Saturday, 23 February 2013

Universe, Reality, Perspective and Perception

I had a thought the other day then quickly dismissed it thinking it was perhaps too obvious.  My thought was a simple one, does the observable universe follow the same patterns as atoms, only on a larger scale.  I wondered if the birth of the universe was like a solid, and as it expanded it changed into a liquid (or how we perceive a liquid at a molecular level), and as it continues to expand it changes into a gas (these are all metaphorically speaking).  Is it possible that the universe is following the laws of physics only on a larger scale, and in so doing show us the way atoms work.

However since the universe is much larger than our perceived notion of solid, liquid, gaseous states, we cannot image it in any other way than the way we observe it at present.  My reasoning behind this is as I have mentioned before, is due to the similarities between atoms and the universe.  If we were the size of an object observing the universe from the same perspective as we observe an atom, I would imagine there would be plenty of similarities.  An object which is mostly empty with a binding force of dense material, enclosing small amounts of matter (I think it is best to call dark matter a dense material or object,  than use  matter, as it is not matter it is something entirely different to matter and in a way the word probably misleads).  I would classify the newly discovered Higgs Bosom field as being the analogous form to what we call dark matter.  Alternatively, perhaps it is not, we may in future know, but you have to admit there are similarities in their purpose. 

Now I think further, where would dark energy come into this equation, forgetting my previous posts about dark energy being a storage facility for our collective consciousness (though that is still plausible), the vibration of atoms is the cause of them to disperse and change from solid to liquid to gaseous states.  Perhaps the reason for the discrepancy is our perceived perspective of each object in our reality.  As I have said before, our reality must manipulate our perspective, as a magician or illusionist does, to make what may seem impossible seem possible and plausible.  It can only be this way, as we see our universe, our reality as perfect.  I am digressing slightly.

I believe we are part of a large, complex pattern of continuous evolution, and somehow for whatever reason it is our gift to try to understand it.  The pattern is simple, at least it is in our reality, and all objects are part of a larger object and made up of smaller objects.  Whether this is infinite, we will never know but I believe it is and that we are unable to comprehend that at present, because our perspective parameters have not reached that level yet.  Another part of the pattern is the transference of energy from one form to another.  Whether this is the true purpose of the universe is unknown but it is an essential part, energy has to change form constantly, and it seems to want to find ever-diverse ways of achieving this, our brains are an example of a complex incredible way to transfer energy. 

Going back to perspective parameters, we seem to have the ability to grow ours, I mean humanities, the more we learn and achieve the further our perspective parameters grow.  We are constantly growing, learning, understanding, observing and thinking of ways to improve and perceive reality in a better way.  This continuous learning and expanding could be seen as comparable to the expansion of the universe which is one of the reasons I thought our consciousness is a small part of the ever expanding universe.

Now I am really going off track, back to the beginning when I first started this blog, I wrote about this stuff then deleted it thinking it was more fantasy than reality.  Of course, everything is fantasy until it proved otherwise, and it is fun to use ones brain to think beyond and just try to imagine what we are dealing with and how it works.  Obviously, this is just using my imagination, my brain, with all the knowledge I have accrued over the years all the hidden details my subconscious remembers but I do not.  All of it working to create an idea that in my view must stem from something.  I believe everyone has this gift if people bothered to use it. 

So using that creative gift and enormous imagination, I will continue.

The correlation between the smallest objects we can observe at present and the largest is too much of a coincidence to be unconnected.  I do not mean, how we observe them in a quantitative state, I mean the physical attributes, the emptiness, the fact that the further we go into an atom the more we find.  The only constant in all of this is that we humanity, with our large conscious brain, sit right in the middle of this perceived reality.  Everything we understand and comprehend using our senses and our brains creates a universe where we are the centre objects.  I know everyone now says we are not the centre of the universe but we are; we are the centre of our universe there is no other way of stating this.  Everything is away from us from our perception of reality, from our perspective.  You could argue that this does not apply to the atoms making up your own body, but still if you think of it as you are the one object then everything inside you is moving away getting smaller, and everything outside you is moving away getting larger.

What if, we were able to move along the scale, as if using the electromagnetic scale for an example we moved away from white light, the light we can see, and moved into the infrared scale or the ultraviolet scale.  Another example would be if we were suddenly observing the universe from the size of a galaxy or perhaps an atom.  How would it change?  Would it change, would it be the same as we perceive it, for some reason I suspect it would and would not at the same time.  If we were a galaxy, I imagine stars, planets, and whatever exists on those plants would seem like atoms, molecules, and the like, and the observable universe would suddenly expand, and we would see more of what is the great universe.  We would observe things that at present we are unable to imagine.  Perhaps when they launch the new telescope into space we will see more of what the universe is, I am truly excited about when we get the first images back from the James Webb telescope whenever they decide to send it into space.

Now I think further the speed of light and how we observe and perceive it, has always had a strange fascination with me, why is it the way it is?  Think about it further, light is photons hitting our eyes, then I presume though cannot be certain, an electrical pulse is sent to the brain and it creates an image.  Does our brains capacity to transfer the energy of light into an image determine the speed of light?  When we measure the speed of light, using instruments, we created, and observations we make, then from this we use the same brain to calculate mathematically what it is we are observing.  I have had many arguments with friends who did astrophysics as a degree course that the mathematical equations for the laws of physics are set in stone and that is the way the universe works, end of story.  My argument was always, it is only from our perceived reality that we can assume these laws work, and it is ignorant of us to presume it is the same if we were in a different reality or perspective.  Then again, we are not in a different reality or perspective, but we now know other realities exist, and certainly, other perspectives exist also.  I would say the first person to observe the universe from a different perspective or reality would be a cert for a Nobel Prize.

Anyway I have waffled on for too long, but I feel it is good to flex ones imagination now and again.

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