Monday, 29 July 2013


I sense a deafening silence as it blends eloquently with a distant wind of my forgotten dreams,
Memories I have lost forever, fallen down the deepest shaft of ill fate, not used only thought of,
Doomed, a needless throwaway like the daily garbage of life, wanted, needed, yet never succeeded,
Bled from every part of my soul, seeping away my pleasure of existence,
Though, thou, thee, does sometimes like a burst of golden hatred, feel the force of one such torture remembered,
It hits me like a rumination rocket from hell, a recollection I would rather never rise again,
Yet when it does, it sometimes has the lingering hope that perhaps there was a reason for the failure to connect,
Perhaps there was a deserving reason why this time it did not work; perhaps it will work in the future,
However there comes a time when it feels as if there are less futures, and too many pasts,
Reasons not to try, reasons to deny, reasons to sigh and say no, why bother, why put myself through the pain,
How much pain does one have to endure before one feels happiness, peace, harmony, and joy,
Keep trying and eventually one time it will work, if you fire enough arrows at the board one will eventually hit the bulls-eye,
C'est la vie is that not what they say, go on don’t give up, keeping on trying until you are dying,
Accept the pain, accept your failures, accept, accept, accept, you will never be anything of note,
I accept and I forgive, I will try and I will live, but it is fucking hard to continue in this vain, when most of the time all I can feel is pain!!!

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