Friday, 29 April 2016

The Moneyman

Fortunately, I will not have to suffer the continuing madness up until the day of reckoning, 23rd June 2016.  It's like a nasty form of Christmas, never-ending, even when the day has passed.  However, the state of our country and perhaps the world is uncertain. How can such a small and insignificant country hold so much sway over the world - its sheer lunacy?

The Telegraph online has a clock ticking down to our doom, because let's face it, whatever happens on that day, the 23rd June, coincidentally, the day after the Germans launch Operation Barbarossa, and we all know what happened then.

54 Days      16 Hours    48 minutes   37 seconds probably less now.

Downwards ever down it ticks, tick, tock, tick, tock, until we stay or leave, or something happens in the meantime.  Perhaps another city attacked by ISIS.  I see the professions of politicians, bankers, property developers, synonymous with high pay, big bonuses, and a fuck you attitude to life. In reality, it been like that for years many years.  When I was mentally ill, I was told by my doctor that to clear one's mind and have total peace.  We have to throw everything away and start again.  I don't mean overthrow the government, but perhaps start to get rid of the privileged getting everything and everyone one else nothing.  Those multi-million and billionaires are not going to give up without a fight, but we have to try before it is too late.

I will add a caveat; it's a metaphor for humanity. 

A man stands in a desolate world; parched without a drop of water.  He has not had a drink in days, food even longer.  Nevertheless, the man prefers to carry a suitcase full of cash, strapped to his arms clenched tightly.  A higher entity asks, "Why do you hold onto so much money when you could be using the bag for food and water.  His answer will not shock you - "I'm waiting, for circumstances to change for the better, everything always gets better in the end.  Then, I can use the money for my future."  The higher entity is shocked that a man would put his wellbeing and health in jeopardy just for a few bits of paper.  "What will you do with this money," asked the Entity.  "I'll buy myself a 2016 Ram 3500 Mega Cab Laramie 6.7l engine, and an M16 and some hand grenades."  The Entity tried to show concern, b ut it was useless.  "You do realise the beast you want to buy does 16 mpg, and I bets that's a rarity."  What shall I do?" said the man, bending low wheezing over his knees.  I have all this money?" He puffed and panted.  "It's not going to matter to you, you'll be dead." said the Entity.  "With humans significant help, we stripped everything of value;  metals, gases, minerals and everything else we have obliterated." The Entity showed no remorse for destroying a civilisation and a planet.  You have one day left, 23rd June 2016.

"You did this to us?" shouted the moneyman.  "No dear chap you did it to yourselves. You deserve everything you get."

Logic states we should remain in the EU as its safety in numbers. Yes, we pay reparations and upkeep, but 'we' the 'poor people' of Europe gain from the EU.  As we have a voice to listen to injustice.  Injustice is all around us hiding in every corner, and if Barmy Boris gets his way (does he think he's Donald Trump 2- Brit version) he will obfuscate the truth for a short gain with one goal to get him the PM's job. Imagine the world where a blonde buffoon becomes PM, of the UK.  Christ, we will be in deep sh!te then.  Just a pain in the backside island off France.
You might want to think about moving and having a stiff drink.

Donald nutbag Trump is all but the Rep candidate. Personally, I feel that although it is highly improbable that Trump should win.  What if American voters decide they don't want a female President, they hate Hillary and her Wall Street cronies. That leaves the left with Bernie Sanders.  I like Bernie; he makes sound sense I would vote for him if I was a US citizen

The world is in a mess, when are they going to realise, they have just to rip it all up and start again, and I mean everything.


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