Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Matter might be a living object and Dark Energy consciousness

I wrote a post some months ago about Dark Energy and what it might be, my conclusion was a philosophical one.  It must be some kind of memory or storage for knowledge.  I used the title of the piece ‘Could Dark Energy be Heaven?’

I had another thought continuing in that vein.  The known Universe as we perceive it, only started to expand after the creation of dark energy (If we start after the great expansion called inflation).  Dark Energy makes up approximately 74% of mass of our known Universe, so we could argue that for every one part of matter there are three parts of none matter.  What if the expansion of the Universe, started when matter became alive and emitted a new form of energy similar to consciousness?  If we were the hot cup of tea, and the heat given off through entropy is our consciousness over our lifetime, changing into a new form of energy, which we know as dark energy. 

I know it’s a long shot but why not, surely some clever mathematician, physicist, or cosmologist can create an equation for thought, for consciousness.  One part living matter gives off three parts of dark energy through consciousness – memory, thoughts, experiences, and information.  And if you use Einstein’s famous equation E = mc2  then the amount of information, consciousness, etc. stored in the Universe is considerable.

I realise this may seem a bold statement with little evidence, but you can roughly work out the likelihood using probability.  When you take into account the age of the Universe and the likelihood of other sentient species having existed, as well as the many other types of living objects created throughout the history of the Universe, and if you take into account how long a sentient species may survive until extinction.  If you add the other life forms we cannot at this time comprehend because of our lack of information regarding the object we call the Universe.  Surely someone more knowledgeable than me can think of an equation that shows the correlation between probabilities of life existing since the Universe began, probability of it having conscious thought, the amount of dark energy in the Universe, and all the other variables involved.

The big problem with the Universe is we know next to nothing about it.  We are virtually working from a blank canvas.  We think we know a great deal about how it works but I doubt it.  I would suspect we know less than a quark on the great canvas on the Universe, as near to nothing as you can get on a Universal scale. 
I know this because we have only just started our quest, we have to understand our predicament and situation and realise that everything we believe to be true no matter how conclusive it may seem, is likely to be false or only a small part of the whole. 

Yet I believe because we are essentially one of the luckiest objects to be created by entropy, because we ended up with the power to think.  We seem like the anomaly, a freak happening, probably a billion, billion to one, yet still that number is insignificant when scaled against the whole of the Universe since its birth (if it was ever born).  As far as we know very few other species or anything for that matter can think and are self-aware, and we know for certain from our perspective no other thing can do it as well as we can.  This in itself using the laws of probably is unlikely.  Just because we believe we are the highest form of intelligence, does not mean we definitely are, from our perspective we are the highest, but maybe every living thing whatever we perceive it to be, whether alive or not, existing or not, may from its own perspective believe it is the highest form of intelligence in its reality.

If you think about it, it is just as likely for other living objects to believe they are unequalled. If every form of life believes it is the highest form of intelligence for its reality; or you could say to survive its environment, what would that say about the universe?  The Universe itself does not even follow its own laws as the continued formation of more dark energy pushing everything further apart can only give two conclusions either the first law of thermodynamics is wrong or the Universe stores energy in another way different to dark energy and matter related energy.  And if we use entropy, we can say that dark energy is a more dispersed form of the energy it was before it changed.  Perhaps that is the energy created by living objects (which might be all of matter) as they go about their existence in their own specific perspective of reality.

Science tries to use evidence from our perspective of reality, to create a viable plausible concept of the Universe and what it might be and how it might work.  But it is not conclusive, it is not certain, it is only ever appropriate at the time.  And it can always be proved wrong eventually.  History proves that, perhaps in two hundred years, scientists will look back on this time and think of our knowledge as similar to Newton, and Galileo.  Great steps forward but not quite right, and they will be in the same boat as we are in five hundred years.


  1. I just had the same thought. just roughly that perhaps the physical/light matter that we are, see, and can easily detect is analogous to stars/planets/debris/gases and consciousness being analogous to whatever dark energy and dark matter happen to be. the similarities that run through everything from the solar system down to the atom seem too much to be coincidence. what don't we understand about ourselves--the brain, consciousness, thought. what don't we understand about the cosmos--dark matter, dark energy.

