Saturday, 24 September 2011

Neutrinos travel faster than the speed of light but is it just a glitch?

There is no one who would love to see Einstein’s Special Theory of Relativity disproven, as I feel that is the way of science. It always seemed to me that as soon as you put a definite into science, then you are failing to realise the point of science. Science is like evolution, it expands and changes with the knowledge and technology available, whereas evolution adapts to its environment, science adapts to the technology and intelligence available, as well as the perspective of the observers involved. And I for one know that one day we will categorically prove faster than light speed is possible. This being said I don’t think the recent findings is it.

I would imagine they will find there was a small glitch in the system, or that the distance used is too small to create a definite answer. I read yesterday that the last supernova blast witnessed in space, the light arrived at the same time as the neutrinos, and if the present experiment is correct the neutrinos should have arrived approximately four years earlier.

Now it could just be that since we did not know about the supernova blast until we saw the light, we were not looking for said neutrinos, which to be honest are not easy to find, but it does raise questions.

Let’s see if the experiment can be replicated before we all shout about a change in the whole of modern physics. Mind one thing I have found quite amusing is how quickly the creationist religo-freaks have jumped on the band wagon claiming that if this fundamental part of physics can be wrong, then maybe they are right with their loony ideas. In a way it just shows what a bunch of idiots they are if they can compare the two.

When I first read this news yesterday I was full of joy, finally something to challenge and to move humanity onwards and upwards as some cartoon figure might say. Unfortunately I doubt whether it will be proved to be correct.

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