Monday, 29 April 2013

Painting - The Antithesis - Swirls of Unfinished Chaos

*** Since I have now named this painting I have changed the title***

I painted this because I missed my Four Elements painting.  I did not want to make an exact replica, that would serve no purpose.  I wanted to get the general theme, but change it slightly.  I am not sure I like it, it looks better than this photo suggests.  I do not know why my phone take such crap photos, the old phone that was not as good, took much better pics.  Petty I do not have it anymore. Like all my art it is never finished, always in need of improvement.  That is probably why I love my Four Elements painting so much, it was perfect, I could not make it better, at least in my eyes, and believe me that is a rare thing indeed.  Perhaps if I get a better camera I might like this one more, the camera shows all the faults, they become glaringly obvious, which makes me hate the bloody thing all the more.

Sunday, 28 April 2013

Our Infinite Universe

I heard on the news that Einstein’s Theory of Relativity has passed another barrier, I do not remember now.  I think they said, because it is not fresh in my mind, but I think they said the only piece of the puzzle that still does not fit is the quantum part.  Small things just do not want to fit in with the whole Space Time, curvature of space, gravity, which Einstein’s theory, theorises.  Wow, that was a mouth full.

I always thought this was a simple thing to explain.  I must just not understand it properly, since I do not have a physics degree.  However, surely the simplest answer uses Einstein’s theory, the concept of relativity especially of light, which he used in his thought process.  Nevertheless, the reason quantum theory does not work with Einstein’s theory is because of the perspective we observe it through.  Yes, I have mentioned this before, but surely, it is that simple.  We are the centre of our universe and we see the world and observe it as is.  Then some clever boffin tries to theorise it mathematically.  Now I wonder if we were the size of the atoms and quarks in question would Einstein’s theory work and how would we perceive the world above.  Would it be as we see our world above?

Perhaps there is no way to connect the large with the small.  Imagine the universe is a slide rule; see the ruler there with the slide set at a specific part of the ruler or in our case the universe.  It has set parameters, they never change, but as we look at the slide rule, we know we can move the slide up and down the ruler.  The parameters of the ruler or universe never change, it is only how we perceive them that changes. 

If we use the slide rule effect with Einstein’s theory, we can theoretically move the slide or our perspective up and down the ruler or the universe.  It seems relatively obvious, if you change where you observe the universe, and I mean the whole perspective the slide rule changes also. 

I was not even going to write about that it just popped in my head.  I was going to write about time, but that has now popped out of my head.  I think I was going to talk about personal time, you must have a time clock, that seems obvious, then there is space-time, and I wondered how they affect each other, is it the same thing because in my view the brain is making all time.  The brain creates our reality through the input from our senses. 

Oh another thought…

Why do atoms make us?  There you go that is a left field question.  Are they slaves, with no other purpose than to bind together in complex ways, to make things like us.

What is the purpose?  I know there is the random effect from evolution, but evolution has been going on since whatever it is we exist in, our wonderful universe, did what it did.  Whether you could call it a beginning, I am not sure.  I do not think the universe began; something we are unaware of did it.  What else unknown to us, through the randomness of evolution, what else is out there beyond what we can observe.  Beyond the big bang, an infinite entity, continuously growing, changing, multiplying, diversifying, mutating, dying, creating, and way beyond our understanding or comprehension.  It is the mystifying blend of an incredible substance or entity.  You could say in all honesty that it is magical.

Waffle over.

Friday, 26 April 2013

The World is a Building of Human Catastrophe and Destruction

Perhaps it is just a western problem; perhaps it is not, the world works as an ever-decreasing circle of land, of wealth and opportunity, at least it does for the majority of its population.  Is it just from the perspective of living in Britain, but the western world works to devalue everything, at least everything of meaning, of substance.  I know this is probably obvious, I am sure it is now I think about it; we would not have demonstrations about the one percenters would we.  Which in a way makes it all the worse; we know our fate and still blindly follow.

