Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Government needs to spend, and spend big, to end floods

It is terrible to read about the floods devastating parts of Britain.  Is it not time to address the real issue, and it is not the bloody rain.  Our drainage system is a disgrace, the sewage system not much better, the roads are a mess, the population is excessive, we have concrete and tarmac everywhere, destroying natural drainage routes for water; these are the realities of UK2012. 

Our country cannot cope with the demand placed on our infrastructure anymore.  With all the cutbacks nothing is ever renewed or repaired, unless in a catastrophic state.  We are a wet, temperate, country, ill prepared for the climate we have to deal with continuously.  Any form of minor upheaval always manages to catch us out.  In this day and age, it is a total disgrace.  The governments of this country for many decades have disregarded the need to better infrastructure, to match the demands of an ever-growing population.

Since our country is in a state of depression, and there is little money for basic infrastructure needs, the problem just gets worse and worse especially when we are in an increased precipitation period. 

It rains in Britain, it has always rained in Britain, but we have never had so many people live in Britain.  We have not seen such austerity when we have had 60 million legal citizens before.  As I look out my kitchen window, I can see a farm that is nowhere near a river, and this farm is nearly completely flooded.  No river has burst its banks, it is because of poor drainage, this last summer after a few major storms (for Britain that is), the smell of sewage was terrible at times from blocked drains.  That was on the days we actually could see the sun.

All the crap, the fallen branches, the leaves, the twigs, the litter, and god knows what else that accumulates in drains, has blocked them, like blocked arteries.  Eventually you have a heart attack, and unless this government finds a way to start to improve infrastructure, and spend some bloody money, on roads, and drainage, and sewage, and understanding how to deal with the massive over population in times of increased precipitation, then this country will have a heart attack.

Britain is like a stately home that is in need of renovation, but the problem is it is far too expensive to contemplate and we all know what happens when left in disrepair.  Who knows what will happen when we have 70 or 80 million pop.  The whole country might be flooded by then, and with any luck, some of the dim-witted greedy MPs will lose their houses, like the poor families that are losing theirs now.

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