Friday, 26 July 2013

I wanna die!!!

Oh my, oh my, oh my,
I feel like I wanna die,
Life is just passing me by,
Inside all I do is cry.

I want to get out of this mess,
I feel guilty like I wanna confess,
Just act normal and be like the rest,
Do something exciting and bring back the zest.

Yet still I sit and I wait,
Perhaps want day the dream, but its late,
It’s hard and I really do hate,
Myself because I can’t walk through life’s happy gate.

Decisions, decisions, decisions,
My mind fractured and on a collision,
I have no focus, and no precision,
I know I need to make a positive incision.

Time it is fast running out,
Like a prizefighter, it is my last bout,
I am screaming for help yet can’t shout,
Will I ever finally sort myself out.

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