Saturday, 5 January 2013

Wedding Nightmare

I had a dream, a dream, a dream today,

I dreamt it was my wedding day,

It started in a happy state,

The King and Queen were there to see my fate,

I danced the waltz with my new bride,

I felt as if I could not hide,

Yet I was unable to notice her,

For she was only a glimmering blur,

I noticed people from my past,

The ones I disliked, or friendships that did not last,

And then my bride did disappear,

 I was alone with all my fears,

I stood inside the large hotel,

I wondered who would pay the bill,

Glasses, plates, and confetti,

In the darkened hall now so empty,

I wondered if it was all a mistake,

And if I tried hard I would wake,

For something hit me as I worried,

Whom on this planet had I just married?

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