Why am I writing this I do not know, and I am sure my brain is working overtime on a problem that is impossible to solve.  It must be obvious to everyone that the mechanism will fail eventually.  When everything with meaning is valueless, worth nothing, and I do not mean land prices or superficial nonsense people class as worth, I mean humanity.  I mean when all things worth a true significance are lost, when people have only trash level stimulation as entertainment, without the ability to use their brains effectively.  I mean when they are all slaves to debt and to a worthless job, which gives no gratification, no joy, and no true purpose. 

We are close to the point of no return.

Fear can only contain the masses for so long.  

When the hypnotic lure of worthless, meaningless, crap that people call their lives finally breaks, what will happen then?  In the past the elites, always had plenty to take from the rest of the world.  It has been going on since the dawn of civilisation, but we have reached a point where there will be nothing left to take. 

What happens when they have it all?  When the chosen few have taken everything, stripped the carcass and left only the bare bones, when they have even sucked the marrow leaving only a hollow shell.  The masses will have no choice but to fight back or die, and the less they have, the more they have to gain from biting the master.  That is right we are nothing more than pets, working dogs, told what to do and when to do it.

We are heading down a road to oblivion, it may seem pessimistic to say this but we are.  We are in a terrible mess, locked in a derelict building ready for destruction and at this time, there is no way out.  Fire is burning all around us, red-hot flames scorch the walls, and the heat is rising faster than hell itself.  We are all horded in like animals ready for slaughter, packed in tight, so close we are unable to move, unable to breathe.  It is pitch black, no one can see, yet everyone fears the red glow of the fire.  Most stand there waiting there fate, some struggle to break free, but it is nearly impossible, and it only increases their anxiety, as the heat of flames starts to lightly burn the skin.  Outside we can hear them laughing, the elites, they are all laughing at us, because they think we are stupid.  We are foolish, how could they dupe us so easily.  Without anyone knowing, they have herded everyone, and I mean the whole world, they have pushed everyone into this great building and told us to stay there forever.  Be happy with nothing, and be grateful you are not dead; you owe us your lives and we will take them all, including your soul.  It has taken a long time to get everyone through the doors.  It will take no time for them to close and then for the building to collapse and obliterate everyone.

Yes, it is all doom and gloom again; well what else could one say.  It is a metaphorical paragraph of the world and most of its people, of you and me, of your friends and family.  How long can we stand to be in there?  Will we eventually work as one to smash through the heavy doors, and get out of the catastrophe that is about to befall our world.

A Sign

I saw a sign, a sign today,
It said please just go away,
For if you keep walking towards me,
Then in the end, you’ll lose your sanity,
The sign was large but only I could see it,
Flashing bright lights like a Broadway hit,
I tried to walk around but the route was long,
I tried to shout out but I lost my tongue,
I could not go forwards or to the side,
I could not go over or try to hide,
The only thing left was to go back to the start,
So with a big sigh and a weight in my heart,
I worked my way backwards to the beginning,
In the hope that the next path will end with me winning.

Thursday, 25 April 2013

Robot Wars

I saw on the Sky news a couple of days ago, a discussion regarding whether it should be acceptable or even allowed, for countries to create robot, killing machines.  I do not mean the present type of human controlled drones; they were discussing the Terminator type robot.  The man discussing this wanted an outright ban on ever trying to create Terminator type, robot, killing machines, and I have to agree with him.  The female Sky presenter was trying in vain to put forward the argument that there should at least be a discussion and that since at present we were not close to creating such a machine, what harm could it do.  She tried to argue that perhaps it would save lives and stop needless deaths of soldiers.  What a load of bollocks.

