Saturday, 2 April 2011

I Saw the News Today Oh Boy!

I don’t normally watch the news on TV, I normally prefer to read the news online, for one it’s about the only way I can read things – online I mean, and secondly it’s not as depressing.

Last night the BBC news lived up to the billing, as one of the most miserable and depressing TV programmes. First story up, some extremist, fundamentalist, religious, nut job from America, Terry Jones, decided to judge a book and then sentence it to death. He then carried out a despicable act of burning the book. And he did all this on camera. Now the fact the book is the Koran to me is irrelevant, no one should burn books, and it is an act of ignorance, stupidity, and narrow-mindedness. Adolf Hitler burned books; this is the type of person associated with the burning of books, Nazi’s and haters.

The fact that it was a religious book is in a way worse, because all it does is incite extreme retaliation, which is what happened. I do not agree with any of the stuff written in the Koran or the Bible, but I believe they have a historical significance to humanity on this planet, and to burn either of them is a disgrace and a lowering of our humanity.

So to the retaliation; in Afghanistan in a supposed peaceful part of the country, if that is possible, they decided to take their obvious anger out on the UN personnel. The people sent to that shithole country, to help rebuild it, they themselves were attacked and some were murdered, beheaded, or even burned to death.

One extreme fundamentalist reglious act of evil is followed by an even worse act in vengeance, by an extreme fundamentalist religion. When will it stop? You know what; the Americans should get a hold of that selfish, stupid, idiotic, bigot, pastor, and hand him over to the Muslims. I bet he would shut his big mouth up then.

That was story one, wonderful just what you want to hear on a Friday night.

Story two was about Libya, and the rebels and the confusion that is happened there. It’s not looking good in that country.

Story three was about the Ivory Coast and the civil war going on there, another evil despot trying to hang on to power.

After that I switched it off, I am sick of hearing about how the world and its wonderful human population is trying desperately to provoke, antagonise, torture, kill and cause genocide. So they can satisfy their selfish, greedy, needs and cause harm and misery to others with opposite views.

I wonder how many countries are in a state of civil unrest or worse at this moment in time. I bet there is quite a few.

I never used to think this, I always thought it was better to try to help these countries, the ones that are at civil war, and to help freedom and democracy, but that is just a pipe dream. As we must have learned over the last forty years, today’s freedom fighter saying they want our help, is tomorrows evil regime, hating the countries that tried to help them.

I don’t know what the best course of action is, how do you stop this sort of insanity from happening. How do you get people to see that they are all essentially the same? And that superficial reasons like race, nation, tribe, religion, faction, class, position, and many more divide us. When we should be united as one, as humans, and not divided by any of the above.

I’ll end by saying that I hardly ever watch the TV news, and it made me feel depressed and saddened to be a human, but what about the people that watch the news every day. Do these people just switch off to the level of misery, extreme violence and destruction they are watching? Do they become so accustomed to seeing this sort of thing that it starts to not affect them. Do the ‘news readers’, just switch off and delude themselves they are just reporting the news, because if I had to read and go through all that shit every day, I would want some kind of counselling to help me cope with it all?

The TV news is an instant up to the minute status on the world we live in today, and all it is ever about is violence, destruction, murder, mass death, misery, pain, suffering, hardship, poverty, and hardly ever about anything decent. It is a visual record of the slow dismantlement of civilisation, of intellect, of creative endeavour, and the evisceration of humanity.

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