Sunday, 13 November 2011

Can we know what the Universe looks like, now?

I was reading an article this morning about how scientists have found two massive clouds of gas that are pure, without any metals, they describe it as primitive, uncontaminated gas and support the long-standing theory as to how the chemical elements were formed in the early universe. They go on to say that the research also suggests stars have been unable to distribute metals throughout the Universe.

The question that entered my head after reading all this is; how do they know what the Universe is actually like now, when all the evidence is based on observation and analysis of light. Surely all we know for sure is how the Universe looked whenever the light was created, and that the scary fact is we have no idea what the Universe is actually like today, now at present.

This creates a paradox I may have mentioned before, the Universe could be seen as bi-polar, in that we have the Universe as we perceive it now, in our perspective, yet this Universe is not a true representation of how the Universe actually looks, or is for that matter. I always wondered how the Universe would be perceived if it was actually dead and all the stars stopped shining. Let’s say every galaxy apart from our own is now long gone, and all the light being emitted will soon stop. It would be at least 2 million years before we may realise the Universe is dead.

Then now I think further, what if the Universe overall is just like a mirage and the closer you get to a galaxy, the less likelihood of it being real. If you think about it; imagine if you were on a super fast spaceship travelling away from the Milky Way, heading towards Andromeda, then logically the galaxy should change as you moved closer to it. And if you were travelling fast enough it would seem like some kind of stop motion film, like flower petals opening in the light, or clouds rushing across the sky.

The stars would go through their life cycles incredibly quickly, you would see many supernovas, as well as births, and you would see the life and death of stars in the blink of an eye, as you travelled nearer and nearer to Andromeda.

As this is happening looking forward, if you were to see through your rearview mirror (or just look backwards, I doubt spaceships have rearview mirrors), the Milky Way would seem to change also, getting younger and younger, we could actually see the birth of our own star the Sun, and the formation of the planets. Time travel would then be observed if not experienced.

I have never thought of the Universe is such a way before, that if you travelled the incredibly long distances between stars or galaxies, especially galaxies, they would significantly change. This begs the question about reality and what is real and what is not. I have mentioned this before that the likelihood of some of the stars that are further away than say four billion Earth years existing, especially if they were massive stars is remote, and the actual structure of the Universe will never be as it is observed by telescopes today.

Maybe this has a bearing on why Einstein theorized we could not go faster than light, because basically our brains would not be able to comprehend, or for that matter, function and understand the reality being created around its observed perspective.

In a way I feel it adds to my perspective argument because it stipulates a limit to the human perspective, how easily the human brain can observe and comprehend what it sees as reality in front of its own senses. It also brings back one of my original arguments that the moment, now, is very important because it is like a speed limit that we are able to visualize and interpret the information the brain is receiving. How would the brain react to travelling at say one hundred light years an hour, as we hurtled towards Andromeda? How would the body react or your mind, your thought process, the ability to understand reality? Although as I think further, if you use Einsteins theories, whilst you are on the spaceship you would not notice the difference.

I suppose it is a mute point as we will never know at least not in my lifetime, but it is interesting to think about and it may help to understand what the Universe or Reality actually might be.

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Why are we so obsessed with Doom, Armageddon and the End of the World?

Before I begin I will freely admit to thinking on these lines at times, but it seems to be a pleasurable and profitable hobby for some to predict how the end of man, the end of humanity, the end of the world will come to pass. Why is it throughout history, one of the key main factors occupying a humans mind is the end of everything and subsequent attempt to change everything, in so doing stopping the end of the world.

Is it a convenient untruth to think on these lines, to constantly create fear and anxiety, throughout the planet?

As long as I can remember something is going to kill us all, first it was nuclear weapons, an obvious humanity killer. Then we have had ice ages, global warming, terrorism, population growth, bird flu, lethal virus’s, oh and who can forget the stupidest one of all 2012; how many times have they made documentaries showing the top ten, end of the world disasters?

You would think the people of western society; love to live in dread and worry, contemplating things that have a likelihood of happening similar to you winning the lottery three times in a row.

Imagine that, someone tells you, you are going to win the lottery three times in a row, after how many lottery purchases would you say, sorry mate you’re talking bullshit. I would think millennia of being told the world is ending without it ending will make people start to think, umm let’s not bother to listen, because its rubbish.

The problem is as old (well no it’s a lot older) as the infamous fable, “the Boy who cried Wolf”. And to be honest this is the problem we have today, so many years, hundreds, thousands, probably tens of thousands of years of storytelling, lying, exaggerating, embellishing, whatever you want to call it, has left humanity complacent at the point of incredulity. We have become so complacent that we are forcing well meaning people to fall into the trap of creating erroneous, convoluted, extreme, stories in the vain attempt to make people realise the end of the world is nigh.

The problem we have as humans is this, how do we determine what is truth and what is fallacy? What is reality and what is myth? Is any of what they say true and then again if even a small part is what should we do about it?

If we are to believe what we see on the documentary channels, that the inevitable end is nigh, no wonder some people believe they can do what they want and act as they like.

In a weird way you have to say, it is quite a miracle that we as a species have survived as long as we have, with our creative imagination; it has its benefits but also its drawbacks, and it will take all our powers of self control not to actually one day prove all the doomsayers true and end the world. Until that day though, it would be nice if we could start to be more rational in our approach to the future and whether we are nearing the end. Wouldn’t that be nice.

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Forget the past and move forward

Is this how it is going to be from now on in cricket, every bloody ex player is going to pick a game they feel might have been tainted by the stain of match fixing. It does no one any good to assume because of the recent revelations. I remember being told many times when I was younger, never assume as it makes an ass out of u and me.

