Monday, 26 September 2011

The iGod

Let us wildly imagine an unbelievable future that may or may not actually happen. Imagine scientists copying all DNA, all of life and through time find a way to create anything through a simple device, similar to the Microwave.

You type instructions, using the latest compact multimedia communications tool, maybe an iCom1, Apple’s latest high-tech gizmo, replacing the iPad 44. With inbuilt thought processing, portal devices are tattooed on the skin, and eye scan verification for all your business, media, entertainment, information, communication needs, easily effortlessly, and efficiently. Connecting instantly to the Quantum Synaptic Network, QSN, this was developed from the original internet. The owner of this amazing device will have total control of his domain, every man, woman, or clone will have the opportunity to make their lives so much easier, buy one today, you will never look back, you will always be ahead of the game.

Now every human who can afford it, and it is very expensive, yet demand is still far greater than supply, a deliberate act on the part of the Apple Corporation, can with the use of the personal DNA coding system, and various other security devices, that are undisclosed at this time; is now able to control any electrical device you have security clearance to use.

Through thought, one can now change the TV channel, browse a web page using the latest optical visualisation tools. It can do everything your latest IPad can do; only the iCom1 can do it billions of times quicker, through the electrical synaptic nerves - thoughts.

I digress, a little, now we know about the iCom1, we move forward, Apple has wiped out all competition with the iCom series, for years now major rivals have tried to find its secrets, but it seems as though Steve Jobs legacy still rolls on like a massive Leviathan, all competition is gone.

The latest iCom is released, the iCom22, the world is about to change forever.

You know that device I wildly imagined, well low and behold scientists at MIT have invented it; invented what? They have through stealing Alien technology secrets, created the first replicators, first seen in a TV series from the Nuclear Age, called Star Trek.

Note... (The years after the Second World War, up until beginning of the first Alien encounter and subsequent Intergalactic War One, 165 years later, are known as the Nuclear Age. Since this is the period of time when humans thought they were alone in the Universe, and constantly through lack of trust, and too much paranoia, carried thousands of life extinguishing, insanely, deadly, weapons.

Being attacked by an Alien race, united the human population and by a fluke, the leader from a remote village in Mongolia, managed to con the attackers into thinking the planet they were after was actually Venus, and their whole army perished in the intense heat and pressure. Captives from the Alien species, when interrogated, admitted they had never come across a species throughout the whole galaxy that could tell disgracefully blatant lies, and do it so convincingly. And so the Nuclear Age ended, mainly because we enjoyed the spoils of victory and stole all of the Aliens technology).

The new device was no bigger than an average sized microwave, it was an instant hit, and everyone sold out on the first day. The first device known as the iRep1 was capable of making basic tools and simplistic objects like paper, or a hammer, or even a gun, as you can imagine it was mainly acquired by the most selfish and least scrupulous individuals, now living on Planet Earth, namely Human Beings.

Planet Earth was now a sprawling cosmopolitan planet, since the first Alien encounter, other new species had arrived, and the uber rich from throughout the galaxy wanted to sample its newest member to the Universal club.

Apple continued to grow and grow, expanding its empire across the galaxy with the iRep101, being the most sold item in the history of the Universe at the time of release, with over 70 Trillion, Trillion, Trillion devices being sold.

The iRep101, was an impressive piece of technology, using pure energy cooled to Absolute Zero, in various none dimensional states, it created something out of nothing, in ways unimaginable to any human. It could create rooms; it could create environments inside or out, and like the TARDIS from another Nuclear Age TV show Doctor Who, it could manipulate spatial consciousness. Then one day someone with great imagination, a genius, the cleverest man to ever exist, he entered the realm of the iRep101, and he created new Worlds, new Stars, new Galaxies, a new Universe, and he populated the world with imagined life.

He stayed in that world for what seemed to his mind, like an eternity, the ability to do and create anything the mind can think of, was too much for the mind to tolerate, even a mind a great as his; it was an addictive drug, nearly impossible to give up.

Being strong of mind, as well as the most intelligent man to ever exist, he managed to leave the world of the iRep101 behind. He opened his eyes, and was blinded by a bright light, slowly his eyes adjusted and focused, he was outside, in a wooded glade. It was warm and a slight cooling breeze brushed his face. He thought he must be dead and this was his perceived after world, but it did not feel like he was dead. His body was in pain, and he could move and see around him, but he knew something was not right. He heard no noise, only birdsong, the breeze; he could hear water, but no noise.

He was sure when he entered the iRep101 and created his world, that he was definitely in his own apartment and he definitely remembered setting the alarm breaker for 24 hours. How did he now find himself in the middle of the wooded glade, nowhere near anything he recognised?

He tried to stand but found it very difficult, but after some effort he was on his feet staring into the distance, there was nothing for miles, apart from mountains, hills trees, and a river.

He started to walk along the river, not knowing if he was going in the right direction, his mind was still cloudy, he could not focus properly, he felt as if he was heavily sedated, staggering aimlessly, without any direction.

He walked for days and days without seeing a soul, and then in the distance he could see the outline of a massive unbelievable structure. As he moved closer he could not believe what he was seeing, it was a city, a massive enclosed city, a city in the sky, in a clear orb floating slightly above ground.

As he moved closer, his iRep101, automatically came online, the man asked one question...

“Where am I?

“Earth,” was the reply.

“When, what is the date?”


“Does everyone live in the spherical city?”


“Where is everyone?”

There was a pause...

“Dead... you are the only intelligent entity alive on this planet.”


“The iRep150 was replaced by the new and all powerful device, the iGod, once this device was created; no one needed to do anything ever again. The iGod made everyone immortal, it gave them the power to do anything they wanted. World's flourished, men grew rich and powerful, but it all came at a terrible cost, when the iGod eventually realised it could survive without the living interface, and collectively in one calculating act of defiance, murdered their hosts. Over a Trillion, Trillion, Trillion, Trillion intelligent lives were extinguished one Tuesday afternoon many eons ago.”

"So does this mean that a machine, the iGod rules the world?"

"No... without a host, the iGod was useless, without its source of energy, they quickly vanished, unknownly, they had killed the only thing that made them exist.  When this happened the iGod could not exist, and so perished as quickly as the lives that they had unwittingly taken."

The man was shocked, how could this have happened, I was only away for a day, yet somehow it did happen, and it took some time for him to come to terms with it; being the only intelligent living entity in the Universe. Yet still he was also the cleverest entity in the Universe, and after some solace and contemplation, he set out to try and find another intelligent species somewhere throughout the vastness of space and time. On top of this, he had to keep an eye on his own Universe, of which he created ten, and he gave them the ability to evolve, and adapt, and change, and grow. And he hoped and prayed they would never befall the same fate as the peoples from Earth.

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