond the energy we see at the start of the Big Bang. Like Neo in the Matrix, we have the ability to strip down to the very core of the Universal structure. Is it as simple as that? Or does it somehow loop around and make what I call a constantly expanding, infinite structure, forming a perpetual loop of eternal existence. Never ending only ever growing, constantly changing, finding ways to expand and to grow, this is the Universe, or should I say the Infinitiverse.

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Parallel Universes

Just watched a doc about Parallel Universes, it is quite interesting but it seems as though they are either dumbing down the doc to its simplest level, or they are over simplifying the process of Parallel Universe making.

They discuss how if a person decides to go one way or the other, the Universe splits in accordance with the interaction between us and Reality. They say if you go into a coffee shop and you may want either a Cappuccino or a Latte, one version of you will pick Latte the other Cappuccino. This seems obvious doesn’t it, but it is very blinkered and only discusses the human aspect of the situation. What about the atoms perspective of the Universe or the energies I mentioned yesterday? To say that we split due to choices is so simplistic it must be just dumbed down for the audience.

Why should it be that it is only humanity or even life that can do this? Everything is made of Atoms, so everything must be continuously splitting. And to knock it down to two or three decisions is looking at the problem, but only concentrating on one tiny aspect of the whole. I would suspect if you want to dumb it down to coffee, it is more like walking in and wanting every type of coffee, made in every way achievable, using all the relevant extras in all the different possibilities they can be used in. This then can be extended further by adding in which coffee shop they enter, and when exactly they do this, were they by themselves or with others?

This only accounts for the humanistic version of events, what about how each organ in the body interacts, or the electrical impulses firing around the brain. Remember that our sub-conscious part of the brain has determined an infinite amount of comprehensions, before our conscious, self aware side gets a look in.

What if every time we have sex, every sperm and every egg gets its chance to flourish into life, depending on the circumstances?

The ways to look at this can be taken so far as to make the whole, oh will I go left or right seem ignorant of the whole concept, and if dumbed down, only there to confuse the watcher.

If the Universe is infinite and continuously growing then it is likely that all interactions, at all levels, of every part of the Universe, including the parts we are unaware of, the parts we do not know exist at present, will be acting in the same way.

I’d say that is pretty amazing.

Energy Transference is the key to the Universe

I have just realised this, so apologies if this is common knowledge, but I have never heard of the Universe being talked about in terms of energy transference. I feel we are looking at the Universe in the wrong way; we seem to predominantly see the Matter side of the Universe and divide up each other section. Yet we never think of the Universe in its basic terms, like in the Matrix, the pure energy, that deviates and changes into various non-pure energy transference systems, like Matter, Light, Dark Matter, Dark Energy, Gravity, etc, etc.

If we look closely and think what the purpose of the Universe is, the answer has to be energy transference. Caused through evolution, expanding ways to transfer energy, and the reason life started and then flourished into creating a brain, might be because it is the most efficient or simply just an efficient way to transfer energy. And as with life’s evolution (what we perceive as life), or the Universe’s evolution, energies original evolution from pure energy (or what we perceive as pure energy) into what we observe all around us today, has been the basis of these mutations, causing the massive diversity of the tiny part of the Universe we know to exist.

Let us say the big bang happened, but whereas we say it came from nothing, what if, like electricity, where you can have a million volts, but with one millionth of an amp. The size of the amp determines whether someone dies, not the voltage. Maybe our unborn Universe was energy stored with a high voltage and low amperage, but something increased the amperage and caused what we call the big bang.

I was watching a Horizon doc, about whether scientists got it wrong with the unveiling of Dark Flow, which may show the Universe is far larger than first suspected, which always seemed obvious.

