Thursday, 23 August 2012

Brain changes waves into particles

Just been having a philosophical debate with some friends, I didn’t bore too many of them I am happy to say.  One thing we discussed was the idea of particles and waves and it occurred to me that it is the brain that decides the outcome.  I suppose that is what they mean when they say the observer; they are meaning the brain of the observer.  The senses, the interpretation of those senses making it into something that the brain can recognise and evaluate.

Maybe all things are constructed of waves, and basically particles are only our interpretation of those waves, perhaps not, perhaps that is too simple a concept but it might be true of light.  Energy has to seem tangible to our sensory perception in our reality, our perspective.  And it is easiest to seem tangible as a particle instead of a wave as we perceive it.

Why would our brain using all our sensory powers turn something from one thing, a wave, into another, a particle?  Maybe if I was a scholar I would know this, but I'm not so I don’t so perhaps I am ignorant of the answer.  Oh I have just had a quick Google and others have discussed it for years in fact, well it is pretty obvious when I think further.  Yet still it is quite an amazing thing the brain is doing and it makes you wonder what else it is changing for our benefit, to make our reality real.

I suppose the next question might be can we somehow switch it off or change it?  Can we turn the brain into a device that can see the unseen, know the unknowable, touch the untouchable and so on and so forth?  Some of us already can in a way, people with unusual brain damage or born with DNA defects, they use their senses differently to everyone else.  Yet we still cannot control what our sensory input is and widen or lessen the field of view. 

Perhaps one day we will.

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