Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Something or Nothing

Does one’s life end, when one’s energy has run out?
When the body has lost its motor,  
When the soul has gone, raced away, if one ever had one,
When the twinkle in one’s eye has turned into a milky pale,
When all that is left is a body; cold, rigid, a slab of emptiness,
Is it possible, something unknown, unclear, perhaps unworldly moves onwards?
Ascending to another realm,
Taking one’s conscious energy, one’s self dominion, beyond,
How does this happen?  Does it happen to all?
Can one buy a passage upwards to this great hall?
On the other hand, perhaps,
Does one just fade away whence one came?
Just like a onetime flame,
Burning bright, strong of heart, full of energy, heat and desire,
Nevertheless, limited, finite, knowing it will fade away,
Gone forever, never to return, short, once pure,
A tiny diamond gem eventually crushed and destroyed,
A unique supernova of existence, and creation embraced.

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