Thursday, 29 May 2014

Ban debt and make it illegal

The world has all this debt but what is it, it is nothing more than little bit of computer code held by the central banks.  Why not just get rid of it all, start a fresh, make everyone debt free, and then ban debt altogether.  Debt only serves to control to 99% who have debt, and makes the ones that hold all the debt very rich.  They are getting rich off other peoples misery.  They would sooner destroy a house, and, or, let it stand vacant than allow someone to live in it, because they cannot pay their debt.  What a sick society we live in. 

It is the same with illness, a wealthy company would sooner let you die than allow you to have lifesaving treatment because you did not pay your premium because you were in debt.  So they killed you.  Do they care, not one bit, as long as the shareholders and the CEO’s, CFO’s, VP’s and other higher ups get their share so what if a couple of hundred thousand people die.
The sickness that rules this world is turning the world back to the extremes of the 30’s, all they are waiting for is a new Hitler.  In fact the way things are going they don’t even need a new one of that evil beast, we are all doing a great job helping the rich get richer the debt ridden get poorer and in more debt.   Just look at what happened in the recent European elections.

God help us all when someone with the skills of a Hitler or Stalin and their sociopathic nature, but with charisma, charm and a unwavering desire, to destroy this appalling world we live in.

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