Friday, 25 May 2012

Who wins the French?

So we all sit with baited breath to see if in two weeks’ time history will be made.  Can Novak Djokovic finish what Roger Federer and Rafa Nadal have so far been unable to do, and win four slams in a row?  I personally think not.  Novak’s form has dropped significantly over the last few weeks especially since his grandfather died, and Rafa is looking his imperious best on court. 

I will say now Rafa Nadal will be crowned French Open champion, probably the only slam he will win this year, but in a way the most satisfying just digging it in to those Frenchies who took the micky out of him with their spitting image skit.

Novak will have the immense pressure of trying to achieve the impossible, and Rafa is playing better and Novak is playing worse than last year. 

Unfortunately I don’t see Federer winning it now, though I would love to be proved wrong.  Maybe if he had been seeded two and didn’t have to play Nadal he may have won, but the way he was destroyed by Novak in the semis at Rome says he just doesn’t have it in him to win on a clay court against the top two.  Maybe at Wimbledon that will change, I still think Fed will win Wimby.

I don’t expect anything from Murray; in fact it would not surprise me if Murray went out before the beginning of the second week.  His tennis has been woeful recently as he tries to overcome injury and change his game with the help of Lendl (something he should have done three years ago).

The other semi-final place is up for grabs depending on draws, Berdych, Del Potro, Ferrer or Tsonga may make the final place.

Only one thing will stop Rafa Nadal winning yet another clay court event - injury.  

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