Monday, 31 March 2014

How does one write about love?

Does one have to be in love to write about love, does one need to understand the emotion, the sensuality that goes through one’s mind when in love?  What is love, is it the beating of two hearts as one, the joining of souls, the accumulation of all that has meaning in life.  Can one imagine a life without love, or being in love, does the earth move without it?  Does one feel the tenderness and lush sense of adoration?  See into her eyes, pools of ocean blue, emerald green, deepest chocolate; caress her silky smooth body, kiss her blood red lips.  Move together to the rhythm of the music, never does one’s eyes see anything but the beauty in front, the heavenly body, the face to adorn a painting, the hair of golden, raven, or rouge.  I can smell her scent; I imagine her standing there in front of me, looking at me with that look so delicious, I love you that sends you wild with desire, burning hot, molten intensity, nothing exists, only in love. 

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