“Listen, and understand.  That terminator is out there.  It can't be bargained with.  It can't be reasoned with.  It doesn't feel pity, or remorse, or fear.  And it absolutely will not stop, ever, until you are dead.” – Kyle Reese

This is what might happen should one of the big weapons manufactures produce a viable Terminator.  Firstly, at present if the power situation was the same as today, an American company would probably be the first to produce a viable working Terminator, so the US armed forces would want it immediately.  In fact, I bet they are at present spending mega bucks trying to solve this problem before anyone else.  As with their drones, the US armed forces would be the main purchasers of the US version of the Terminator.  Obviously, America’s main allies would want some too, so Britain, of course we would need them, and whoever else the Americans deem worthy.  Perhaps countries with a less than savoury government might end up with some, I can think of a few of them.  The US would use them in the field against whomever they are pissed off with at the time, and then the whole world would see the effectiveness of Terminator US.

Immediately, the Chinese, Russians, and any other major force at the time would strive to create their versions.  The Germans, Japanese, perhaps even Britain would create a version of the robot, or even parts of a robot, and so initially, we would see a small arms race involving Terminator robots.  Every major power would want to create a quicker, stronger, more powerful, more intelligent Terminator Robot.  They might prove too expensive for one country so the allies might group together to create one and you can guess the rest.

Despots, dictators, and military juntas would use them against their own populations as crowd control.  Fewer soldiers may die once these metal beasts were unleashed on the world, but it would likely decimate civilian populations.

The less scrupulous nations might become a little cocky, and see an incursion against another country as viable, since no soldiers would be lost.  The Russians might take back countries like Chechnya, the Chinese might move on the Siamese peninsula.  North Korea attacks South Korea, war is now like a game of Risk.  Initially it all seems like a success, until someone gets greedy.

If you want to see it from the perspective of a business executive from a large weapons manufacturer – hey it’s now big business making Terminators, the more countries that have them the more profit they make.  Small wars become larger wars there are still few casualties and it might end in a peaceful settlement.  Everyone thinks this is the way to settle differences in the future, machine against machine. 

Unfortunately, nothing was lost or gained, and the whole point of war is either to gain something or not to lose something else.  It might be land, resources, power, influence, whatever it is, robots fighting robots is always likely to end in stalemate, unless one side has more robots than the other.  If one side has more, then the losing side is still going to have to use soldiers to continue the fight.  Perhaps robots, with the latest microchips would beat older models, and that is the deciding factor.  Eventually it would all lead to human deaths, and they would escalate.  Deaths to civilians would intensify, Terminators would only kill, they would have no empathy towards the human lives lost.  If a country sends in its legions of killing machines, I am sure their programming would not distinguish between human and killing machine.

Eventually the war would escalate as more and more of these Terminators are used, attacks on the countries supplying the machines would be next - the makers of body parts, the microchips, where would it all end.  Legions of metal killing machines start to parachute from the skies all across the world - no country is safe.  Terminator planes would destroy cities.  The only way to stop the madness is to turn to nuclear weapons, small yield tactical warheads powerful enough to take out the cities creating the Terminator machines.  Then all hell really breaks loose.

Yeah it’s a doom and gloom scenario, and perhaps we would see sense long before it got that bad and we would have to go through some kind of Terminator armistice.  However, why make them in the first place; it can only lead to one possible outcome – death.

Monday, 22 April 2013


I wish I had a better camera, but this will have to do.  I call this beginnings because it, well I don't really know, its an explosion of colour, it is beginning.

Thursday, 11 April 2013

The One World

Ah to be set free to dream,
Free from the shackles of doom and misery,
Free to gaze upon a new horizon,
At the dawn of a glorious sun,
See all that is open to you in this world,
Hope it will set you on the right path,
Move towards it and want it to be perfect,
Imagine the splendour it will create,
You are part of the awakening, part of the joy,
We are all beholding to its strength, as well as wisdom,
Perhaps one day it will illuminate the whole world,
Then cast away the shadows of grief,
Banish all hatred and pain,
If you believe it to be so,
Can you ever want for anything less,
When we face the greatest peril,
Then we will all rise up and stand tall,
And by the end it will be a triumphant celebration,
When we are one, together, for the whole world to love.