Saturday, 7 July 2012

Federer’s destiny not Murray’s

Being British I am every year stuck in the middle of the never ending bullshit that is spewed about British men’s tennis, and the fact we cannot find a grand slam winner or even a finalist for Wimbledon.  Well now this year that has changed but it hasn’t stopped all the bullshit.  Tim Henman’s comments, that it is Andy Murray’s destiny to win Wimbledon just seem so off the mark to seem ridiculous, and in a small way show the deluded ideology that infects Britain.

If anyone can claim to have destiny on their side in this final it is definitely Federer, and sorry crazy deluded British media and pundits, it’s not Murray.  Why even add this extra pressure onto Murrays already heavy task, it makes no sense and does not in any way help Murray’s cause or attempt to win his first grand slam.

Why is it more likely Federer’s destiny that is easy to explain?  If Fed wins he becomes world number one again, he will finally beat Sampras record of number of weeks at number one.  He will equal Sampras record of seven Wimbledon titles.  In my opinion, it will seal the deal as to who is the greatest of them all.  If he wins on Sunday Federer will become the only man to hold grand slam records for three of the four grand slams played, he will have seven Wimbledon’s, five US, four Australian (Nadal holds the French Open record).

Destiny is not on Murray’s side, and it is foolish to suggest it is.  If Murray has any chance of defeating Federer, and the way the Swiss legend destroyed Djokovic it will not be easy, he will have to play the greatest match of his life.  Whether Murray is capable of doing this and stopping the destiny of one and creating his one destiny is not going to be an easy task.  

Personally I don’t think it is likely to happen Federer has an exceptional record against Murray in grand slams, and beat him the last time they met.  Playing a confident Federer in the final at Wimbledon on Centre Court is about the worst opponent Murray could face.

Everything is in Fed’s favour, he doesn’t have to play Nadal, his true nemesis in grand slam finals, he is playing on his favourite court, where he has won so many times.  No one other than Nadal has beaten Federer in a final at Wimbledon.  The only other person to beat Federer, Del Potro, at the US Open happened to pick the slam after Fed had broken Sampras’s record of slam wins, and after his two children were born.  So you could say Fed had his mind on other things at the time.

Now none of these factors are in the way of Federer winning.  He knows he can beat Murray, he is not going to suddenly play a loose set and become wayward like he has done in the two quarter finals he lost the last couple of years, he is going to be totally focused on getting back to where he feels he belongs, at the top, world number one.

My only hope is that Murray at least makes a match of it, and wins a set or perhaps takes it to five.  Murray will eventually win a slam just unfortunately for Murray I doubt it will be this one.

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