Saturday, 29 December 2012

Surprise Meeting 2

“Bullshit, my wife and kids are on Indrousia visiting the mother-in-law, I talked to Selena this morning.  This is one of your bloody games.”

“I wish it were so, Mr Elliot,” said the blue creature Weasties.  “They with everyone else were kidnapped at exactly the same time.  The kidnappers sent a mail to Lord Jack stating he had to contact you and that you both had to work together to achieve dimensional travel or they would all be killed.”

James was not the type of man to overreact, in fact, the Earth could be under attack and James would calmly assess the situation before doing anything.  Yet to James seeing this selfish, brash, old man tell him as if he was some kind of door to door sales that his family, his family had been kidnapped, because of this disgrace of the father was too much for even him to take.  Red mist and a wild fury surged through him like a charging bull.

He lunged at his father, James was just as tall and just as powerfully built as his father, and he hit him in the stomach like a defensive lineman sacking a quarterback.  The two hit the ground and James full of fury started hitting his father as if all the pent up emotion from years of neglect, started thrusting out of him.  His father did nothing to stop the beating.  However suddenly James was unable to punch anymore, his reddened fists covered in blood, and swollen stopped in mid-air, suspended unable to continue the barrage.  James roared before something pulled him backwards from his father.  He could feel himself rising off the ground, and then gently placed at the opposite side of the room.  James looked around in horror, what was happening to him?

“I cannot let you harm Lord Jackson, Mr Elliot,” said the small blue creature named Weasties.

“How dare you, he has been responsible…”

His voice suddenly silenced, and he now found he could not speak, no sounds left his mouth.  Some kind of hidden force field trapped him, and he was unable to move forwards.

“Sit down, Mr Elliot,” said the blue creature.

“Who are you?” said James though not through speech, but through thought.

James did not know how he had said what he said, and he was even more surprised when he heard an answer straight, directly into his mind.

“I am the one who is going to help you and your father save your family.  And I do this for no other reason than I know your father and yourself will find the answer to dimensional travel.”

James did not say anything else via thought or mouth.  However his father spoke.

“James, I know I have not been a father or anything to you, but… but…” there was a long sigh as if the great explorer was finding it difficult to put in to words his true feelings.  “But, finding out your whole family, everyone you have ever loved and cared for…”

“Cared for.  Loved!  What utter rubbish!  You never loved anyone but yourself.”  James suddenly realising he was able to speak again.

His heart was racing and he could not contain his fears for his family, against the rage and hatred he had towards his father.  Yet now the rage had taken its toll and he was feeling more sedate as if someone was calming him down.  Was this blue creature tampering with his mind?

“I am not a man who can sit around idly, playing happy families, I am an adventurer and explorer; you were all given every advantage, even my illegitimate children, even children I did not sire.”

“Did not sire, you sound like you are talking about us as if we were bloody horses, given out for stud.”

The old man wanted lash out at his son, but the strange small blue creature seemed to stop him.  Who was this alien, called Weasties?  He seemed to have a calming effect on the old bastard.  James was desperate; he did not see any point in any more conflict.  Was this creature controlling both of us?

“Say you are right,” said James still feeling increasing fear and agitation, as well as terrible knowledge he had no idea what to do.  “Should we not go straight to the galactic police?  Surely we need to get them involved.”

“Useless James,” said Lord Jack, “they have been taken to Hadronia.”

“Hadronia!  Are you kidding me?”

Hadronia was one of the only worlds in the Commantium that they classified as uncivilised 2.  Commantium was the name given to the local group cluster of galaxies that included the Milky Way and Andromeda.  They had classified planets or worlds for 500 stellar years; one stellar year was equal to ten Earth years.  Classification fell into six categories, First Class Civilised; planets with highest level Unispace advancement (Unispace level was a level where they could travel between galaxies in the Commantium and in recent years beyond).  They did not have any war, had one world government and were member worlds to the Inter Commantorium as well as being part of the full council of the Local Group Cluster Commantium.  Second Class Civilised; planets with the ability of hyperspace travel yet still had divided powers controlling the planet, with different ideologies but they were advanced enough work together without any need for war or deceit.  These planets were members of the Inter Commantorium, but could not hold a seat on the full council.  They had to delegate ambassadors to speak on their behalf and they had to align themselves with full council planets.  Third Class Civilised had various nations, but were still not near to resolving planetary disputes.  They had the ability for hyperspace travel and were not in any way dangerous for travellers from other worlds, but they were not ready to progress any further.  They did not have any membership to the Inter Commantorium.  Uncivilised 1, was a planet that had some nations with advanced levels of civilisation and others nations that were not, depots and dictators still ruled on parts of these worlds.  Uncivilised 2, no part of the planet met the high standards of advance or civility.  There were generally planets for outlaws and degenerates, perverts and undesirables.  The final classification were planets that were still uninhabited or in the process of terraforming, or being colonised for the first time.

Hadronia was one of the worst planets in the whole of Commantium.  It was controlled by one of the most dangerous and evil criminal organisations in the whole Local Group, the Pravai Dorka.

James held his head in his hands, he wanted to scream, shout, and throw things and what, what could he do?  He was starting to panic.  The most evil band of cutthroats and devils imaginable had his family.  The fucking father, the bastard who he had not seen in over fifteen years, the selfish, fuckwit, James wanted to kill him, since he knew his family were all but dead.  No one ever came back from Hadronia, not when the fucking Pravai Dorka and their evil leader, Dor Lor Mada, held them.

“You selfish bastard, you have sentenced my fucking family to death.  Probably a tortured death!”

“Not if we give them what they want,” said Weasties.

“And how do we do that, can you tell me that blue man?”

“You must have an idea of what the answer might be,” said Lord Jack.

“How!” demanded James.

“They did not take you as a captive, Mr Elliot,” said the blue creature.  “Lord Jack was told to bring you here.  This means you are important to solving the dimensional time travel dilemma.”

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