Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Bike Accident

Broke my wrist and shoulder yesterday,
Law of averages said it would happen,
In fact, I knew for some reason that it would be this day,
As I slammed my breaks on and went over bike into a tree,
My hand hit first the force smashed my wrist,
 My left knee was next but they never checked that,
Then the worst part of it all,
 As I flew through the air and my right, shoulder hit full on.

You could actually say I was lucky,
Six inches to the right and my head would have hit,
With such a force to break my neck,
So even though my shoulder is in pain,
I am at least at home and not in the morgue,
Got to take the positive out of every bad situation,
My bike is fine how nice, another consolation,
It took a while to remember it all.

Supposedly, I was unconscious when a caring bike rider helped,
Yet I managed to start to stumble towards the track, not really sure why,
They called the ambulance and I was rushed away,
The hospital visit was such a short stay,
Still they were excellent and very efficient,
I was x-rayed, plastered and out the door in two hours,
My arm felt fine, but my shoulder was in agony,
Plus in their haste, they had forgotten my knee.

Still I managed to hobble to the taxi,
Another job done by the guys in casualty,
Today I just feel, tired and groggy,
Wrist seems fine no pain, shoulder still in agony,
You cannot move or do anything,
Trying to get out of bed sends down an extreme sting,
I dread having to bathe, and go to the loo,
At least I learn to use my left hand plenty woohoo.

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