Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Do conscious thoughts already exist or not?

I am sitting here wondering, pondering, thoughts; I love thoughts, especially creative unusual ones.  They define us and make us unique; of course, the big question is why we have thoughts, beyond the normal parameters of conscious thinking.  If, as I have mentioned before, dark energy (whatever the accumulation of the stuff pushing the known universe apart actually might be) is a by-product of consciousness, which has been through evolution expanding our universe – how do we get them.  If that makes sense, the question I ask myself, is if the infinitiverse is always everything that can be, as well as continuously growing and multiplying using evolution.  If all the conscious thoughts that can be thought, are they already thought, and if they are already thought, what does this mean.  If this all seems too crazy and out there beyond the box and whatever else we imagine as reality, then what else could be happening.

Wow, I can write some waffle at times.  Weirdness seems to flow from my typing like water gushing from a leak.

However, it does make me think or does it, perhaps I am not thinking it at all, my mind is just going through a preordained sequence of events, like the motion of the cogs in clockwork.  Now I think further, I will at least consider it as thinking for now, what happens to the trillions of thoughts neglected or considered not worthy of recognition by my subconscious, before the conscious had a chance to get in on the act.  What if those subconscious thoughts are in fact being recognised by another me, in another realm or dimension, or whatever you want to call it.  In addition, can the thoughts I may or may not have used, for better or for worse, can another  different person use them now. 

Now I think further on from thinking further on this weird subject, since many people do have similar thoughts, then it is very likely slight differences are there for everyone to utilise, and everyone has the capability to manifest the same thought.  However, the brain is not capable of selecting every thought because there are so many (even a billion potential conscious thoughts would create a multitude of actual responses, think what it would be like with a trillion trillion).  This means that even though everyone has a brain capable of using every thought, since there are so many it is impossible for a brain (or conscious thought device or whatever else can be used to create a conscious thought) to consider every thought to ever be used, this will help to keep evolutionary diversity. 

I think I have just contradicted myself in the last chapter, let me try to make it simple, let me see now…

Everything in the infinitiverse is interconnected.  In our realty of the infinitiverse, which we call the universe, energy has transformed into many different forms; some collaborate and create our brain.  Our brain is a super computer the most brilliant, incredible device known to exist in our reality.  The brain uses the energy existing in our reality to create a mind with conscious thought.  Back to my question, are the conscious thoughts out there as energy for us to pluck into existence, like taking an apple from a tree?  Alternatively, are they there being created by the brain as new never existed before entities.  You would think that our brain using our minds creates the thoughts, but it is not very practical or economic to do that in this reality.  It is more likely they already exist in the form of an unknown energy that has some connection to dark matter and dark energy. 

I think they are out there already, perhaps not as conscious thoughts, but as energy with a code ingrained inside every form it can manifest.  We use this code and we call it evolution, I suspect the code is the most complex sequence imaginable and some more.  This code is what creates the universe, it also created atoms, dark matter, dark energy, and of course consciousness.  It is something we cannot explain and we will never understand (at least not for a long, long time), it is beyond mathematics.  It is the purest of the pure.  Anyway, the conscious thoughts that brought me to this out of the box post are fading faster than morning mist, and I will leave it there.

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