Monday, 28 January 2013


Time passes, the endless stream going nowhere,

Dreams take hold exploring new horizons,

We walk a path, a path in blindness and confusion,

Will we ever see the light again?


Time moves in all directions at once,

Uncontrollable and chaotic, it explodes out everywhere,

Everything all knowing, existing in purity,

The light is there to see yet still we do not see it.


Why can we not see the light?

Where does it hide, perhaps inside the mind?

Flickering delicately between our synapses,

Unable to break free to show us the way.


Consider the enormity of the situation,

The cataclysmic disorder that invades most minds,

No wonder we cannot see,

We lack the belief to understand, we are condemned.


There are no answers to this quest,

Decisions are meaningless, to the end,

A yearning to know will not bear fruit,

For we are doomed, trapped in a darkened room.

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