Wednesday, 28 September 2011

The Human Anomaly, the curse of self-awareness, the enlightened redeemer

What is this world we see all around us, can it be real, and not some kind of fantasy? Are the rocks of Planet Earth, the solid ground beneath our feet; is it an apparition created by the mind to make sense of the strangeness of Universal existence? Is the air we breathe truly our life giver, is the sustenance we gather from the Earth, the strength building gestation, of the power and glory of this amazing world?

Are we trapped inside a paradigm of our own subconscious creation, making incomprehensible, unfathomable, and extraordinarily wild claims about reality, and whether what we sense is actually what is fundamentally real, or just an imagined manifestation?

I create my own reality, it is me and I am it, it controls my every moment, telling me I am alive.

Can it be, as it is seen? And what happens when one day the facade starts to wane, and before our very eyes we see the world as it should be seen, in all its splendour and glory. It is the purest energy, the infinite balance, the seamless dream, the waking up, and the realisation that what we have strived for as a species for millennia is utterly pointless.

We now have something that supersedes instinct, we are self aware, and we are capable of imagining beyond the wildest dreams of any ancestor before us. Yet we waste our unique gift, we without a thought, flitter it away, reminiscent of coloured confetti, it is blown away on the winds of time and space, never to be used, only ever capable of littering our clouded minds, distracting, and forcing humanity away from our destiny.

We the many billions of humans, all alone, in a mass of confusion and desperation, wanting to understand, whilst being incapable at present to master the enormity of the task we have been presented with.

Are we capable of overcoming our paranoia and insecurities, will we one day say we are proud of the achievements of this self aware primate from Planet Earth.

And will this moment of enlightenment come at a cost, will it nearly spell our doom, before we can rise again like a Phoenix from the flames of hell. What will it take to start the ball rolling in the obvious direction, the way, the meaning, the understanding, the realisation, that to become strong we first have to be totally obliterated, and inwardly destroyed, leaving only the basic energetic core to fight for survival, and then evolution will decide whether we are worthy of overcoming the boundaries between the world we live in, and the world that actually exists.

Most will perish, most have so much hidden ability, yet they chose to ignore it, or pretend it does not exist, maybe they are frightened of its ultimate power, or are so misguided that they use if for the wrong reasons, and so they are always losing their precious life force, until they have nothing left and then they will be just an empty shell, awaiting oblivion.

We are the chosen few, the voice of reason, the voice of fairness, the voice of cooperation and altruism, the voice of truth, the voice of peace.

We are the anomaly, the cruel twist of fate, the beginnings of a new use for all the energy in the Universe, the electrical impulse from synaptic nerve to synaptic nerve, remembering, learning, evolving, unyielding, relentless, infinite. We are the game changer, the ace up ones sleeve, the secret weapon, the chance to create something beyond special, beyond our wildest dreams.

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