Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Reality, what are thee?

Here is something I thought about last night whilst lying in bed. You will immediately see that I live a sad life, so sad that my mind thinks of these things last before my eyes close, but hey I found it fascinating to think of, even if it is rubbish.

Here it is and I apologise to anyone who knows equations as this is a very simplified version of one.

If x definitely exists from the perspective of x

And may or may not exist from the perspective of y

And if y exists from the perspective of y

And may or may not exist from the perspective of x

And x = V

And y = V

Then V ∞ = the perspective of every observer in the Infinitiverse

Not sure if this has any relevance and it may need to be expanded, but it seems to follow a logical pattern.

I don’t know why I feel that perspective of everything (meaning anything and everything that can exist or not exist depending on the perspective of the observer) is the key to finding out what Reality is, and how it may help us to understand the Universe or Infinitiverse. It just seems plausible that if you expand Einstein’s relativity theory beyond our Reality, and use the same fundamental principles not just for light, space time, but for the whole of Reality, then more answers to the difficult questions will become apparent.

To me there is more to our subconscious brain, our mind, our thought process, our senses, everything that makes up what we know as a human being. Why are we able to comprehend ambiguous thoughts, create something out of nothing, imagine beyond the capabilities we set ourselves.

Maybe deep down, deep inside our brain, there is a memory of the past, a ghost image presented to every observer in the Infinitiverse, allowing us to without realising it, view Reality in an abstract way; to somehow conform or even give us the opportunity to survive in the Reality we exist in. Beyond the general environmental, evolutionary advantages we have been awarded; these are specific key ingredients passed down through each evolutionary cycle going back to the beginning of everything, if there ever was such a beginning.

Now I think about it, you could use a recent invention as a means to describe the Infinitiverse. Imagine a computer game, one of these new online inactive Playstation 3 type games that kids play these days. You the user (or observer if you are talking about Reality) are participating in a game, yet you can only see your game and how it is panning out for yourself. You know that in the online version of said game you are surrounded by many other users (observers), but you can only see them in the context of the game or should I say your game or your perspective. You can see their avatar so to speak, but not their Reality. You see the persona of each user (observer) from your perspective, yet you know that it is not real, and that the observer is nothing like the persona you observe. This brings a strange conclusion to mind, as the user in the game is not real, they only exist in the reality of the game, yet the human mind and imagination create a real person, not just a persona. In doing so it makes the game real and the persona in the game real, yet the user of the persona as far as the game is concerned is not real.

Umm, not sure if I have been able to explain that very well, sometimes it is very difficult to put down in words, what is in my mind.

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