Monday, 27 August 2012

Could Dark Energy be Heaven?

I have just watched an interesting Horizon documentary about the size of the Universe.  It has now been proved the Universe is infinite, not that I ever thought it wasn’t.  Still they only did the triangulation to a few decimal places so perhaps that might change in the future, once they can increase the accuracy by a few, hundred thousand decimal places. 

Anyway this is not what I was going to discuss.  I was thinking about good old dark energy and how it is pushing the Universe, accelerating the speed in which we are expanding.  The good old BBC doesn’t seem to be able to make a documentary about the Universe without first telling us for the umpteenth time about dark matter and dark energy.

I decided quite by accident to imagine the purpose of the dark energy, what could it possibly be needed for?  The only conclusion I could come up with is a philosophical one; it must be to store all the knowledge of our universe and the other universes that make up the multiverse, and then this might also be storage for whatever else the rest of the Universe might be, what I call the infinitiverse.

Basically dark energy is like memory, or hard drive space in your computer, only it never gets full it just constantly expands.  It could be possible that the subconscious thought patterns of all things in the Universe (we cannot be sure we alone have a subconscious/conscious or for that matter that subconscious/conscious is the only way to think) are stored in this way.  This would give us a convenient answer as to why the Universe is expanding.  Even if we use our own species and think of every person who has ever existed, imagine how many cubic metres of dark energy that has been added to the universe. 

Perhaps it is too convenient, but it does give us a philosophical answer to the question of dark energy and why it exists and its purpose for existing.  It becomes especially important if we add in the fact there might be other dimensions, and the plausibility of many versions of one’s self. 

How fascinating would it be if dark energy was just the manifestation of heaven itself.

Anyway it was just a thought after watching the Horizon doc.


  1. what is dark is Truly Light! I love that

  2. My thoughts exactly when I watched and learned about dark matter... Maybe tat is where heaven exists and why we so ghosts from time to time.....I know scientists and non believers would say no but perhaps just perhaps this is where we go ......just a thought...

  3. It makes sense that the energy from our bodies goes somewhere when we die. Why not dark matter. It doesn't have to be a philosophical or religious answer. Just science.

    1. I am glad you think so, but to many it would be classed as pseudoscience, that's why I said philosophically, and I am not religious so I feel I am just trying diplomatic.

  4. John 14:2 My Father's house has many rooms; if that were not so, would I have told you that I am going there to prepare a place for you?

  5. I too have thought about this. We call dark matter "dark" just because we cannot see it. Perhaps it is just the difference between the material world and the spiritual world. What we "see" as light in the material world is just our brains interpretation of photons striking our optic nerve, all material items. The bible says that when Gid created the world, He created "light", or the process of seeing light in the material world. We do not have the capability to see "light" in the spiritual world, dark matter. Wasn't there sight before God created "light" in the physical world? Perhaps what we see is not the true light of the universe, that true light eluminate style entire universe, including "dark" matter.