Thursday, 7 April 2011

A Perpetual Loop of Infinite Existence

I strange idea popped into my head last night. I think I may have talked about it before, though not like this, in fact it is almost certain I have discussed this before, as it is to do with what my blog was originally about, namely the Universe or as I call it My Universe.

The strange idea that implanted itself in my mind last night was this; we all originate from the same thing whatever that thing maybe. Now I know to some this may seem obvious, but just to think about it further, everything can follow its evolutionary track backwards to the big bang. So we know at least at present we know, we are all descendants of the singularity which created the perceived Universe.

To carry this further, since I believe our Universe is just a minuscule part of an entirely larger manifestation, I call the Infinitiverse. Everything is interconnected at a very basic level, naturally everything on this planet is; humans, animals, plants, all life, the rocks that form the crust, the Mantle and the Inner and Outer Core. Even our Moon, and our Sun, as well as all the planets and the asteroids, and comets; we know they are all definitely interconnected to us, because we all originate from the same after effect of a Supernova blast.

Logically in the same way astronomers, and cosmologists use the fact the Universe is expanding to work out it was once a tiny dot, we can do the same with evolution. We can go back to the big bang in the same way; I would go further back and say that eventually if we were able to go back far enough we would probably end up back to where we are now.

I have mentioned this idea for the perspective of observer, where each observer is made up of smaller objects, which in turn can be classified as observers themselves. And are parts of a larger object, which equally can be classified as an observer*. This is then carried on infinitely in both directions, yet this seems too messy. I believe it is trapped in a perpetual loop of infinite existence, with some quirk of the Universe allowing the smallest, tiniest, object, to also at the same time be the largest.

*You may find the use of the word observer to be false, but you have to remember that just because an object, whether it is an atom, a planet or star, though does not seem to observe from our perspective in our reality. This does not mean it is unable to observe from its perspective in its reality.

This all might be possible who knows, I am sure some scientist would be pulling his hair out saying this is utter rubbish, but it seems plausible to me that it could be the case. Maybe one day someone brighter than me and with far more qualifications in the field will prove it to be so.

Let’s pretend for arguments sake that is it true, and that the universe or Infinitiverse is a large perpetual loop, it is continuous, never ending, constantly growing; constantly evolving new forms and new perspectives, as well as new observers, creating new realities to exist in.

What if the evolution of the observer is also in some kind of perpetual loop, going back to its original form after so many evolutionary cycles? It seems madness to think it would be so, but then most things seem mad when they are first thought of, and maybe someone has already thought of this and so it might not be so mad after all.

One thing I will say is this, I feel since we have the same ingredients in our makeup, like elements, molecules, even DNA, our minds might actually be programmed to work out the Universe because of what it already knows. Or at least the reality we exist in and perceive as the Universe. Since the mechanism to create us was formed at the origins of our Universe at least, via the big bang, though in a different evolutionary cycle.

Remember it is electric charges of energy, jumping between synaptic nerves, that create our mind, and this energy was around at the beginning, though in a different form.

I hope that makes sense, it does to me.

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