Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Died Today

Oh what a shame I died today,
I watched my soul as I flew away,
The body below left rigid and cold,
Turning grey like a solid stone,
It was so strange as I lifted higher,
I felt myself get lighter and lighter,
I wondered where I might be heading,
Anxiety rose and I was dreading,
Please oh please don’t say hell exists,
If it does I’ll be really pissed,
Not that I’ve been really bad,
I just never believed in that religious crap,
When I reached as high as space,
I could see the Earth oh what a place,
So beautiful, so magnificent,
As if it was heaven sent,
Then all of a sudden I heard a sound,
I looked each side and all around,
It was a woman with a sexy voice,
She said it’s time to make a choice,
The choice was quite a simple one,
Do I go back or do I go on,
I said rather quickly can I go back to Earth,
I would love another chance another rebirth,
She said OK fine and good luck,
Then sent me back to be a bloody skunk.

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