Most of the doc concentrated on the Standard Model of Cosmology, one part discusses Inflation, when the seemingly slow universe suddenly grew 14 million times, or was it billion, I know it was high. The explanation was Inflation, which was explained in the Math, as to be the reason the map of the cosmic background radiation was so perfect and the temperature all over was nearly the same, only thousands of the degree difference. This is the map I have discussed before, where I asked how they knew all this, well it was sort of answered, and roughly what I imagined, but still it’s not conclusive.

Anyway I am digressing, if the Universe started with a big explosion, then the Universe would grow at different speeds so causing different temperatures, the only way to stop this from happening was to slow the initial big bang explosion down and make it so that it did not expand until the whole of the ball of extremely hot energy cooled and stabilised enough to smooth out the peaks and troughs and make it all the same. Then it expanded. Now this causes concern for some scientists, as it is a very convenient answer to a difficult question.

Now there are two ways of looking at this the first is to say it is right, so what might cause it to expand? Maybe it was, that for a brief time after the beginning, when the temperature was too hot, or too cold, who knows, I feel it was probably too cold to be honest, and that as it stabilised, and the temperature reached a critical level, and this level was constant all over the ball of energy, then as with a supernova that has run out of fuel to burn, it exploded further, but the size was so large that it seemed like an expansion. Probably just wild imagination but it has just as much plausibility as any other of the proposed concept or theories.

The way I would see it is this, not to look at the big bang as an explosion to begin with, but a form of energy, maybe dark energy now I think of it, that covers everywhere, definitely from our perspective, and it certainly would be in our Reality. Somehow a catalyst was added, to the mix of pure energy, like adding amps to volts, to increase the amount of electricity (I think). This caused a widespread ignition of the energy, and it started to be transferred around whatever the rest of the Universe is made of. We think of this as the Big Bang, but it is more like a lightning strike, only it is all dimensional, and constantly expanding. This would take away the need for Inflation, if we acknowledge that it was energy in whatever form it was in at the time (we don’t actually know if we are honest what form energy was in back then, but since it is in many forms now, who is to say the type of energy at the beginning wasn’t a type). All I ever here is it was pure energy, but who says it was, none of the other types of energy that we can either create, harness, or observe, are pure energy it is energy transferred into another type.

I feel it is important to think of us as large sacks of energy and we live on a solid ball of energy, which is nourished from a larger ball of energy. This is what everything is at its basic level. And what it is constantly doing? It is constantly moving, and transferring into various other types of energy. Maybe this is how the Universe grows; it evolves through needing other ways to transfer energy for whatever reason.

This brings me back to the Dark Energy headache, it might be just as the Universe expands and the original changed energy dissipates into other forms of energy, that either eventually or through the expansion itself, allows the original form of energy namely Dark Energy, to seep back in through the cracks, for want of a better expression. Maybe the Universe has already split and this has allowed larger and larger amounts of Dark Energy (I wonder if it will always be called that), to fill the holes created by the evolution of the part of the Universe we know to exist, through its energy transference.

I would think there must be some Physics Prof, who could prove whether it is true or not.

Friday, 7 October 2011

Economic growth is why we are in this mess

We are constantly told that the reason we need a strong financial sector is to maintain growth, but what no one seems to realise, is that it’s economic growth that is at the heart the problems around the world. This counterintuitive desire for companies to grow, as if growth is something that will never cease and never be all consuming, is what will destroy humanity, as it promotes profit and greed.

As long as we have the mentally insane practice of exponential growth, and the constant need to make sure everyone is constantly buying goods, we will never get out of the mess we now find ourselves in.

All that seems important to the people in charge and the 1% is growth; having more and more, but they have twisted this after years of elitist imperialism, and a privileged lifestyle, so they believe only they have the right to growth, and they have the right to own and control everything.

The people in Wall Street protesting now are protesting against the greed of the few, but deep down this greed can only be changed when our attitudes towards growth are changed. We simply cannot continue to grow, it is impossible, it is impractical, it is utter lunacy.

