Sunday, 29 May 2011

Test Cricket is, as it says, a test. A test of concentration, patience and skill

Test cricket isn’t for most people, it is a typically English thing to like watching what may seem to some as nothing happening, but yesterdays batting performance by Alastair Cook and Jonathan Trott was a master class in patience. 

Test cricket is all about patience and concentration, that is why it is called a test match.  I will admit yesterday watching Cook and Trott dredge it out, was quite tedious at times, but in the end they were still there undefeated.  Both were still batting at the crease with massive totals and the likelihood of getting bigger totals today.
Today we should hopefully see a more exciting batting performance, but we wouldn’t see that if C&T hadn’t batted through the hard slog parts of the day.  If as some may suggest they had batted more flamboyantly, they may have scored quicker but they would have probably been out.  And instead of being 287 –2 they could have been 320 -5, or worse.  Now they can bat well this morning and pick it up after lunch or even after an hour, and then the score rate should increase dramatically.  If England isn’t nearing 550 – 570, by the end of the day (weather permitting), then it will not have been a good day. 

If I was being optimistic I think England will pass 600 and still have an hour to get some Sri Lankan wickets before the day is done.  Maybe this is asking too much but this England team have the potential to do that sort of thing, just watch.

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