  2. Exactly, we are all the same stuff as the scientists say, and we originated from the same event. There is so much we do not understand, but that is what is great about the Universe so much more to discover. Something must be creating the dark energy, it might just be the mysterious energy of consciousness.

  3. I had a theory along the same thread a week back. Now I am searching to see if others have done the same. Mine has a few other parts and things that tie into each other. (It gets a little out there by the end, but hey)

    -Perhaps we are still in a quasi state of infinite mass. The difference being that all the so called "empty" space and gaps are actually filled with alternate universes that are on different wavelengths than our own and thus have only the very slightest contact with ours.
    -inanimate/unconscious matter reacts predictably and can have only one outcome once set in motion.
    -consciousness when used by a being of any kind can move matter in new directions.
    -as free will is executed new universes are created exponentially
    -interaction between universes is very minute, but enough that they do take up space and thus speed up the expansion of our visible universe.
    -In that logic it is consciousness that is expanding the Universe. Also because time is a matter of perception, universes do not exist without consciousness.
    -Consciousness becomes a necessary and powerful universal force along with electromagnetism, gravity and strong/weak nuclear
    -Perhaps consciousness is not created biologically. It is just that brains of all kinds have evolved to use more and or less of it for their own benefit.
    -Brains are tools used harness consciousness to move matter unpredictably and create new universes
    -Perhaps some have evolved to the point of manipulating stars, black holes or whatever else.

  4. Thanks for adding your comments, it is nice to read someone else who thinks like me – outside the box in a rational way.

    Consciousness is a small part of our brain, which is firing massive amounts of energy at speeds greater than the speed of light. How does it manage to store the energy as our memory, information, and experience? Perhaps the dark energy is binding with the energy in our brains, which we perceive as consciousness. If dark energy is all around us, binding with the energy in our brains to create consciousness, and this is expanding the universe, then perhaps it is true. I suppose the question might be a neurological one. How does the brain use its energy to fire the synapses that create consciousness and memories? How are they stored? I don’t know the answer, but if science knows this then it might help in finding a way to understand what dark energy actually is.

    Dark energy and consciousness are linked, the question is how.

    1. The universe is made up by God's intelligence or consciousness.
      Consciousness is an energy that cannot be harnessed, touched, quantified and so forth. Dark energy turned out to have the same features. The universe is expanding even more rapidly than before.
      Could it be God's universal intelligence or dark energy the force behind all of that?? I am convinced that all the splendor, beauty and magnificence are not just awe inspiring but ultimate prove of God existence. Whatever the case might be what a great gift is life and love.

  5. As for how memories are stored, there is huge work done in the area of quantum consciousness by Dr Hammeroff and others. I am part of a Linked In group discussing Quantum Mechanics and consciousness. Much has been made of a Higgs field that allows for mass and may be the key to periodic matter (4% of the universe) being able to exist. Would that provide a medium through which consciousness can exist; I have no idea. I prefer the idea of a Noosphere, or shell of remnant life as described by Teilhard providing a medium for cosmic consciousness to exist, therefor life creates God, not the other way around. Also see Alfred North Whitehead and Process Theology.

  6. Realize this might tip the discussion into crank space...but a feature of the ascending (dual consciousness) stage as the soul journeys to Isvara (godhead), according to the Katha Upanishad, is briefly entering a state of All Mind. In my nirvikalpa samadhi journey, I experienced this momentary state of duality as if my consciousness became a quantum computer that instantly understood any topic I thought of regardless of its complexity. Unfortunately the knowledge quickly vanished as I headed towards the non dual state of cosmic consciousness. It suggests somehow our total human collective consciousness is being epigeneticly archived in some electromagnetic or dark energy dimension that our sentient cognition may someday learn to tap into at will.

  7. Was it not Einstein who said, "Imagination is more important than knowledge."

    As well as, "The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and all science. He to whom this emotion is a stranger, who can no longer pause to wonder and stand rapt in awe, is as good as dead: his eyes are closed."

    The more deeply we delve into our thought process, beyond the biological and into the quantum. When we see what energy really is (I mean simple energy, in its purest form, something we have have not seen yet) then we will understand why we have consciousness and what its purpose might be.

  8. Seems credible to conclude that the ultimate purpose for our consciousness - and the gracing of samadhi - may be to commune and help in personal episodes to fufill G-d's desire to be known.