Saturday, 23 November 2013

Light – Philosophically it is God!!!

I have finally found out how light moves and why it travels so fast, the easiest explanation I found was this.  

“Light is, essentially, a self-propagating pulse of information that tells us that the state of some electromagnetic field has been altered somewhere in space.”

Essentially, white light is the disturbance that our brains can use to see, as well as being the essential part of life, especially for plants.  Infrared light gives us warmth; radio waves mean we can communicate over distances, and so on and so forth.  To put it basic terms, light or the electromagnetic field, is a quirky disturbance in the Universe that we know very little about, but from this amazing disturbance through universal evolution, we came to exist, and without it, we would not.

I suppose the question or perhaps questions I would ask.  We know we need this disturbance to exist.  Is it essential for everything to exist?  Can things exist without an electromagnetic disturbance?  Can they exist with only the disturbance?  Do they need water and Oxygen (though you could argue that we would not have water or Oxygen without the disturbance)?

Did the disturbance start the big bang?  Did it happen after the big bang?  I suppose it is one of those chicken and egg situations.  I believe the disturbance has been there for eternity, even before the big bang.  Perhaps not as we know it now, then through some sort of evolutionary change, similar to a change in environment we know assists in our evolutionary timeline, the big bang started what we know as the known universe.

You could make an argument that in our reality, light, or the electromagnetic field, the disturbance, is the nearest thing to God, if you were so inclined to think that way.  It created us over time, it gives us life, and without it, we would not exist. 

Over time, I believe if people still want to believe in a creator, if they still need the concept and the thought of some almighty being giving us life and looking out for us.  A benevolent, omnipresent, omnipotent entity, then you can look no further than Light, the disturbance in our reality.  In fact, if you think back well before religion to the beginning of initial human thinking of why we exist, we thought of light as god, the sun was one of the first deities and what is the sun from our perspective back then, but light.

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