Monday, 4 April 2011

The Mind

The unseen boundaries of existence,

A parameter of an unknown universe,

The limits of infinity,

The extension of reality,

A duration of endeavour in the mind.

Limitless is the extent, to which we see,

The motion of the waves as they caress,

Space and time,

Forward and backwards,

A motivation of the learning of the mind.

An eye beyond the sight of light,

A dimension of constant continuation,

Perpetual loop endless,

Eternal evolution,

An inspiration of the creation of the mind.

To understand is to not comprehend,

To feel its presence is to sense its mystery,

Barriers before me,

Canyons of obstruction,

A difficulty to overcome for the mind.

To wish away is a flight of fancy,

The wisps of delicate indecision do they sway,

Desire and ambiguity,

Incessant lust and vigour,

To strengthen the power of the mind.

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