The past is the past, and old international players making comments about games gone by is not going to help cricket, it will only hinder and spoil the reputation of the sport even further.

It is likely that many games from the past, in many sports have been tainted by match fixing, but no one will ever know which games they were, or what the fix was. So why dredge up old games and assume it might have been a game where match fixing was in play. It serves no purpose, and it will if nothing else cause division and controversy.

What needs to take place is to find a way to stop it happening in future. The problem with match fixing is that the true evil guys are the ones we never get to hear about, the ring leaders, the betting syndicates, the real criminals, they pray on the weak, the naive, the less intelligent, as well as the greedy and selfish. It should be no surprise that the country most noted for match fixing in cricket, is the most lawless country out of the Test playing nations, the one country in financial and political trouble.

I can imagine if someone in the UK was asked to be part of a match fixing scam, they can say F**K OFF!!! But it is that easy in Pakistan? I read this morning one player had to leave the country because he did not want to participate in match fixing, which adds a more shady edge to the proceedings.

Hopefully with more technology, as well as the recent revelations and the draconian sentencing, this might start to make it harder to fix matches. It should stop the less inclined cheaters, but whether it will stop the real criminals is unlikely, and how they go about stopping it is also uncertain, but one thing that will definitely not help, is to drag up the past and assume it was a fixed game.

Thursday, 3 November 2011

Japanese Scientists find highest CO2 levels in Third World parts of the World

I read an article this morning stating that Japanese scientists have found evidence, from their new high tech satellite that in fact the worst areas for high concentrations of the deadly CO2 are third world countries, and North America and Europe has a negligible amount. They even state that parts of Europe and America actually absorb masses of the so called deadly poisonous gas*.


(I personally do not deem CO2 to be a deadly poisonous gas, as many disillusioned people who are in high positions of authority believe. CO2 is a vital gas in the creation of life and so is fundamental to existence, and so should never be treated in the manner it is at present, by so many so called intelligent people.)

So what does this mean to the World?

Well it should end the farce that is Carbon taxing and taxing the world’s worst offenders, because now the world’s worst offenders are the parts of the word we are trying to help. Then again carbon taxing or whatever they call it these days is all about making lots of money and not about the environment. It’s about limiting loss by betting on both sides.

I now wonder how much longer the CO2 causing global warming farce will continue, and let’s hope it’s not too long and we can concentrate on the real issues crucifying the world.

Overpopulation, deforestation, greed, large corporation corruption, hunger, poor standards of living, despotism, and many other dreadful acts, are far more important to the survival of humanity than whether there is too much CO2 in the atmosphere.

Please someone who knows the truth, in a position of authority and trust, who sits quietly quaking in their boots, frightened to speak out against this dictatorial attitude; wake up and realise the damage your silence is causing in the looming darkness, which will mean you are complicit in the biggest, most damaging and deluded, course of action the world has ever seen. You are no different to Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, or any of the other multitudes of despots that have tainted our world, if you continue to follow this deluded tomfoolery. Your selfish greedy actions will be the death of us all.

There is a crisis point to all of this, but unfortunately most of the well meaning people are barking up the wrong tree and they need to realise it soon.

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Reality, what are thee?

Here is something I thought about last night whilst lying in bed. You will immediately see that I live a sad life, so sad that my mind thinks of these things last before my eyes close, but hey I found it fascinating to think of, even if it is rubbish.

Here it is and I apologise to anyone who knows equations as this is a very simplified version of one.

If x definitely exists from the perspective of x

And may or may not exist from the perspective of y

And if y exists from the perspective of y

And may or may not exist from the perspective of x

And x = V

And y = V

Then V ∞ = the perspective of every observer in the Infinitiverse

Not sure if this has any relevance and it may need to be expanded, but it seems to follow a logical pattern.

I don’t know why I feel that perspective of everything (meaning anything and everything that can exist or not exist depending on the perspective of the observer) is the key to finding out what Reality is, and how it may help us to understand the Universe or Infinitiverse. It just seems plausible that if you expand Einstein’s relativity theory beyond our Reality, and use the same fundamental principles not just for light, space time, but for the whole of Reality, then more answers to the difficult questions will become apparent.

To me there is more to our subconscious brain, our mind, our thought process, our senses, everything that makes up what we know as a human being. Why are we able to comprehend ambiguous thoughts, create something out of nothing, imagine beyond the capabilities we set ourselves.

Maybe deep down, deep inside our brain, there is a memory of the past, a ghost image presented to every observer in the Infinitiverse, allowing us to without realising it, view Reality in an abstract way; to somehow conform or even give us the opportunity to survive in the Reality we exist in. Beyond the general environmental, evolutionary advantages we have been awarded; these are specific key ingredients passed down through each evolutionary cycle going back to the beginning of everything, if there ever was such a beginning.

Now I think about it, you could use a recent invention as a means to describe the Infinitiverse. Imagine a computer game, one of these new online inactive Playstation 3 type games that kids play these days. You the user (or observer if you are talking about Reality) are participating in a game, yet you can only see your game and how it is panning out for yourself. You know that in the online version of said game you are surrounded by many other users (observers), but you can only see them in the context of the game or should I say your game or your perspective. You can see their avatar so to speak, but not their Reality. You see the persona of each user (observer) from your perspective, yet you know that it is not real, and that the observer is nothing like the persona you observe. This brings a strange conclusion to mind, as the user in the game is not real, they only exist in the reality of the game, yet the human mind and imagination create a real person, not just a persona. In doing so it makes the game real and the persona in the game real, yet the user of the persona as far as the game is concerned is not real.

Umm, not sure if I have been able to explain that very well, sometimes it is very difficult to put down in words, what is in my mind.