Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Finally we have a Grand Slam Champion

Try to imagine what it must be like to be told roughly since 11 that you are the one, you are the saviour, and you are going to be our tennis hero.  Andy Murray has been told this constantly most of his life, and like many hero characters from fiction he has been told he is the one to change history.

Yet to begin with it didn’t happen, the great British hope didn’t live up to expectations, like all great stories from literature, it wasn’t easy to live with the hopes of a nation, it took time.  Until Monday 10th September 2012, 76 years since Fred Perry’s last win.  Finally Andy Murray did what all of Britain has wanted for so long and won a Major championship.

In what was an incredibly tense match to watch, especially if you are British; Andy faced up to his demons and beat them back.  He faced up to his nemesis - history itself, and finally defeated and changed it.

It has been a fantastic summer for British sport, one that will go down in history as one of our greatest ever. Let’s hope it is the springboard for more achievement, more success and more Grand Slams for Andy Murray.
Well done Andy Murray you deserve it.

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