Saturday, 10 August 2013


Why is it I feel guilty, guilty as sin,
Where do I begin, feelin’ guilty as sin,
It’s all happenin’ always nightmares anxiety,
Deep inside my soul, what the hell can it be?

Oh please take away this mess,
Oh yes, please take away this mess,
Perhaps if I confess, the feelin’ it will go,
Release and let it flow, I really hope so.

It tightens and it constricts,
I think it gets some kicks,
It wants me to feel unhappy,
Sad and melancholy,
Fuck that its sheer folly,
The guilt for nothin’s stupid,
Only a fool would be so daft,
Perhaps that is the problem,
Perhaps it is a fact!

Ah does the realisation, a knowing of the issue,
Release this terrible tension,
Before it grows and starts a festerin’
A twistin’ and a crushin’, beneath my heart is burnin’,

Calm down a take some time,
Close my eyes and count to nine,
Right open and see the light,
And pray the guilt is out of sight.

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