Thursday, 20 December 2012

End of the World – tomorrow – perhaps???

Some people believe this is the last day of Earth.  For whatever reason they have taken the Mayan calendar literally, and think this is it, the world is going to end.  Somehow, I think I will be still here tomorrow.  Others believe it is the end of one period in history, or an era, and the beginning of another.  They believe that a seismic shift in the consciousness of mankind is about to happen, it’s a wonderful thought if it were true, it might be true, though I don’t think that is how evolution works on a conscious or subconscious level. 

I know I will be pleased when the day has passed and the charlatans can stop making money off useless prophecies, though no doubt they have already thought that the date is wrong, and that another in the near future is the actual date they were meaning.  You can never put a good charlatan down for long; they are like a bad smell that lingers around.  Moreover, the worse the charlatan bizarrely the more likely they will linger.

The one thing this date has done recently it has galvanised many doomsayers, and allowed them to infect our minds with dire consequences of our despicable lives (if they are to be believed).  They prey on our fear and guilt; they accentuate our inherent need for redemption, in a similar way to religion.

December 21st 2012 is a date used to increase guilt, shame, and fear in the masses who want a reason beyond religion to hate themselves.  It is there to tell us we are weak and feeble minded, unable to see beyond the closed in emptiness of our lives.  I would not be surprised if most of the terrible problems, our world faces at present are somehow subconsciously down to this one date.  The financial meltdown, the increasingly dire situation in the Middle East, and all the other miseries we have had to witness over the last ten years, since people started to take seriously the world ending tomorrow.

As a species, we seem to love doom and gloom, we revel in it, we want it so much we subconsciously plaster it all over the world like a Jackson Pollock painting.  Pain, misery, war, hunger, death, disease, famine, murder, slaughter, hatred, carnage, fear, greed, jealousy, rage;  I am sure I could think of a hundred more words that seem to be the way we are as humans.  Yes, there are times when we can love, feel free, find peace, desire hope, and I wish that after tomorrow passes, more time will be spent on those words.  The feelings and thoughts, the emotions, the way it makes us all want to think positive and better of ourselves, and the rest of humanity.  I wish a big wonderful festive wish, of love, peace, freedom, and hope, so that the true meaning of the significant day will be to move us away from one type of planet and move us onwards into another.

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