Friday, 7 June 2013

The Decision, Before the Act

What be the reason, as she stands there,
A look of puzzlement on her fair face,
Golden blonde hair waving defiantly,
One eye, open wide, a gaze so bright,
Finger on pursed lips, flame red delight,
What is she thinking? Other hand on hip,
Should she cross over to the other side?
She looks so pensive, she cannot decide,
One eye all glazed, a tear has fallen,
Perhaps she wondering as she ponders stallin’,
Should she really go through with this?
Would it not be better just to miss?
But melancholy, is in her head,
She found it so hard to leave her bed,
Now she knows she has the strength to see,
What she feels will set her free,
To take the plunge and not look back,
And fuck those bastards for what they lack,
She wipes away her salty tears,
She knows that she has nothing to fear,
This is her time; she knows it to be true,
With that, one step forward and a big fuck you!

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