Certain parts of society are so obsessed with growth that they become inadvertently partners to the crimes of the real greedy bastards. In a way, they support the cause of our problems and so make them worse and worse, and the wealthy 1% knows this, and will never allow it to change.

It is so sad, when you hear that someone in the US cannot get proper medical care because they cannot afford to buy decent health insurance, or that it is in the best interests of certain pharmaceutical companies to make sure people are sick and unwell, because it will increase their profits, and make them grow.

It is terrible when you know that for some, war is the best solution to increase their profitability and growth, as they can make more armaments, and weapons.

It is beyond reprehensible that it is better for banks, especially central banks to allow countries to get into massive debt they cannot afford to pay back, so the countries concerned can be controlled to help them make more money, to make more profit, and increase their wealth through you guessed it, growth.

Growth is the demon, corporations, Politian’s, economists love, and blindly desire above all else, it is the cause and reason for our troubles, and no one will stop it because they are blinded to its evil.

Thursday, 6 October 2011

The Universe is like a card trick

A thought just crossed my mind that the Universe is similar to a card trick, or any trick for that matter, you either know it’s a trick and accept you don’t know how it’s done, or you can pretend it’s magical, and realistic, and not want to understand it. You may also know it’s a trick yet be in on what the trick is, and so the trick itself disappears and seems natural, or you can know it’s magical and also know the magic itself. These seem like states of illusion, Reality, the Universe, existence, whatever you want to call it, possibilities that may occur for the observer throughout its existence.

You can know the Universe is an illusion created by your brain, by some kind of energy transference system, and accept you will never understand or comprehend what it is.

You can pretend it’s a creation of a higher power with extraordinary powers of control, and believe they created everything in the blink of an eye (so to speak, maybe a week or so).

You can know the Universe is an unknown entity, of immense size and complexity, but have a massive understanding of your own reality, and have perfect answers to difficult questions but only as seen from you, the observer’s perspective. You cannot know or understand any other perspective until you know it exists, thus meaning you know nothing about the Universe in totality or actuality.

You may even be the controller of a Reality, or Universe, in fact you will be the creator, controller of you own universe, as part of the object existing in your perceived reality. You exist in your reality, as well as in the reality of others around you; collectively you exist as a species, a collection of unique perspectives, joined through millennia of collaboration, creating a collective perspective of the perceived Universe.

I create my own reality as they say, so I am the limit of my reality as well, and my limit is controlled by the amount of input received through the senses, and energy restoral devices, like breathing and eating. I have an inbuilt collective perspective, which are my instincts, my environmental evolutionary mutations, through DNA, and the memory of all such objects through their existence. This is then cemented by my unique perspective which is growing, learning, and establishing, an understanding of the Universe through the senses, stimulating the energetic particles flowing through the brain, which is basically addicted to learning new skills. This does not mean that another reality of another object would be comprehendible to us, or even seen or sensed, to the point that from our perspective, it does not exist. Yet from its perspective it exists and we do not, or they exist and we exist in the same reality, and are aware or its existence, so both exist.

Convoluted nonsense I know, but I might be right.

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Breaking Bad best show on TV

When a friend told me about a new TV show about a chemistry teacher, who finds out he has cancer, and decides to become a methamphetamine cook, I was sceptical about whether this would be a TV series worth watching.

It sounded to me like a made up sandwich from another brilliant TV series Red Dwarf, it was a ‘triple fried egg, chilli, chutney sandwich’, all the ingredients are wrong but put them together and they make one hell of a sandwich, well Breaking Bad is a, ‘triple fried egg, chilli, chutney sandwich’ of a TV show. Everything is all wrong, but put it together and it works perfectly.

The story line is totally absurd and ludicrous; a small town chemistry teacher has cancer and has a short time to live unless he can get extremely expensive medical treatment. His son has cerebral palsy, his brother in law is a drug enforcement agent, and his sister in law a kleptomaniac, how does Walter White, the mild mannered chemistry teacher from the desert states, get the money to pay for his treatment?

