Monday, 6 May 2013

Winter and Summer

I am not sure if this is because the paint is drying, or that my mind is adjusting to whichever painting I desire at the time (in a purely aesthetic way).  Nevertheless, I have painted or should I say splashed colour on canvas numerous times recently and whether the time of day, or my emotional state, or whatever, I like each one at different times, for different reasons.  I now see my swirling chaos painting as a harsh antithesis of my Four Elements painting (I need to find a better name for that painting, perhaps I will just call it The Antithesis).  Whereas I used careful brush strokes, which took a great deal of time and concentration for the Four Elements, the opposite is true for the chaos of its twin.

The painting above which has no name I thought it reminded me of winter, and I have added its twin below, which I will now call summer.  In normal light, it does not seem very good, it is just a spatula scrapped across cheap canvas, but when the lights are on at night, the different colours of blue draw you in.  It feels like I am walking through an ice sheet.  The painting comes alive at least it does in my mind, but I wonder is this because the paint is still fresh and has not dried yet. 

In contrast, the Antithesis painting improves at it dries, with every day that passes I like it ever more.  However when I compare the Four Elements with the Antithesis, I am starting to prefer my newer panting and seeing the faults of my older work.
The two paintings I called Cool and Warm, I am starting to dislike immensely, I will have to change them or move them soon.  My Volcanic Ocean, is just practice, it changes ever so slightly when I feel I want to add a bit of red here, or dab some blue there.  Perhaps its need a flurry of white or a thrust of orange, I just like the idea of sections, joined as one yet separate.  The colours merging through each canvas, I just like that concept.  I still want to in case the six segments in a black wood frame as if looking out a black window.

I suppose what I am trying to say is that as I look at the various creative noises I have produced recently, I am noticing the changes more, even the subtle ones, and I find it fascinating.  It is like they are alive as they change, the metamorphoses is constant.

Painting is excellent therapy, and the internet gives a reason to practice painting, which means one can at least pretend to be an artist.  This creates a very convenient and helpful loop.  The urge to post a painting is increasing, at least it is at present, so I paint more, I do not care if they are good or bad, I just want to add them. 

There is only one tiny problem with painting more, I will have to buy more canvases, and they are not cheap unfortunately.

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