Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Complexity of Life

I am sure there is an easier way to describe the creation of life, but this is my attempt to understand why we are here and how we came to be.  It seems obvious that we exist because of a sequence of events that have gradually moved the stuff of the Universe, with a little help from external forces like the Sun, the Moon, and the large gas giants.  These factors have somehow created the most intelligent self-aware beings, ever known in the Universe as far as we are concerned.

From our perspective, at present, the only way to create intelligent self-aware life forms is through the process of evolution.  Evolution in our perspective uses complexity and creates variety, which eventually ends up with us, human beings.

The world we live on, through its history has caused a ferocious fight for supremacy in an ever-diversifying planet, the need to continue, to never die out and become extinct.  Could this formula be the formula for intelligent life?  The more ingredients you add to the soup the better it will taste, and if you add enough ingredients, you end up with a human being.  What if we added more ingredients, would this make a more intelligent, more self-aware, life form or entity, which is higher on the food chain than we are.  Alternatively, is there a level, which is as good as it gets, before it turns into a strange brew, which tastes awful? Is a human being the best the Universe can make, or can it make a better living entity than us, we know it can make plenty that are not as intelligent, or self-aware, we have a planet full of them, we are the best we know of at present in our perspective.

I am no good at math, but I am sure there must be an equation for the evolution of the Universe that gives the answer as us.  I know this is different to other ideas and concepts I have thought of in the past, but hey, you have to let your brain and mind just spin around, to flow in a direction until an idea pops out.  Moreover, since this is the first decent thought I have had in a while I thought I had better type it down for good or bad.

Back to reality, intelligent self-aware life forms from our perspective in our known Universe need, a number of external objects to create the right conditions on a planet, that is in the goldilocks zone, needing liquid water (or perhaps any liquid, we needed water but other life-forms might use another compound altogether).  The planet needs stability – our own planet has many factors that stabilise the environment; factors are the stabilising forces, objects, shields, or whatever it is, create an environment ready for life to flourish. 

I suppose using another analogy we could be raising an animal, let us say horses, as I do not want to be a pig, or cow. Centuries ago, horses were wild animals and then man tamed them, we raised them and over time and created the variety of horses we see today.  We were the major force that made a better horse.  One major external factor. 

I am still not flowing, I do not know what has happened to my brain, it is not working as it normally does, hence the terrible poems I have been writing, I sit and I wait, until the mind decides to work again.  Still at least I did something even if it is only a page.

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