Thursday, 17 January 2013

General Relativity, Dark Matter and Galaxies

Everyone must know the description of how gravity works, originally formulated by Newton and updated by Einstein.  Whenever you watch a science doc talking about gravity they always show a heavy ball in the middle of a stretched piece of rubber or something similar; then someone rolls the smaller ball in a straight line towards the heavy object and the smaller ball curves around the larger ball, simulating an orbiting pattern.  Einstein called this space-time, and said heavy objects cause the space to curve which cause an object that is moving in a straight direction to curve around the heavier object.  Simple and amazing when you think about it further.  They have now proved it so by showing light from distant stars through gravitational lensing.  The dark matter curves space-time and we see the light behind, this is how they know dark matter exists.

However, this causes a problem as I see it.  Does dark matter exist all around us?  I have read it might.  I have watched astronomy docs where they mention this, but if this is the case how does the description of gravity formulated by Einstein work on a galaxy level or a universal level.  Surely, such a simplistic concept falls apart.  Think about it, dark matter holds the galaxy together like some kind of super heavy glue, binding the normal matter in place so that the galaxy spins evenly (meaning the stars all orbit the galaxy at the same speed, the inner stars and the outer).  Yet it is not strong enough to keep planets orbiting a star evenly.  I presume, in fact it must be true that dark matter clumps together in the same way normal matter does, yet it manages to clump together in such a way that the whole galaxy and every galaxy manages to spin evenly, each star in every galaxy spinning at a steady rate equal to the other stars.  How convenient.

There must be more to this even spin cycle for want of a better expression.  It cannot just be the density of dark matter; it must be the distribution of dark matter, because there has to be more dark matter near the outer limits of the galaxy, than at the centre.

Now all of this brings me back to the diagram they use to show Einstein’s theory of general relativity and the large ball on the stretched rubber.  This diagram does not work on a galaxy level; it only works at a star system level, the galaxy level is more like the bike going around the wall of death.  Perhaps a barrier of some kind stops the galaxies flying apart, or whatever, something other than dark matter’s density.  Perhaps there is a connection between the black hole at the centre, and the edge of the galaxy.  It makes me think of the doc I watched where they showed a form of energy device called the Torus, picture below.  Now if you think of a galaxy like that then to me at least it starts to make more sense.  You can then cut the Torus in half, and create a kind of ying and yang of energy flowing from one side of the positive galaxy say our side, through to the negative or the other side.  The energy flows constantly and we perceive it as dark matter that creates a wall or some kind of an invisible barrier, as we would perceive it in our reality.  This in turn keeps the galaxy from flying apart.

Obviously, we cannot see this happening as it probably is happing at speeds beyond the speed of light, hence why we cannot see it.  Of course, it seems so obvious that is why we cannot see dark matter, or dark energy, they travel beyond the speed of light.  Perhaps I am letting my imagination get the better of me but hey, anything is possible.

Whilst looking for an image of the Torus I found a quotation, it is from the doc I saw the Torus mentioned in, the doc called Thrive and is definitely worth a watch.  The quotation does seem to make sense.

“Looking back on almost half a century of research, including thousands of books, films, interviews with experts from diverse fields, if I were to pick one common denominator to all the facets of my quest, it would be the TORUS, the fundamental energy pattern that invites our alignment at every level of our existence for us to survive and thrive.”

Foster Gamble

I would have never seen a connection if I had not been confused by the idea of dark matter as something that is all around us and the diagram of Einstein’s description of gravity.  Perhaps there is no connection, but what if there is, and beyond our visual limits of reality the galaxy and the Universe is a mirror and we are seeing only one half and the black hole is the energy conduit, that forces energy we call dark matter from one side of the mirror to the other.

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