Monday, 30 May 2011

Barcelona reminds me of a Wolf Pack

Watching the genius of Barcelona on Saturday night reminded me of a wolf pack, the way they seem to have some kind of telepathic connection between the whole team. They way they know exactly where each player is at all times, so they can pass effortlessly and without any sort of fuss. But the main thing I think that reminds me of a wolf pack is the way they hound the other team when they lose the ball, it’s like an elk is suddenly surrounded by a pack of wolves, eager to get the ball back, it’s quite incredible to watch. The other team look like a wounded animal lost and ready to give up, not knowing what the hell is going on. That is how Man U looked on Saturday night, lost and unable to fathom out what was going on around them.

They also have that illusive quality, and a sort of ability to deceive the opposition, a bit like a magician playing card tricks, they bamboozle and cajole the opposition into making mistakes. It must be difficult to keep up with what is going on, causing chaos and confusion. Against teams like Man U, who are not used to being pushed around and herded like gormless wildebeests, this must really unnerve them.

I can imagine that if you are selected to play for Barcelona at the moment, it must be like the Mafia when you are promoted to a ‘made man’. You must feel special, and this elevates your game and makes you a better player. The Barcelona team work as one, not as a bunch of brilliant individuals, but as one unit, they all succeed together.

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