Saturday, 17 December 2011

GOD is Energy

The complexity of existence is based on very basic principles, energy in whatever form has to transform from one type to another, constantly, and this energy transference is the key to existence. Energy has to be a constantly changing form, from one thing to another. If you could somehow harbour that energy transference by some means beyond us, well beyond our capabilities, you would without knowing it become GOD!

And I do not mean the pitiful energies we exhibit on this planet, or this Solar System, Galaxy, or Cosmic Web. I mean the original; if there ever was one, the true pure energy, if it ever did exist, the ONE, the WHOLE, the INFINITY, the EVERYTHING, the slip that allowed the water to flow.

The mistake, the original happening, from so far back, the mind could never comprehend its being or existence, if the deluded god worshipers of this world, were to have existed, they would not have even been a thought of in the eye of the purest energy. Not even imagined, the passage of existence between the two, if ever there was such a passage, would be nearly infinite.

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