Saturday, 16 April 2011

Why can't cars do 200 mpg?

Umm I’ve just realised I haven’t added anything recently; I suppose this sort of thing happens now and again. Some strange things have been playing on my mind this week; well one thing has, it is mile per gallon, car ads keep harping on about how they can do ex miles per gallon. What I find amazing in this day and age is that cars cannot do 200 miles per gallon, why can’t they figure this out? I am sick of seeing ads for Toyota hybrids, where they say it can do 74 miles per gallon, but I am pretty sure cars could do 70 mpg in the 80’s, so whats the big deal. The car that will sell the most in this day and age is the car that can do 200 mpg; now that would be something to shout about. Everyone raves on about hybrid cars and electric cars, but wouldn’t it be good to just make a more efficient petrol car, for the time being anyway. Get the petrol engine car to do 200 miles to the gallon, then introduce hybrid engines to bump that up to 400 mpg, now that would make sense to me, instead of bragging about reaching 74 miles to the gallon.

I am sad to see the space shuttle is finished, never to be used again. BBC showed a Horizon doc about the history of the flawed space shuttle. I can remember the first time the space shuttle was launched it looked like a coolest thing ever, to me at the time. In the doc it was originally supposed to a cheap way to get to space and I suppose that was its problem from the outset. One guy called it a space ship, attached to the stick of dynamite with two fire crackers on either side. What I find disappointing is that there seems to be no plans to make another reusable shuttle type space craft, what a shame that is. It is unfortunate that only the private sector, are thinking of ways to take advantage of space. Although it was like an expensive Lada, in a Ferrari’s body; without the Space Shuttle we would never had got the greatest manmade object in space, the Hubble Space Telescope.

So let’s hope the greedy bankers will allow some more money to flow, so we can get back in space.

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