In walks Jesse Pinkman, the local meth dealer, who just happens to be an ex school pupil of Walt’s, and so begins the best show on TV.

To be honest I wasn’t too keen on the first series, but boy did it soon hot up, into a suspense filled, thrill ride, who would have thought such a storyline, could be so captivating, and constantly evolving into an ever more elaborate plot. The show is pure genius, from writing to acting.

Everyone on the show is brilliant, I don’t think I have seen TV where everyone is great, no character is weak, everyone of them give their all, and in a way it is like a simple version of Lost, in which I mean it is like a maze, it is like a giant puzzle you are trying to solve, as the stories take shape, as well as the brilliant characters develop. You wonder how it will all end, as it will unfortunately have to end soon enough, for it to attain its high standard of plot and storyline, as well as character development.

If you haven’t seen Breaking Bad, I recommend you watch it all, you will be astonished at how good TV can actually be; I know I was.

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

The Chicago Cubs Incident

I was flicking through the channels as you do when you are waiting for something else to begin, when I stopped on ESPN America. They must have had some time to spare before a baseball playoff game I presume, because it said live baseball playoffs on the Electronic TV guide. Now normally I probably would have switched over, not because I don’t like baseball mind, I occasionally watch the highlights, but as with live NFL, there are too many ad breaks, it seems like they stop every two minutes for a break, it’s really tedious and annoying and makes the sport unwatchable. American sports are far better seen in highlights.

Anyway they were showing a documentary about some bloke from the Boston Red Sox, World Series in 86, (sorry I don’t pay too much attention to baseball), which I missed, and the Chicago Cubs 2003 playoff game and whether they had a curse over them for whatever reason.

The incident in question was a playoff game when a foul ball was hit towards the stands, and as the catcher went to catch the ball, this bloke out of the crowd put his hand in the way of the ball, and it was dropped and the Cubs did not win through to the World Series.

At the time when I was watching I was amazed by all of this, wow it seemed like something out of a film. Since I had not watched the whole documentary, to me it seemed that on the last play of the last game, Chicago was ahead, and if this catch was caught they won, and if it was dropped they lost.

It turned out to not be as important as it was made out, and that although the Cubs may have won through to the World Series, had the catch been caught, it was not certain. Plus I have read afterwards that the catcher involved has now admitted he may not have caught it anyway, so in a way, less than five seconds of collective lunacy, has caused massive consternation throughout a city and ruined one mans life.

I wondered about the whole situation, the way the crowd reacted to the poor man, I will not name him, there seems no point as I presume everyone in America knows who the poor unfortunate is, why rub more salt into a gaping wound. I wondered about sport in general and how much it means to people, I thought about my own football team, who are very reminiscent of the Chicago Cubs in that they seem cursed at times and how our fans would have reacted if a similar situation had happened over here. The sad thing is, they would have probably reacted in exactly the same way.

I wondered about the man himself and how he felt, I read his apology and he seemed so overwhelmed with remorse and guilt, for something that happened in the blink of an eye. Then now as I think about it further, I think of all the other tiny little incidents that happen constantly to everyone, everyday, yet most don’t happen in such crucial or important situations. The consequences of such actions, can snow ball to such an effect as to cause wars in the past, luckily this was only a baseball game.

I believe the poor man has gone into hiding and now many years later (I don’t know when the doc was made) the city of Chicago, the Cubs and the fans seem to feel rather guilty for how they reacted and what they did. Supposedly the guy had to be escorted away by police and had to change his identity, his life is forever ruined because of one tiny moment. Terrible isn’t it?

I wonder what we can learn from a situation like that, we all do them, whether we like to admit it or not, we all make silly mistakes but most don’t do it on live TV, in front of a fanatic crowd. Yet still we all do them all the time, and sometimes when we do them, we get away with it, and sometimes like on that fateful day in Chicago we don’t.